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  2. Title: Breaking Away Director: Peter Yates Year: 1979 Language: English IMDB Link: Breaking Away YouTube Link (a clip of/trailer for the film): No A&F forum.
  3. I see that The Tree of Life hadn't been seconded. It's a pretty universally spiritually relevant film for me, though I don't associate it with "waking up." But I think that Sean Penn's character has some subtle moments of waking up. And this is especially true considering the arc of the rest of the film, which I take largely to be the older Jack's memories and reflections.
  4. I buy this enough to second it. Not sure if it's enough to get me to vote for it though
  5. Second 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days. Second The Tree of Life.
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  7. Still waiting for your second: 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days There is a half-wilted pink flower. It appears in a prominent place in the room right after this film’s most horrific passages. Is this flower beautiful? Is it alive? Waking up to the consequences of decisions. Waking up to the weight of the devaluation of life.
  8. Nominating A Touch of Zen. This movie is massive and demands multiple viewings, but even after one I'm pretty confident nominating it for this list. Not only do we get the nominal protagonist "waking up" to the world of wuxia surrounding him, but the climax of the movie features a set of Buddhist monks waking up the ultimate antagonist to his position (I've seen this movie described as an action film about nonviolence, and that's not an unfair description). Senses of Cinema has a pretty good write-up of this movie. For my purposes, I will extract this paragraph:
  9. Title: A Touch of ZenDirector: King HuYear: 1971 Language: MandarinIMDB Link No thread.
  10. The klingons mainly really throwing me off. Why did they feel the need to make them look like Abrams-verse Klingons and completely undermine the fact that this is supposed to be set in the same universe as Original Series etc. As it is it definitely looks Abrams verse influenced. There's even lens flare heh. I like the first Abrams movie and the third but I would rather a truly old school Star Trek feel and aesthetic than this. Which is what Fuller sounded like he wanted. But the studios wanted Abrams and his vision I guess and so they went with his aesthetic. Which means this will be even more cliche and over the top than Enterprise was. I doubt it does well.
  11. I'm back on a Shaw Brothers kick, it seems. Fortunately, there's a handy guide to where their movies can be found streaming. FWIW, Netflix seems to have dropped most of the Shaw Brothers movies, but Amazon has a ton of them, and many of them are streaming on Prime.
  12. Not liking the way people communicate by hologram here, as though this were Star Wars or something. Also, the guy playing Sarek doesn't look or (more importantly) sound *at all* like either of the actors who have played Sarek in the past.
  13. Not specifically about children's experiences of being raised in Buddhism, but about a major figure in spreading Buddhism in India: the Bollywood movie Asoka (or Ashoka the Great) is a fictionalized biography of Emperor Asoka who converted to Buddhism after a life of war and conquest. It's also a cracking adventure with a romance, and there's singing and dancing! Suitable for all ages.
  14. Completely uninformed speculation, but I'll venture that k-drama bears about the same relationship to real daily life in Korea as telenovelas do to real daily life in hispanic countries.
  15. In O'Bannon's earlier drafts, the eggs and the space jockey were in separation locales on the deserted planet. The ship was sending out the beacon, with the space jockey, but the eggs were in a temple filled with Alien hieroglyphics that represented the life cycle of the creature. The implication is that the Nostromo chanced upon the same planet housing a malevolent species that the space jockey did eons earlier, and both met the same fate. The creatures were unconnected to either the space jockey or the Nostromo. Of course, in that draft, no Ripley, no android, no evil corporation. Just a beastie.
  16. It's close-ish to what is suggested in Prometheus. It's not very close to how Covenant evolves the ideas suggested in Prometheus.
  17. Haven't seen Prometheus or A:C. Not sure if I will. For those that have, how close is Ridley's fifteen year old vision/speculation to the execution in his more recent prequels?
  18. Big fan of Du Maurier. I bought a boxset of most of her novels in my teens and found her something of a kindred spirit. My Mum is Cornish and grew up only a few miles from where Du Maurier lived, so I know the setting of many of her books very well. (I once accidentally trespassed through the grounds of Menabilly, the house she turned into Manderley for Rebecca...) You're right, Weisz is a good choice - she's fearless enough for melodrama, but intelligent enough for the subtlety and psychological complexity in this story. Michell is maybe not an inspiring choice, but he has made interesting and tricky films alongside Notting Hill.
  19. Title: Face to Face Director: Sergio Sollima Year: 1967 Language: Italian / Spanish IMDB Link: YouTube Link (a clip of/trailer for the film): Link to the A&F thread on the film (if there is one): N/A
  20. Title: The Americanization of Emily Director: Arthur Hiller Year: 1964 Language: English IMDB Link: YouTube Link (a clip of/trailer for the film): Link to the A&F thread on the film (if there is one): N/A
  21. FWIW, Netflix US has recently added an historical drama from India called Buddha.
  22. My interest-level has lowered considerably since Fuller left. At this point, I'm much more likely to wait until the show's been completely released--unless the reviews are really good.
  23. Which dramas are you watching? I've not seen any k-drama at all, but I've watched a small amount of Taiwanese drama, and I can't imagine the stuff I've seen is very close to real life (well, Crystal Boys, perhaps, but it's pretty prestige compared to something like Fall in Love with Me). [Incidentally, I was at a conference just last year where a paper was presented arguing that the popularity of k-drama is increasing American interest in Korean culture, and when I asked a similar question the answer I got was...vague and unsatisfactory]
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