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  2. 24 hour flash sale from Criterion directly: https://www.criterion.com/sale
  3. Thanks, Ken. Looking forward to watching this film this weekend.
  4. Thanks for posting, Anders. I watched I'm Thinking of Ending Things a second time last night, after telling folks on one of the A&F calls a couple of months ago that the film, which lost me in its home stretch if not earlier, had stuck with me for reasons that eluded me. I had hoped a second viewing would clarify the film's lingering impact. I'm afraid the film still loses me, not only in its final stretch, but about at its halfway mark, if not sooner. I had speculated earlier that the reason for the film's dropoff may have to do with the disappearance, or close to it, of the Collette
  5. One of my chronic complaints about Hollywood's representation of religion is that it is never familiar to me -- the way Christianity is typically portrayed focuses on a style or branch of Evangelicalism (or Catholicism) that rarely feels authentic. So I mean it when I way this film has the most positive and resonant depiction of Christianity that I can recall from a mainstream Hollywood film. The lawyer who declines to prosecute Slahi because he was tortured says things like, "As a Christian...as an American..." he objects to torture. It also shows him paying a personal and profess
  6. I saw this full-length stop motion animation last week, and it won’t leave my mind. I will probably track down the DVD when I can and watch it again, and I have a feeling it will be one of those films I watch quite a few times. As I understand it, much like Saint Maud, which I was talking about here a few days ago, the film for whatever reason sat for years without distribution. Maybe the big whigs at the top have grown tired of fighting for these artier films. Hard to say. “Artier” is the word to say, though. And while this thing screams “foreign art house production!” it also ble
  7. Persona

    La Llorona

    That is exactly what I have been thinking of. Thanks for helping me get that straight!
  8. Andrew

    La Llorona

    I think there was an American movie a year or two earlier called The Curse of La Llorona - maybe that's what you're thinking of?
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  10. Persona

    La Llorona

    So weird... I saw you posting on this, I believe both here and on fb(?) maybe? And I thought to myself, huh. I don’t remember that movie being all that great. And I thought that for quite a while. Weeks or months? And then I saw the trailer for this film, and whatever I saw, it wasn’t this. I am getting old. I need to check this one out.
  11. I felt the exact same way - Sorkin played too fast and loose with the historical record for my comfort.
  12. The Writers Guild of America nominees in this category (with the ones I have seen in bold): All In: The Fight for Democracy, Written by Jack Youngelson; Amazon Studios The Dissident, Written by Mark Monroe and Bryan Fogel; Briarcliff Entertainment Herb Alpert Is…, Written by John Scheinfeld; Abramorama Red Penguins, Written by Gabe Polsky; Universal Pictures Totally Under Control, Written by Alex Gibney; Neon All In: The Fight for Democracy is the only WGA nominee that made the Oscar shortlist, and there is *no* overlap between the WGA nominees and the PGA
  13. The Writers Guild of America nominees: Judas and the Black Messiah, Screenplay by Will Berson & Shaka King, Story by Will Berson & Shaka King and Kenny Lucas & Keith Lucas; Warner Bros. Palm Springs, Screenplay by Andy Siara, Story by Andy Siara & Max Barbakow; Hulu Promising Young Woman, Written by Emerald Fennell; Focus Features Sound of Metal, Screenplay by Darius Marder & Abraham Marder, Story by Darius Marder & Derek Cianfrance; Amazon Studios The Trial of the Chicago 7, Written by Aaron Sorkin; Netflix The winner will be annou
  14. The Writers Guild of America nominees: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Screenplay by Sacha Baron Cohen & Anthony Hines & Dan Swimer & Peter Baynham & Erica Rivinoja & Dan Mazer & Jena Friedman & Lee Kern, Story by Sacha Baron Cohen & Anthony Hines & Dan Swimer & Nina Pedrad, Based on Characters Created by Sacha Baron Cohen; Amazon Studios Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, Screenplay by Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Based on the Play Written by August Wilson; Netflix News of the World, Screenplay by Paul Greengrass and Luke Davies, Based upon the Novel b
  15. Oh, wow. Ok. That’s a cool observation.
  16. Opera is also currently available at Slamdance in the animated shorts section.
  17. Feeling Through is currently available in the Unstoppable shorts section of Slandance.
  18. Nice! What was the Bergman sequence you didn’t mention?
  19. Thanks, Stef. I'm so glad I watched this; both my wife and I were amazed. I don't rank it as high as my A24 faves (Witch, Hereditary) on first viewing - mostly due to its uninspiring score - but it's still excellent. No doubt, my interpretation will differ from people of faith on this board, though I suspect mine is close to the director's intent. Here's my full review: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/secularcinephile/2021/02/saint-maud-the-permeable-barrier-between-faith-and-madness/
  20. It went on “epix now” last night at midnight. I stayed up for it. I believe it’s $1.99 a month for your first two months. I will most likely unsubscribe and consider this a pretty good deal.
  21. How did you view this, Stef? I so want to see this, but it doesn't look to be on any major platform yet.
  22. This one should be in the conversation in the future for any lists made about horror, or spiritually significant horror. It is definitely about the mystery in one’s faith. Maybe a problem (?) with the film would be that it can’t wrap up the mystery — or, if it does, it certainly tends to sway toward the struggle of that mystery rather than any celebration of it. On Facebook, I wrote: A24 is really a special company. It is getting to a point where its horror roster is so good that it deserves its own category. Like, subcategories in horror are: New French Extremity, 70s slasher
  23. Sure, that's fine Ken - it'll be that, and a PSA against the dangers of kratom!
  24. Huh. I didn't see this on the film's website, but when I was watching *another* film on Vimeo, Vimeo started auto-playing Abortion Helpline, This Is Lisa afterwards. So, you can watch *that* film online, too: https://vimeo.com/499694935 So that leaves only one shortlisted film in this category -- Hunger Ward -- that I have not yet watched online.
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