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  1. I NEVER go to movies Friday or Sat. night. If you put that many humans together too many are going to be annoying. It seems it is not just movies, people in our culture are easily bored, they don't know how to sit quietly and enjoy anything(maybe this goes in the rant section). TK
  2. Thanks Dan great links!! Ted
  3. I actually might remember that A's game, was it on a Sunday afternoon? I do like PNC a lot, I guesss the extra noise is something you have to get used to these days. But the sightlines are great as is the view of the skyline. I think overall I would give Jacob fiied the nod, at least when I was there the Indians were a great team and it was exciting. Althuogh as I mentioned in earlier threads Wrigley is the best overall. And also as mentioned, the great neighborhood. Fenway was great back then, pre-Neil Diamond and the wave wasn't going on every game at least. Actually I was at PNC last
  4. I have just completed a play and I am interested in sending out the script to see if a group would be willing to perform it. Any suggestions on the best place to start? It is a one-act drama with two characters, it has many Christian themes and a strong Catholic presence. thanks, Ted
  5. Ken, We strongly disagree on the Sixth Sense. I think we would agree that she is parenting under extremely bizzare circumstances. When she walks into the kitchen and all the doors are open, she ask her son why, without screaming at him, she also is able to maintain her calm after she finds the morbid letters Cole has written. Through all this, she trys to provide him with a joyful childhood as well, think of the scene in the parking let when she is pushing him in the carriage and he is pretending to fly. Looked at in the context of what the child is going through I see her parenting a
  6. Audrey Tautou-A Very Long Engagement Her willingness to go to any length to find her fiancee, not kowing if he is alive. Toni Collette-The Sixth Sense Her devotion to her child, her desire to do whatever is necessary to comfort him.
  7. GiGi, Thanks for the article, I agree with him for the most part. I would agree that the existence of ball parks in many urban neighborhoods reduces rather than increases the valkue of the neighborhood. If you were to eliminate Fenway park and build luxury housing there. it would probably be something the current neighbors favor, and developers would line up to do. I don't know Chicago well enough to say the same thing would happen there. The charm of a great neighborhood helps a team so much, especially when they team is not doing well. Wrigley is the only park I have gone to that is i
  8. GiGi Glad to hear you know about the glory of Wrigley, just one of so many great neighborhoods in Chicago. I think you could also make a good argument that Chicago is AMerica's great city. Mark, I do think I mentioned in that previous post that the drinking etc... were in my foolish youth, anyway lets put Chappaquidik behind us....please. Mister Jeff, I also found Gillete to be a great complex, I just found the atmosphere horendous. We may just have to disagree on that one. As far as your Fenway seats go I was probably watching that game and cursing you out for having those seats that
  9. TedK

    Guilty pleasures

    How I torture myself over how much I enjoy "Day Dream Believer" what a silly song with only two lines in it, but I always listen to it. I also enjoy an aweful 80s film "From The Hip" and The Romantic Comedy "Youv'e Got Mail. I will also confess an enjoyment of Rambo 3. I was also in the DVD/CD section of my library the other day, the music playing was Paul McCartney's "Silly Love Songs", and I was getting into it....AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. TedK

    The Rant Room

    Dear Ted: This strikes me as another movie (like the one mentioned earlier) that could benefit from being reshot with the cast of Superfriends. I'm just not sure whether or not Wonder Woman would be better suited for the Maria role or to sing "I am 16 going on 36." (Speaking of Wonder Woman, well, I haven't seen any stills, heard any casting news or anything, but you just know the only thing that movie is going to do is make us all momentarily stop arguing over whether Katie Holmes or Kirsten Dunst gave the worst "performance" in a comic book movie). Peace. Ken I'm thinking more the insuffer
  11. TedK

    The Rant Room

    The perfect storm would have been better titled the perfect snore. How many times can one watch water going over a boat and the people inside looking worried. The calm voice-over at the end is aweful, as if he has a quiet moment of reflection during his drowning. Natural Born Killers-If you didn't figure Oliver Stone's "statement" in the first five minutes of the film you must have arrived late. Although it was no less preachy than Costner's ad nauseum speech in JFK or Charlie Sheen's silly voice-overs in Platoon. Gone with the Wind just proves some people should never be allowd to direct
  12. The scene in the 14th round of Rocky, where he struggles to pull himself up while the camera goes back and forth between Rocky and his opponent and trainer who assume he is not coming back up. The camera going back and forth between characters at the end of The Bridge on the River Kwai. The Dance at the gym in West Side Story, the colors and style of the clothing combined with the electric dancing. Kevin Costner playing catch with his father in Field of Dreams. The battle at the end of Glory, along with the burial. The fire burning the crops in Days of Heaven.
  13. "But winning it in 2002 for Training Day is, I believe, such lunacy as to irrevocably taint the very fibres of all that exists upon God's green earth." How very true, I usually like Denzel but he did not deserve an Oscar for Training Day or for Glory(Morgan Freeman did). His performance in Philadelphia allowed it to be simply a bad film, rather than an after school special. I found everything about the Sixth Sense far superior to American Beauty, the same for Traffic over Gladiator and LA Conf. over Titanic and Fargo over English Patient. Bardem in before Night Falls, way over Crowe in Gla
  14. Hey Mark, I am that TedK, whatever that is worth. It's funny how strong sport memories are, I remember that game with Jim Rice in 1988 like it was yesterday. That was right in the middle of the Morgan winning streak. Rice had such a good 7 year run as a top hitter, I always regretted seeing him finish that way. Jeff, Glad to hear you enjoyed Gillete, we couldn't have listened to the game if we wanted to, the speaker blasting aweful music were right behind us, we couldn't even hear each other talk about the game we were watching. A football game is so exciting, I have no idea why anyo
  15. TedK

    The Rant Room

    When I was in high school and we got drunk in the McDonald's parking lot, we had more profound discussions about life than the characters in Sideways. Among those who should be sent to Guantanamo Bay: Those who talk during movies. Have their cell phones ring during movies. Don't know what movie they want to see when it is their turn to buy tickets. Wait hours in long lines for the first showing of a movie because they can't wait to see it. Hate any positive character, but love characters like Lester in American Beauty because his Pot smoking, masterbating and teen-age girl obsessions makes hi
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