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  1. NClarke

    Wrestling for Jesus

    It turns out Wrestling for Jesus is now on Netflix. Watch it, rate it, share it.
  2. NClarke

    Fight Church

    Jeffrey you are too kind but Wrestling for Jesus isn't on Netflix. It's on iTunes, Amazon VOD and a couple other places. I always think it's a little weird to compare yourself to another film in promotional material. I guess I understand why one would want to do that (perhaps it helps cut through to press types who read these over and over) but for me I'm always thinking about differentiating. "What makes my perspective unique?" Oh well... It looks a lot like Holy Rollers to me. Slice of life and perhaps content to observe without going into some of the deeper and darker places when one ask
  3. NClarke

    Wrestling for Jesus

    It's been a long wait, but Wrestling for Jesus is now available online for rent and purchase. What a relief. I won't be so self involved to think that people might be dying to ask my questions about it, but if you have any...
  4. I thought you guys might dig this. I usually create documentaries that are a hybrid between talking head and observational. I was planning on doing that with this piece but I started to flesh out the edit and as an exercise in creativity, I thought I would try to tell the story without any words. Turns out I liked it so much (and the client did too) that we kept it that way.
  5. NClarke

    Wrestling for Jesus

    Jeez, no it's me that's going crazy. I had someone else edit this and we talked about pulling a quote. He pulled one of the quotes from a reviewer, I think I meant one of the spoken quotes. This is what you get when you try to get something done before a flight leaves and before the film plays at a couple of festivals. Fortunately the trailer still works... The video file I am looking at that has the JO quote says, "The most thoughtful documentary about Evangelical Christianity I've ever seen." It's such a strong quote, I may just try to figure out a way to get it in there. Silly, Silly Nate
  6. NClarke

    Wrestling for Jesus

    In the case of AmericanJesus it was written as "American Jesus", not really as Zach Hunt. With CT, I thought CT was more recognizable as opposed to David Neff. With JO and you I wanted to have some individual reviewers. For aesthetic reasons, I didn't have a second line and if I did I would have put the location of the review. Finally with your blog specifically, 1More Film Blog makes sense if you know Ken Morefield is behind it and it's appropriately tongue in cheek. For a quick hit, that might be lost on people. That said, it sounds like I put more thought into it than I actually did.
  7. NClarke

    Wrestling for Jesus

    I just posted a new Wrestling for Jesus trailer which includes some nice pull quotes from two A&F regulars - Jeffrey Overstreet and Ken Morefield.
  8. NClarke


    I finally saw this film last night (I tend to catch up with all my documentaries in January)... As a parent of two children under 3, I found it profoundly moving. It is both encouraging and convicting at the same time. I'm also fascinated by the ability of certain people to choose to not repeat the sins of their fathers (and I appreciate how Buck is clear that it is a choice that he makes). However so much of the doc felt like it was a long promotional film for Buck, not just in the way it was shot but also in the perfection of the main character. He ends up being a hero that I inspire to, no
  9. NClarke

    Wrestling for Jesus

    Just got the news that the Wrestling for Jesus was awarded "Best Documentary" at the Virginia Film Festival. First round's on me... (the thread about VFF)
  10. I had a great time at the festival. A great conversation with Ken over Thai and a far too brief chat with Christian. As a filmmaker it's a great festival to attend - geographically condensed and attentive to the experience of filmmakers. Plus free food and drinks... We had some nice coverage of Wrestling for Jesus that I consolidated here. Till next time...
  11. I am going to be there Friday and Saturday. In addition to the Wrestling for Jesus screening I hope to see: Tyrannosaur A Better Life The other F Word Revenge of the Electric Car or Days Together Anyone interested in meeting up for a meal, coffee or beer?
  12. I'll be there on Saturday (screening Wrestling for Jesus). If you're around stop by and say hi (or buy a ticket or 10). I've enjoyed getting to know Thom (another A&Fer) through the Wisconsin Film Fest. Making it 2 for 2 would make the trip that much better.
  13. NClarke

    Wrestling for Jesus

    I've got to give Arts and Faith some exclusive news
  14. NClarke

    Wrestling for Jesus

    An update on the film... The DVD is now available through Amazon. We've also got a couple more festivals coming up including a screening at the Virginia Film Festival and another in Wisconsin. Finally I thought this review of Errol Morris's Tabloid was, well, flattering to Wrestling for Jesus (and I do not know the reviewer personally ). I'm looking forward to getting the film out and seeing what kind of discussion it sparks.
  15. NClarke

    Wrestling for Jesus

    I thought I would post a couple things here. The first is an interview I did with a program produced by Wisconsin PBS called Director's Cut. There's some interesting banter about the nature of documentary vs reality television along with discussing how to document religious activities. Also, Wrestling for Jesus plays this week at the Little Rock Film Festival and then at the end of the month at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.
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