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  2. Yeah, definitely. I didn't mean it as criticism either, just pointing it out. I'm still amazed they were able to accomplish what they did with such a limited budget. Here's my review of Wolfwalkers if it's of interest to anyone: https://3brothersfilm.com/blog/2020/9/17/tiff20-wolfwalkers
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  4. This was in NYT Today: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/15/business/media/tenet-movie-theaters-coronavirus.html?auth=linked-facebook&campaign_id=9&emc=edit_nn_20200916&instance_id=22233&nl=the-morning&regi_id=66845518&section_index=4&section_name=play_watch_eat_cube&segment_id=38240&te=1&user_id=0c6043332b82de93c9e6bacec2c2e437
  5. Michael S


    This seems strange to me -- I believe it happens, but "strange" in the sense that any critic's responsibility is to the film/art/book/whatever and to its creators, and so I wouldn't really understand critics who write negatively about a film or work of art to spite someone else. That's too bad. Having said that, studios sometimes won't have screenings for critics because they already know the film is terrible! If the story is true (or even if it isn't, actually), it's a reminder that genuine intellectual honesty is something that can't be overrated.
  6. I haven't tried it outside yet, but I'm really pleased with how it looks in my basement. My only small complaint is I wish I could've paid a little extra to have the screen shipped to me rolled instead of folded. The frame works really well and pulls the screen taut, but when the center of the image is really bright, the crease from the fold is hard to ignore.
  7. Absolutely re: pencil lines. I recall an elk/hart showing up right at the beginning and noticing that and eagerly messaging an animator friend of mine. Oh, and I certainly didn’t mean that as a criticism of Kells. Budget aside, I found it appropriate to be consistent given that it’s pulling from the style of the Book itself. I’ve used Kells when I’ve run a film series that coincides with an intro course at the theological school where I’m an admin. It so perfectly captures the dynamic of that period and illustrates one of the lectures perfectly.
  8. I suppose some exist, but I haven't met too many. If it is a studio film, they usually don't care about the individual critic...they just want word of mouth. If it is a smaller film, I'll sometimes give a publicist a head's up and ask if they prefer I don't review the film at all (as opposed to a negative review). That's not to lose a junket or anything but just because I sometimes want the smaller films to have an opportunity to find their market, even if it isn't me. Conversely, though, (this doesn't speak to Jeremy's question) I've known more than one critic who will be more inclined t
  9. Yes, the way that the themes of the film are expressed in the animation is wonderful. The way that the animation in the forest shows traces of pencil lines is such a nice touch. I think such an expressive contrast is only absent in The Secret of Kells because that film was famously low budget for such a complex animated work. Formally, Cartoon Saloon keeps getting better and better.
  10. Michael S


