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    Ikiru, Breaking the Waves, Young Frankenstein, Cool Hand Luke, Places in the Heart, The Apostle, films of Peter Weir and John Sayles. My guilty pleasure: the original version of The Little Shop of Horrors
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    Harry Chapin, Aaron Copeland
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    John Irving and John Steinbeck. Sports commentary by Jim Murray (his column about the loss of his eye still nails me when I read it.)
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    Van Gogh Georgia O'Keefe kind of drawn to German Expressionism, but not sure why Rodin's Gates of Hell Photography by Edward Weston, Annie Liebowitz

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  1. Movie Calendar

    All the Money in the World - July 10, 1973. Date is shown at the beginning of the scene in which Paul is kidnapped.
  2. A better film about...

    Films about the same fairly short period of time and events: Dunkirk is better than Darkest Hour. (Although I think they would make a great double feature--Dunkirk playing first
  3. Movie Calendar

    The Shape of Water: at various time we see a page-a-day calendar. Each time (ecxcept one) a page is torn off Sept 17 -> 18 Sept 18 -> 19 Oct 10 (the exception when Eliza pages ahead to this date to write on it. Oct. 9 ->10 Oct.10 -> 11.
  4. Movie Calendar

    Mudbound - Fairly early scene with family listening to radio and FDR's December 7th, Day of Infamy speech. Later opening a safe with combo 8-30-62, which VO tells us is the date of confederate victory at Richmond.
  5. Movie Calendar

    I, Tonya - 6/13-98 dare on a video with Shawn. 1-20-xx video with Shawn (more than one time). Jan. 6 - verbal reference and a title card, Jan 7 - Title Card, Jan 8 Title card
  6. Movie Calendar

    Hochelaga, Land of Souls (the Canadian Oscar entry) - Jacques Cartier declares on Oct 2, 1535 that the mountain is named Mont Real
  7. Movie Calendar

    The Man Who Invented Christmas - Dec 19, 1843. The book comes out.
  8. Movie Calendar

    The Divine Order - fairly early on it's mentioned that Feb 7 will be the referendum on giving women the vote. A bit later Nora and Vroni go to hotel to make a reservation for a speaker on Jan. 23.
  9. Movie Calendar

    Darkest Hour. At the beginning, a date fills the screen: 9 May 1940. At various points the date returns and changes (like an old digital clock) to another. 10 May, 13 May, 19 May, 25 May, 27 May, 28 May. End of film notes May 8 as the day victory achieved.
  10. I'd suggest: Marjorie Prime Wakefield The Florida Project
  11. Marjorie Prime

    One of my faves of the year so far. Maybe my top.
  12. Movie Calendar

    Chappaquiddick - July 18, 1969. Title card at the beginning. about 0:45 Teddy reads aloud his statement that includes the date. Toward the end Teddy's TV announcement that includes the date. There are various newspapers with events of the Apollo mission that is taking place and TV coverage, but the dates are pretty hard to see
  13. Process vs Open Theism

    Many years ago there was a thread (now read only) on Open Theism. Here's a podcast that would have fit well there. https://homebrewedchristianity.com/2017/10/09/teamprocess-vs-teamopentheism-live-from-st-paul/
  14. Movie Calendar

    Loving Vencent - Newspaper clipping concerning Van Gogh's death has dateline of July 27
  15. Movie Calendar

    Stronger - has a few shots of Gyllenhaal's character wearing wristbands with April 15, 2013.