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  1. Just finished The Outsider on HBO. Starts well, finishes weak. Slowly working through The Murdock Mysteries on Acorn for light-hearted entertainment. We gave up on We Are Who We Are about half way through. Good promise at the beginning, then it bogged down. How to With John Wilson is short but delightful film and commentary series on HBO. He goes around NYC with his camera meeting life and talking about it with wonderful dry humor. Speaking of NYC, Pretend It's a City is Martin Scorsese giving us Fran Liebowitz. What's not to love?
  2. American Cinematique is offering free Q&As, and when you RSVP they send you a link to watch the movie. Some, not all, are already available on Amazon Prime, but if you don't have Prime, this is a good way to see it. Some of the Q&A's coming up: Time, One Night in Miami, Radioactive, Night of Kings, Promising Young Woman. https://americancinematheque.com/virtual-programming/
  3. The verbose edition of my list is at http://bit.ly/3ikkYHN The trimmed down version: 1. & 2. (Double feature) Boys State and Crip Camp 3. Lovers Rock 4. The Social Dilemma 5. Da 5 Bloods 6. Rebuilding Paradise 7. Wolfwalkers 8. Mangrove 9. News of the World 10. I'm Thinking of Ending Things 11. Never Rarely Sometimes Always 12. (mini-festival of journalism docs) Collective, A Thousand Cuts and Bellingcat.I Bonus drinking double feature: Last Call and Another Round Best revisited film: Groundhog Day (with a nod to Palm S
  4. No hope. I think it will be back in theaters in Feb or March, but that is still hopeless for many of us.
  5. These are a wonderful anthology of films. Each is good (or better) in its own right, but they from something greater than the sum of their parts. This is McQueen's sharing of the world he grew up in, the West Indian diaspora in London from the 60s to the 80s. It's hard to categorize this. I could have just as easily put it in the TV section. But it really does feel more like film. Some end of year lists include one or more of the films individually. The LA Film Critics Assn, named Small Axe as it's Best Picture. I watched them slightly out of order (which I think is very unimportant)
  6. We started in on this last night and are very entertained. Its COVID-centric premise isn't original, but it is very well done. David Tennent and Michael Sheen play themselves. The production they were to do of Six Characters in Search of an Author has been cancelled because of the pandemic. But they and the director decide to meet for a bit each day to work on the play so they can be ready to roll it out to a theatre hungry public when the time comes. The oneupsmanship is great fun. Episode 3 is really great because we learn who was up for the part that Sheen got. He left to do somet
  7. Interesting list with lots I haven't hear of. I'll have to explore some of them.
  8. We had a really fun Zoom game with my son and his family playing Poetry for Neanderthals. You get your team to say a word of phrase, by only using single syllable words. It also involves a blow up "No Stick" with which to whack someone who breaks the rules. To make it easy, we bought a game for ourselves and for my son so we'd all have no sticks and cards. It could be figured out how to do it remotely with one game, but this just made it much easier.
  9. Last Call - Nov. 3, 1953 (on at title card near the beginning of the film). The day Dylan Thomas spends in The White Horse Tavern naming and drinking 18 double whiskeys. (Before going back to his hotel and falling into his final coma)
  10. Early searching for some of the biblical comparisons: The story involves a group of 12 teens (actually 10 teens and 2 younger) who make a journey to a "promised land". 2 younger kids not of the group are twins named Kay and Amy. Kay bashes Amy in the head with a rock (although Abel Amy doesn't die here) On their exodus they are lead by a man who they discover in reeds in the water. This is an apocalyptic tale. It comes complete with famine and death and a rescue that comes from the heavens and consigns the evildoers to the fires.
  11. Anybody read this? My wife loved it and wanted to go through it again with me to give biblical insight, so we're in the midst of doing it for our after dinner readaloud. Story of a group of teens (some younger) left to their own devices during a multi-family vacation. The parents are busy drinking all day. There is a lot of biblical imagery. Some from Genesis, some from Exodus. Some NT. When we're done I'm going to have to go back and check some stuff to have a more complete picture.
  12. My disappointment is very much that Howard was skittish about the sociopolitical angle. That was the real value of the book.
  13. Kenny Turan writes of renting a theater while in Montana so he and his wife could see Tenet. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/movies/story/2020-10-23/tenet-movie-theaters-rental-kenneth-turan
  14. Like so many others, this year is a virtual festival. Tix are now on sale. (Geo-limited to US) I'm working on my plan of attack. First couple days will include: Nine Days, Should the Wind Drop, and Wolfwalkers. More to come. I think the tix are $8 for most films. fest.afi.com
  15. Lamb - 2015 Ethiopean film. At the 1 hour mark the family is celebrating the Feast of the Holy Cross (and refer to it as such). That's September 14.
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