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    Writer, designer, arts development and deployment
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    Not in order... Shine, Breaking the Waves, Amadeus, Million Dollar Baby, Shrek, Whale Rider, Shawshank, Contact... how much space do I have?
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    Currently, Rachmaninov, Puccini, Verdi, Brahms, Mozart, Rautevarra, Paart, lately, Bobby McFerrin, Queens of the Stone Age, Bernstein, Wynton Marsalis as well as so many others, I probably don't even have favourites.
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    Fiction - Ian Banks, Ian McCewan, Margaret Attwood, Barbara Kingsolver, Ruper Thomson perhaps, perhaps. Theology, Tom Wright, Walter Breuggemann, Clark Pinnock, Brian Walsh, Richard Middleton, plus plus. Non fiction, Pilger... is anyone really reading all this?
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    Too much! Currently, Anselm Keiffer, Mark Rothco, Anthony Gormley, Sebastio Salgado, Rebecca Horn, Lucian Freud, and most of my friends.
  1. Hey, don't be discouraged, my last thread has nearly three hundred reads and the only reply came from... me! Strange sensation, talking to oneself in public! Perhaps I was obtuse, or verbose, or just not interesting. Anyway, your question is much more fun. Like most of us I'd not accept the virtue of amateurism, and not want the sort of quality that this produces. But it does depend on the task. Normally I'd actually prefer a 'mixed' creative environment, people from several faiths or none. Just because the dynamic gets so interesting. But what if the subject were Christian, and the task, perhaps for a director, demanded a deep understanding of the dramatic line? Who then? But if it were the DP I was looking for, then technical and creative quality would be top of the list. Some friends just finished an indie feature, shot locally, everyone on points. They advertised widely, got some first rate actors (one was second male lead in the Interpreter) and a superb lighting director who had to become DP and brought his own operator over from the US with him. These two were not Christians, about thirty percent of the crew were, but that was pure serendipity. In the end it was the expertise and even better attitudes of the non-christians that carried the whole project through. They were simply superb. There's no telling is there? My favourite writing partner is also a Christian, and I've never found a writing collaboration that works so well. She is a film maker, I come from a more literary place. But then she is very German, and I very English, so I guess we get the variation of colour and tone that way. One thing is certain, I just love collaborating! So, if I couldn't afford the single person I wanted for a project, I'd try to spread the load creatively so that I might persuade them to come for a more focused task.
  2. Hmm. Perhaps not! Or perhaps I was unclear or perhaps it sounded strange... perhaps perhaps. Just to let you know. I'll be away on one of those tours for the next fortnight so won't be coming here. But if anyone would like to explore, or can point me to threads that do, I'd still like to hear.
  3. Strolling, in odd available moments, from glade to glade, picking up impressions.... Well, it sounds a lot better than admitting to 'lurking'. Then I thought, why not ask for guidance, why just wander about? There are many posts here with which I could happily engage, and will, given time. I have even found people with similar favourites, I mean, Paul Kiler even likes Rautavaara! Wow! But what I want to know is to what extent we are ready to engage with, for example, a theology for the arts, the arts as 'kingdom', the arts as transformational, as prophetic and so on. Just to let you know, this is not a criticism, just trying to guage the pulse. A bit of background... I've been working in the creative industries for nearly forty years, I trained as a writer and designer. I've led the design functions of a couple of big organisations and am now engaged, quite deeply, in arts development and the deployment of the arts into society. Sounds portentous! Isn't!! For example, four of us are working this year using the arts and 'creativity-release' to help marginalised people address issues of social exclusion. We're working with about fourteen groups across England and Scotland, about four hundred people in all. I'm involved in several theological 'think-tanks' and am trying to hold in creative tension the way my thinking is going with the daily engagement with the Holy Spirit and prayer. One of the things I and my close partners are exploring is the sense that God is speaking about a new role for the arts and artists. I have a sneaky sense that if we can lift our eyes from the congregation as the centre of church, embrace a more (for some) expansive vision of creation and its restoration, then something rather remarkable begins to emerge. Almost a new movement of the arts. Often, of course, in individual conversations, this has to begin with people's experiences of being an artist, either within local church, or within society. This seems to be where the majority of conversations on this site seem to be situated. Does this resonate with anyone? Have there been conversations along these lines that I have missed (a bit old to be a newby, but that's the fact of it). Would anyone like to explore? Love to all,
  4. If I have a hero rather than a favourite at the moment it would be Goldsworthy. He has the power to restore the most jaded capacity for wonder! Incidentally, as no one seems to have mentioned them, because his work is often designed to disappear naturally (at least all the icy and wet bits) but more because his pieces are scattered all over the world, his books are an absolute wow! I was on an arts tour with our team a few weeks ago, driving across from Castle Douglass to Glasgow, on a slightly wayward route, when I saw one of his cairns and suddenly realised we'd just driven past the end of his garden! So tempted to stop and call in!
  5. If it's a serious question, and the viewer was required to keep eyes open and be in a wakeful state, it would have to be a couple of hours in the Rothco room in Tate Modern. Not sure where he took me, but I've booked a return trip.
  6. Just saying hello to the group with my first post... might as well be this one. How about... 'Massive reductions on Costco Parachutes'
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