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  1. We're doing a lot of Money Heist (in season 2 of 4) and Broadmore (also season 2).
  2. So we're playing with a free trial of Hulu and I've come across this show which is wonderful. Young Egyptian-American Muslim who is trying to come to terms with his religion. He wants to be a good Muslim, but is struggling. I'm almost at the end of season one, and have heard season 2 is even better.
  3. I thought the film did a good job of being honest about challenges of raising a Downs child. It certainly made it clear that there were various options, and none were an obvious choice or an obvious rejection.
  4. There will be a Theologycon event on Theology and the Arts on June 18 for those interested. https://theologycon.com/
  5. Darrel Manson

    Icelandic films

    The one I recall is Of Horses and Men which was an entertaining series of vignettes. My brief review from back in HJ days: http://www.hollywoodjesus.com/of-horses-and-men/ I also recall seeing Rams, but don't remember much about it. Iceland seems to have a rather dark view. Even in its comedy.
  6. AMPAS has already made allowances for streaming vs theater for 2020 in response to COVID-19. LA Times editorial yesterday calls for that to be permanent. https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2020-05-17/streaming-movies-theaters-oscar-eligibility-academy
  7. This is available free this week on YouTube. Part of NTLive's COVID-19 offering to the world. You can choose either (or both) versions.
  8. I think there's a sense of revenge porn about it. (Not in the sense of uploading videos or photos after a break up, but as the violence of the revenge as what the story gets off on.) My wife has given up after 4 or 5 episodes. I may or may not continue. Carol Kane is her usual zany character. The clandestine Nazi infiltration of government has points that work and others that don't.
  9. Started Unorthodox last night. Easy to get into.
  10. Academy Award®-nominated actor Edward James Olmos, founder of the Latino Film Institute, just announced that the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF) will be doing a virtual edition for 2020 – LALIFF Connect – which will be held from May 5 – 31st. In addition, there will be a 2019 Retrospective that will include feature films, short films, episodics, masterclasses and musical performances — all will be available through LALIFF’s website for free with additional titles to be announced.
  11. I watched it today planning to write about it on the the ScreenFish "Self-Isolated Film Festival" category. I see it as the film we need to see in 2021. Also, watching it on Easter, I noted the scene when Max and Carla are outside the store. He tells her "We'fe safe because we died already." Look at those people. They haven't died in their mind like we have. "We passed through death." If I were still preaching, that clip might well be in my Easter sermon next year.
  12. Darrel Manson

    Crip Camp

    Wow! Excellent doc. How I'd love to hear Pres. Carter's commentary on it. Definitely going to be on my year end list.
  13. Whereas binge watching is becoming so common (and my wife and I find it much better for following the story of we binge), and whereas we have a film thread on what we're watching this weekend, it therefore seems appropriate to share what we are bingeing at any particular time. Our current binges are Money Heist (Spanish series La Casa del Papel) and Dark(German series). For Dark my wife printed out episode summaries and character bios, which are helpful because it is very involved with multiple time lines. We're also watching about one a day of 100 Humans. I think all 3 of these are Netflix shows.
  14. Today Justin Chang wrote a wonderful tribute to Kenny Turan who is retiring from the job of film critic at the LA Times. I think I heard that A. O. Scott is also transitioning to a critic at large position. I've met Turan a few times. He's always kind and gracious. He got recruited one time to do a lecture at Whitehead Film Festival at Claremont School of Theology, and managed to get them the chance to see Of Gods and Men before the theatrical release. A few years later before a screening I reminded him of that. He pulled Leonard Matlin over for a discussion of why that movie didn't even get nominated for an Oscar. Neither of them seemed to have a idea of why.
  15. Darrel Manson

    Corpus Christi

    I concur with that. As I recall at AFI the director pointed to the fact that one of the other inmates stopped Daniel, saying, "not you" as a reminder that we know that this is not who he is, but that others also recognize it.
  16. Darrel Manson

    Corpus Christi

    I saw it at AFI. I liked it, but that comes from a Protestant (and from a tradition with a strong lay emphasis) perspective. I had hoped that SDG or Sister Rose Pacatte would have chimed in on this, but no luck. My review: https://screenfish.net/corpus-christi-the-body-of-christ/ My interview with the director: https://screenfish.net/1on1-with-jan-komasa-corpus-christi/
  17. Watched The General yesterday. We've been doing Hunters, Hotel Beau Sejours, and 100 Humans for our binge viewing.
  18. Latecomer. We just started watching. Things I note: No understanding of the property dynamics of an Episcopal church. The preacher quotes freely from the Gospel of Thomas as though it's scripture.
  19. Blinded by the Light - At the beginning, when Javed is writing in his diary, VO gives the date as Sept. 3, 1987
  20. Rebel Without a Cause is a far superior version of Blinded By the Light.
  21. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Feb. 8, 1969 (my 18th birthday) - opening scene ar Frank & Musso. Later they show date for Feb 9, and Aug 8.
  22. There are no talking animals at all. (There is a visual Timothy Q Mouse, however.) I wonder if anyone else has seen this yet and if they wondered if Dreamland (which turns into a nightmare) might not be biting the hand that feeds vis a vis Disneyland.
  23. I found it mediocre. It's not bad, but it's nothing new. It seems the main purpose of the film was to get her onboard for Endgame. They seem to like Ascension iconography. Who knew that cats are like the Tardis?
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