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    just thot winslett's character was cool.
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  1. @asher & finnegan As I mentioned earlier, i know 3 options are very limiting. If I were to list the ideal candidate, then that choice would win hands-down. Fact is, the ideal may not be available for you. No situation is the same, so I made this a what-if-these-were-your-only-choices-at-the-time-scenario. @asher "factor for hiring is in the "supporting his [her] family" statement." I know a couple of men in my church who recently went for options similar to Choice A. One owned a business and the other was in church leadership. I guess they were just wanting to be of help. "we have the n
  2. "A clear choice: an editor." heheh...yeah editing/writing is definitely my weakness, alan. I'm not much of a pollster either...but am doing this out of the curiousity of my peers who have real examples of all these options being played out. Anyway, considering that at this point only 6 of 96 viewers chose to vote (and they all voted for one choice), I am going to try something....I changed option B today, which previous read "church volunteer who'd do it for free" and had no votes. I created another option for the "substance is better than style" thinkers. I know that having only three ans
  3. I had a long discussion with friends this morning about this topic. One was given a budget by his church to produce a project. It is not ongoing, just a one-time thing...Sounds like everyone has different policies on who they would first choose to contract the work to. We are interested to know what others on this board would generally do. Where do you put priority when it comes to hiring creative pros for your ministry, or even for your personal business? POLL QUESTION: When contracting creative professionals for a project, which would you generally hire? Such as a video editor, web designer
  4. SO with you on that!...yet things like this have actually ended up being good for me in that it drives me to a place where i say, "there' GOT to be more to it than this!" then i see God's beauty in the most unpresuming places, so blown away... now let me go finish reading that blog.
  5. hi there paul...i'm in san diego. the lake elsinore area's great, btw.
  6. will definitely look into the conferences...and thanks so much for the encouragement! so appreciate all your responses so far.. regarding having attachments to my church: i love my church as cool as it is. though some of our members have appeared on jay leno or i hear them on secular radio, not everyone in my church "approve" and it can be most discouraging. (yeah i know, probably old news to you guys.) just stating a fact, not a complaint. don't take me wrong. the last thing i'm looking for is a poor-me-the-church-doesn't-understand-artists-group. nor do i want to go to yet another eli
  7. hey thanks for taking the time to get me these links. will definitely look into them!
  8. i'm excited to see a lot more discussions, awareness, groups, workshops on the whole topic of the IMPORTANCE of being an influence in culture through the arts....especially as it seems to has been a slow start trying to convince people in the church of this.... BUT would you happen to have any resources for those who have taken action, became a "successful" influence in the eyes of both non-Christians and Christians, only to still feel "alone"? any groups of support for professionals in the arts, which aren't solely geared toward "inspiring and convincing", but rather geared toward facing the
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