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  1. nicholas samaras' american psalm, world psalm is pretty boss.
  2. jan zwicky, anne carson and maria howe. killer.
  3. I also just found this: http://www.houseofblues.com/tickets/eventdetail.php?eventid=83209! Janelle Monae with Roman Gianarthur @ House of Blues San Diego
  4. cool. I might check that out (if there's time). i'm definitely planning to head to LACMA for the james turrell retrospective.
  5. I will be heading to L.A. and area for a wedding November 7-12 (ish) and, other than hopefully taking in LACMA, won't be doing much else. Activities will take place in Midway City and Westminster (OC?). I'm a little overwhelmed by it all. Can anyone recommend any decent (read: inexpensive) places to stay? Much appreciated.
  6. not sure what anyone else is doing for national poetry month (in both the US and canada) but i am posting a poem a day at my blog. please drop by, take a dip in the language and perhaps even leave a comment. regardless, happy poeming!
  7. wasn't sure where else to post this (and feel free to move it elsewhere) but since she is in this movie i thought it was as good a place as any to put this crazy esquire interview with megan fox.
  8. i must admit, the fact that copy is in south korea throws me off...
  9. if anyone frequenting these forums ever sees it (on DVD) for a decent price, could you please let me know? please? please?
  10. this seems like a lovely compilation: 135 of the most beautiful shots in cinema (perhaps, through the corporate knowledge of a&f's members, we could even identify the movies from which these scenes hail?)
  11. even art:21 has blogged about kinkade's passing...
  12. which? the tacoma art museum, or the wojnarowicz piece?
  13. here's a piece i made for easter:
  14. techne

    Reservoir Dogs (1992)

    that ending breaks my heart every time...
  15. in both the united states and canada, april has been designated "national poetry month". i'll be posting a poem a day at my blog (contemporary canadian, natch) -- how will you be celebrating it?
  16. apologies if this is redundant, but here is a CT article about hipstermania
  17. well, we can delete the thread...can't we? please?
  18. sorry - the only chick i saw was wearing chain mail armour...
  19. it's an obvious choice, but i've always loved a prayer for owen meany. rich characters in a wonderful story about identity and destiny, family and growing up.
  20. i wasn't overly thrilled by the movie myself. everything was fine, but it was just that - fine. the performances were solid, the design was nice, the effects well-done, the storyline fairly engaging...but nothing really stood out. as a sci-fi concept, isn't that a fairly common trope, especially when involving mysterious, controlling (or not) entities/ organizations? as a thriller, it didn't have the suspense or tension necessary - i never actually felt as if damon and blunt wouldn't be together. as a romance, i didn't really feel their passion. there was chemistry, but was it passion? all the clenched-jaw determination and teary-eyed frustration and longing didn't convince me. perhaps i enjoyed it more as a collection of ideas than a movie - it'd be interesting to read the story it was (evidently loosely) based on. i don't regret seeing it - it was a pleasant distraction - but i probably won't ever watch it again.
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