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  2. i saw some people tweeting about this. I've got no problem with it; in fact, more content choices, so I'm good. As long as there are people who want to go to movies, I think movie theaters will survive, but there may be particular chains or indie theaters that don't.
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  4. P.S. Those expenses don't include the money paid to Jeremy for YouTube trailer. If you liked his work there (I did) and would be interested in maybe seeing other such videos for subsequent Top25s or lists, that would be another reason to chip in.
  5. Hi Everyone, I've turned the donation sidebar on for a week or so in case anyone wishes to contribute to expenses. The cost for the board was about $600 this year. That includes: 1/3 or dharge for Virtual Private Server hosting. (I pay 1/3 since my blog is hosted on the VPS and another organization pays 1/3 since it shares the VPS.) Licensing fees to Invision to use the forum software Domain Registration to GoDaddy Licensing for cpanel (which is used for site maintenance). Donations/honorariium to tech/IT personnel who does stuff like scrub the site w
  6. So, this news broke today. https://www.theverge.com/2020/12/3/22150605/hbo-max-warner-bros-movies-2021-simultaneous-release-matrix-godzilla-suicide-squad-space-jam So, is theatrical dead? Is this the final blow to attendance that began in 1950 after peaking in the late-40s?
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  8. James Erskine’s Billie is a little gem of a documentary, more oral history than biography. That is arrives streaming this week with little fanfare is mildly surprising but entirely shocking. Even in non-pandemic years, the vagaries of awards campaigns are many. In the documentary field, it is hard for even a well-financed and distributed film to get much attention. But that’s not the whole story. Billie had a festival run, as many documentaries do. Early responses that I read were muted, with some chiding the film for integrating the story of journalist Linda Lipnak Kuehl, whose taped
  9. Starting today, you should notice that there is now a "blog" button on the header-bar. This has duo functionality: 1) Members can create their own blogs that allow them to make longer entries here. My thinking is this is good for people who want to write reviews or longer pieces that may not fit on a thread or who may not want to post in a particular thread. To do this you must first "create" a blog using button in upper right and then "add content." 2) Members can import the feed of their pre-existing blogs. The Arts & Faith feature will stack them by entry, so this is a
  10. Anders


    That would be great, since we'd definitely run a review at 3 Brothers.
  11. kenmorefield


    I saw it at Filmfest 919 (played at a drive-in). But screeners went out to critics' groups last week. If you want to PM me, I can sent you a contact person.
  12. Anders

    Bon Iver - AUATC

    Not sure if there are any Bon Iver fans, but I'm a big fan. This came out during the summer, but it's just so full of good vibes and magic that I thought I'd share it here. Also, some pretty fantastic vocal collaborators here if you pay attention...
  13. Anders


    Definitely my most anticipated film of this fall. I'll echo the praise for The Rider. Did you folks get screeners, or is it getting a streaming release soon?
  14. Andrew


    That ambiguity is a nice touch, isn't it? Freud himself said that human behavior is multfactorial in its motivations. Zhao's script and direction are refreshingly nonjudgmental.
  15. kenmorefield


    Could have sworn i made a thread for this but it looks like I posted in Movie Going During a Pandemic. http://1morefilmblog.com/2020/10/27/nomadland-zhao-2020/ Zhao was given a screenwriting award at Filmfest 919, so I felt bad that the pandemic kept her from enjoying that honor in person.
  16. Andrew


    I miss Joel Mayward's presence on the board, as one of the strongest Malick partisans and immense admirer of Zhao's previous film The Rider. I'm guessing he'd have plenty to say about Nomadland. Anywho, this is presently my favorite fiction feature of 2020, as I delighted in its love for its characters, its visual beauty, its humanism. When discussing David Byrne's American Utopia earlier this week, I expressed skepticism that much cinema succeeds in a persuasive function these days. Off the top of my head, I can think of two films in 2020 that changed my mind on a subject (Crazy Not I
  17. I'll add my voice to Andrew's in saying I liked it just fine. Never saw the musical on stage, but I have seen quite a few filmed staged productions -- Bandstand, Kinky Boots, etc. The cutting doesn't bug me so long as I can see the dancing when they dance, which I felt I could.
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  19. Andrew


