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  1. any fans of The Untouchables? how 'bout The English Beat? anything by any either of those bands. i'm always surprised by how many people, who love music, haven't heard of The Untouchables. The Untouchables WILD CHILD, one of my favorite records of all time [do greatest hits albums count]
  2. thank God! I'm normal. i'm normal, i'm really really normal!!!!!! not writing: screenplay "After TAxes" first solo album "The Bugout" ministry helps book on free-form urban congregation "Freestyle Fellowship" it is good to know that like Elijah's time, there are thousands with a like calling and similar battles. thank you. everyone. [sigh, swoon, slump, sleep]
  3. ahred

    Hip-Hop Fans?

    having labored over my hiphop for over a decade, working tirelessly to convince the world that christians can be fresh, i find it a bit discouraging to read through this thread. it seems that very few people have a true sense of the current state of creative and/or artistic hip hop. not many people seem to know of any artists that are truly craftsmen, christian, and RAPPER. that's frustrating because almost everyone i know is just that, an artist and a christian. almost 10 years ago we, FUTURE SHOCK, released a record under Brainstorm Artist Group. Our album, Remember the Future, was exe
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