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  1. Me too. Go, Todd and Angie. Thanks, Andy and Jeff. Um, about the Wild Goose connection, Andy. I did think of that when we signed on. If you'd like some mention of what Wild Goose Creative has done over the years somewhere in the "PR stuff", I'd be glad to suggest it. Yep, Gareth is the festival director.
  2. Here's a track we're still working on, but i'm really proud of it, so I'm sharing with you all an early version.. we call it "the consoler".. Here's another that's a bit harder to track down, our cover of a song by an AK artist (Castanets), called "Sway"..
  3. wow, don't *I* wish. No, I get the feeling that we are not quite up to par with the other roster-folks (rasta?) not that we wouldn't love to be considered. It would be an honor and a privilege. We're a messy group, and some of the AK patrons may get some feathers ruffled. Our website seems to be weirding out, so I wanted to upload a track here, is that appropriate?
  4. Hi, Everybody! It's funny finding people that have any interest in our group whatsoever. That's not false humilty, but "god's honest" truth. When Matt and I started writing/talking about The Beauty, we had already been in two projects together: my band Sappo (for a tour), and our Star-Wars funk band, Twin Sister. We talked over many beers about the heart of our favorite music being simple melody over snare/kick hits. We liked the idea of simplicity, simple soul. We set out to make this music every Monday night, starting in 2002. By 2003, I had an idea to pull together a local compilation CD to hand out at MEOW MEOW shows, and so I begged Matt to agree to include one of our songs on it. Pretty much every step in the process of sharing our songs has been like pulling teeth for Matt. Incidentally, y'all should really consider listening to on Sounds Familyre.
  5. has anyone heard of JAMIE LIDELL?? This guy is following in the Purple One's footsteps in a major way! But with cool electro-glitch extras!!
  6. agentsoffuture


    on a related subject, you can keep up with what Orlando's up to right HERE..
  7. I think I need to start an ELIM HALL thread, I loved "Things Break".. did you buy that album? It's just love "I Don't Know Why My Flag Always Fades"... or "Let's Play Science Says", a total pro-creationism rant (in a new-wave song?)..
  8. all I want to know is, did ELIM HALL open? now *there* was an underappreciated band.. things are looking good for the project, everyone.. I have already mapped out the tracking for "Lamu", "Wired for Sound" and "Voices". I'm taking a Jamie Lidell meets Postal Service approach to this whole thing. It's gonna be soulful, dancible and ballsy. plus, i will be recording it in the buff... ;[ <-- grimacing emoticon very sincerely yours, todd SMITTY fadel
  9. So, next week I will embark on a grand adventure. I will attempt to take the seminal 1986 masterpiece of Michael W. Smith and cover it in an effort to re-introduce the content to the un-knowing public, as well as bring smiles to those who are familiar. Wish me luck friends. I will post each song on this thread as I finish it. Todd MICHAEL Fadel Interesting take on this album.
  10. i got to hang out with him and his mates in Southport, UK a few years back.. and he actually played at my church later with Noel Richard and Wayne Drain.. i really like his approach.. he did this song in Southport that was so simple it melted me.. "i'm happy to be.. a friend of God's".. whew!
  11. in my CCM bin, i just found a cassette of the christian comedy-stylings of "ISAAC AIR FREIGHT".. did anyone have any of their stuff? I really like it.. and my parents like ANDRUS and BLACKWOOD "Jesus You're So Wonderful"... hmm???
  12. mando, didn't we cover "is it any wonder?" once?
  13. IdeOla is by far one of the greatest pop albums! "freedom" by Whiteheart and "the big picture" were both MAJOR shockers... so good... did anyone say IDLE CURE "breakaway"? or Kim Boyce? FARRELL AND FARRELL, for Smitty's sake!! "People in a Box" was a radio SMASH!! BLACK AND WHITE WORLD!! any of these ringing any bells for y'all? todd
  14. I know, i know. I need to stop posting to this, cause no one's interested anymore.. but i can't help it. if you go here, you'll hear a new (unmixed) BRIDGE FAVORITE.. it's a doozy. YOU CAN CHANGE MY MIND by angie and todd EVEN WHEN ITS LIKE A SEVERED ANTENNA A LOOSE CONNECTION THIS WON'T FIT ANY DICTIONARY TEXTBOOK DEFINITION CAUSE WHAT I FIND IN YOU CAN'T BE DEFINED WHAT I FIND IN YOU CAN'T BE DEFINED YOU CAN CHANGE MY MIND YOU CAN CHANGE MY MIND SOMETHING SOMETHING TELLS ME I'M GONNA LET YOU GET TO ME let me know where i can find anyone else writing interesting music for communities of desperate faith.. toddfadel thebridge portland
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