    As I commented on FB, I LOVE this, and it's very cool to hear the backstory behind this song/video. I'll be looking forward to the Kickstarter info and will happily contribute to your endeavor.
  20. I would hope this is so self-evident that it wouldn't need to be spelled out. See Bill Maher's "comedy." Sure, he's preaching to his choir, but he stopped being edgy or funny long ago. Or the film I watched last night, Uncle Frank. I've loved much of Alan Ball's output (Six Feet Under is one of my all-time favorite TV shows), but while I'm sympathetic to the straits of his main character in his latest (a gay man trying to outrace his homophobic, Bible Belt upbringing), it felt like lazy, cliched filmmaking and storytelling on almost every level. Again, maybe some of this speaks to t
  21. I was probably too broad and nihilistic in my statement, in hindsight. My criticism here is not about the art itself, but about the audience, in 2020. At least in the United States, I perceive such a degree of polarization that opposing sides are talking past each other, with little to no meaningful engagement or persuasion taking place. This isn't to say individuals can't be changed by art, events, or political debate - I'm not the same person I was since reading Baldwin, Coates, and Kendi; one of my family members who voted for Trump in 2016 voted for Biden in 2020 - but it seems like les
  22. Persona


    Wow. I hadn’t even thought about posting here, as most of you have probably already seen my FB, but might as well post for anyone who wants to see. Last year I started playing around town (Grand Rapids, MI) with my two teens, Genesis and Elijah. We were mostly just playing covers in breweries. But there were a LOT of family and friends coming out to see us, and it was the most fun I’ve had playing live in years. We have wanted to kind of up the ante a little bit, so I wrote ten songs over the past year and got hold of musicians from previous bands I have been in and asked for their
  23. Persona

    The Game

    It is interesting to me how years pass and you see something one way, and then time itself seems to change that thing and reshape it and give it new meaning. I really think this is true with The Game, and I know that many in the ARG community (alternate-reality gaming, or “Unfiction”) would reference this work as an earlier piece that stood for things they now find most rewarding: the experience of something being more important than whether what you are experiencing is fact or fiction, and the drive to solve the puzzle more important than whether the puzzle has any real world meaning, other t
  24. I found this movie very entertaining. The chicken-egg thing you mention, Ken, is definitely one of the interesting elements the film plays with. The whole tacit admission by Robert that he is pro-choice, but would never admit that politically, is fascinating. I know the film is so nakedly trying to be a microcosm of politics in the states (even the fact that it's all boys reinforces this aspect, since America remains a hugely male political system), but I've got to give the filmmakers credit where credit is due: the experiment does work as a nice proxy for the real thing. In general,
  25. This might be an example where our perspectives are too dissimilar to find common ground, because this just sounds like pandering to me, which I don't find compelling at all in art. See, I think this sums it up. He is broadcasting his politics and while I find his politics generally inoffensive, I don't find them refreshing or revolutionary or stirring. And so I don't appreciate his music getting bogged down by what I see as fairly amorphous political commentary that parallels everything I've heard since Trump took office. Trump being bad doesn't make everything that gestures against h
  26. I have to say Andrew, I enjoyed American Utopia because I enjoy Byrne's music, but even on that level, I felt that the film was good but not deserving the over-the-top raves that it's been receiving. I'm going to write something a little longer for our website, but as I said on Letterboxd, "the one thing I can say is that contrasting this to Stop Making Sense [a masterpiece of concert film] only hammers home the miracle that is Demme's film. Take for instance, "This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody):" the version here pales next to the version in the 1984 film; it's too polished and its treatme
  27. But how many people in 2020 are walking away with new convictions from any artistic engagement these days? Hopefully, some - maybe some of the folks here who earlier this year voiced their lack of knowledge on transgender issues have watched one or more of the excellent docs that I've reviewed this year, and come away enlightened. But overall, Republicans have Fox News, OAN, Parler, the Federalist Society, Clint Eastwood, and the legendary auteur Dinesh D'Souza; reality-based individuals get everything else. Maybe this is a sign of the US/Canada difference, but when we've had a Gaslighter-i
  28. kenmorefield

    Soul (2020)

    Nothing quite says these boards are in a post-PTC era than seeing there is no thread for a forthcoming Pixar movie. But I digress... I was delighted after five minutes, worried after 10, really worried after 40 and gradually moved in a second half of the film that seemed to work to me much better than it had any business doing so. It seems to be not content to hit just the standard Pixar beats, and there is emotional (and dare I say moral?) complexity here. I was happy for a lot of things they *didn't* do, though I guess my sadness is the "real" world was always more interestin
  29. kenmorefield


    I am not saying the movie was dreadful, but...my movie-going experience was...even though I managed to time this (by eyeing Fandango) so that I was literally the only person in the theater... https://letterboxd.com/kenmorefield/film/tenet/ I saw on Letterboxd that Anders liked it a good bit, and his review is probably fairer than mine. It was a reminder to me that we all have different tastes around here and...that's okay.
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