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    donnie darko life aquatic high fidelity edward scissor hands
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    iron and wine, sufjan stevens, Messiaen, starflyer 59,
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    kurt vonnegut, c.s. lewis
  1. my fav is the one that goes, "hey na hey na hey na hey na!" its like people aren't uptight anymore... 5 years ago this kind of unabashed revelry would have been considered naive, or ignorant... now it just rocks. i think... its like... the track "now more than ever" off of jim guthries "now more than ever" cd. it's not a crime to be happy anymore.
  2. holy crap. did you hear 'what goes on'? I should have expected as much from sufjan. It's amazing... and I'm sure ringo would HATE it.
  3. Viva Voce is officially my new favorite band. thanks for the tip Opus.
  4. kitchen appliances. like... the stove... the microwave... the fridge... the... electric spice rack. yes! this is a great idea! and I saw this guy duck tape a bowl face down on a carpet, with a microphone concealed inside. it makes the coolest sounding hand drum. its like... bom BOOM ping.. ping pat BOM! is it friday yet?
  5. SZPT. sounds like he's just talking about dishonest dummmies accomplishing a mission, If you think George Bush is dishonest and dumb... then... well I do... too. but I'm from Canada...
  6. I wish I was involved with something like that... sounds very rare... p.s. I'm from toronto ontario...
  7. moonkid

    amps for christ

    I think this guy is a genius... the amps for christ guy. its as if he has no desire to appeal to anyone. at all. he simply makes his songs... on his home made instruments, and records them... and then has one of his buddies do some poetry and then some family friends come and sing folk songs. it's so pure. I'd recomend the 'people at large' over the 'oak in the ashes', but I haven't heard the double album yet.
  8. no I haven't that would be rad. I was thinking her voice would be good for his songs too, but I got stuck on the Nina thing...
  9. before I go and buy this, can someone tell me what the lyrical content is like. if it's flowery I'm not in...
  10. yeah, althought his voice has grown on me I always wanted to hear his songs being sung by a female. One with a really clear sweet voice. Like... Nina Gordon... or Nina Persson... or Nina Simone... someone should do a tribute album.
  11. hey, i swear this is good. i can never find anythign wrong with this music. maybe its too rock for some... IMHO jason martin is second only to sufjan stevens in the christian indie something...
  12. opus has a point. people skim reviews. i find an eloquent metaphore that describes what the album is like, rather than how great it is, can be equally attention grabbing, while not as tired as empty hyperbole. hyperbole seems to be used as a tool to make something greater. hyperbole is the mark of an amatuer because it isn't useful to the reader. the reader has nothing to identify with. metaphore is useful if it allows the reader to step into the mind of the reviewer and say "ooh, i don't really like feeling cheery and sugary, therefore I won't like the new pornographers" or, "I don't like fa
  13. Ah, I'm new. please embrace me. -Vitalic - OK Cowboy (since the new daft punk stank) -Mahjongg - Raydonkongg ( for the same reason) -Illinois (with superman, and superman poster and superman postcards) -the new Jason Collett - (broken social scene singer songwritter, amazing) -Spoon - gimme fiction -White Stripes - get behind me, Satan -Amps for Christ -Superwolf (either religiously-themed love songs, or sex-themed spirituals, either way its wierd) I've heard and mean to get: -the latest M.Ward -the new New Pornographers cd -the new Belle and Sebastien. waiting for: -new Danielson
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