    And I found that it's all one endless wormhole, with my YouTube feed suggesting one video, then another, then another, and of course I couldn't stop myself from basically watching all of them. The funny thing is that I don't really even like the Star Wars sequels and only watched them because of the nostalgia I have for a childhood spent with the original trilogy (my parents took me to see A New Hope in a theater when I was but a very wee lad, and I walked out saying that it was the greatest movie ever made ). I usually trust film critics, but -- and I'm just speculating here and thin
  11. Glad someone else here watched this. I managed to watch it twice in the 12 hour window (which I did with Nomadland, as well). Loved this one as much as their previous work. Particularly loved the contrast between the rigid geometry of the town of the well-outlined town and its inhabitants vs the curves and messiness of the wilderness. That was something they didn't quite tease out in Kells and I really loved it here.
  12. As a part of TIFF, I watched Wolfwalkers, the new film from Tomm Moore (The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea) and Ross Stewart. I know that many people here are great fans of Moore and I'm happy to say that Wolfwalkers is another wonderful film from the Irish animator. Interestingly, Wolfwalkers seems to take a lot of structural cues from The Secret of Kells. It's set during the 17th century and deals with the Cromwellian Conquest of Ireland, with the main character being the daughter of a wolf hunter brought over from England. As is expected now, the animation is stunning. The way that he fla
  13. I switched a setting in the dashboard. See if that fixes it.
  14. I have my account settings configured to send me an email for every reply that gets posted in a thread I follow (which is mainly threads I've posted in). The emails have always contained the full text of the replies. Recently - probably since the Invision update? - the emails contain only the first couple lines of the post so I have to click through to the site to see the rest. The convenience of reading replies directly in my email was nice to have. I don't suppose it's possible to restore the old email behavior?
  15. Hi Mary, that's a very nice note. Just a head's up that Justin has not posted at this site in about 2 1/2 years, so if you don't get a response, that may be why.
  16. That looks great, Ken. The screen I ordered has a metal frame and legs that can be sandbagged, so I'm hoping it'll be stable outside. I should find out in a day or two.
  17. Oh good - thanks, Ken. Just poor timing on my part. As silly as it may sound, I think the main trouble is that there's currently one click too many. If you just click on List (suggesting singular), you're presented with the entirely randomized "Latest Films Added" list, (which on any given day might make it appear as though Lego Batman is an Arts & Faith top pick), and it takes several moments to realize that the list you're actually looking for can be clicked in the less eye catching column on the far right. Could this be addressed as easily as having the List button take you
  18. Oh, I've viewed my own fair share of YouTube video essay criticism. There's no shortage of mystery as to where some of the more aggressive populist viewpoints get their steam from. Perhaps drawing a comparison between Last Jedi and Mulan doesn't make the most sense. I just don't currently know a single person in my day to day life who has had anything good to say about the new Mulan movie, which presents a strong dissonance from what I'd be expecting if I were to look at the critical consensus. I just don't remember that dissonance seeming so strong since Last Jedi. Ah, I didn't
  19. Hi, Justin. I just found this site. I was trying to find what worship song Gary wrote. I knew your dad and cared about him. I worked in the same office he did at Regent. He actually did the music for our 30th wedding anniversary. You may have come in and asked me if I had seen him in the office. He was so precious to Wayne and I. Do you know which song I am trying to remember? Did you publish his/your book? How are you? My email is marylew72@gmail.com. Bless you! Mary Lewis
  20. Andrew


    It's sad that the discussion of this film has centered around the social media outrage machine. There, that's out of the way. This is a very good film overall, especially considering it's a debut feature for both the director and lead actor. Between this film and Ladj Ly's Les Miserables, I hope these are signs we'll be hearing from more non-white voices in French cinema. This film explores so many boundary zones - between cultures, between religion and secularism, between girlhood and womanhood - and does so intelligently. Here's my full review: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/sec
  21. Perhaps one or more of the following? 1) Rotten Tomatoes has been really expanded. There are a *lot* more critics on it. That tends to reduce things to a more populist vote. 2) Pandemic makes people starved for content... (doesn't explain Star Wars).
  22. Michael S


    Incidentally, as a way to fill a little downtime this past week or two, I watched a handful of videos by various YouTubers discussing the Disney Star Wars sequels, Mulan, etc., and while I don't think of their content as necessarily solid criticism, I noticed a pattern in their concerns: for the most part, they're very loyal to the original films (particularly the original Star Wars trilogy, not so much the prequels), they feel that Disney doesn't make enough effort to listen to the fans, and that Disney seems to make films by "committee", instead of allowing directors and writers more autonom
  23. Some discussion of this in the Top 100 and Top 25 pages thread. The software upgrade disabled the app. They should be back now, here: http://artsandfaith.com/index.php?/films/ I feel like some of this discussion is circular...as far as the way the lists are posted (or archived) here, people want...something else. But I haven't really gotten any sense of what specifically they want as far the publication and promotion of the list. I'm certainly open to anyone who has suggestions for how/where the lists should be published. The thing I like about the app is: 1) Continuity o
  24. I was able to find the option in the admin dashboard to put the app back in..the update disabled it. Lists are now here: http://artsandfaith.com/index.php?/films/
  25. I have a really basic question that I've been burning to get a satisfactory answer from movie critics for the last couple years now: Why are certain Disney mega movies seemingly the most divisive when it comes to audience and critics? I personally didn't care much for Mulan (2020) or Last Jedi, but that's less because there was anything I actively disliked about those films and more because I just didn't find anything of depth or interest (Mulan put me to sleep, and I don't really remember a single thing from Last Jedi with the exception of Laura Dern killing it). So while I don't re
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