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    music, soundtech & waiter
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    echo is your love, mogwai, four tet, antony & the johnsons, joy division, broken social scene, sissy spacek, sigur ros, arcade fire, godspeed you! black emperor, primal scream, elliott smith, fun, "the sky is too high" by graham coxon, surfjan stevens, "drukqs" by aphex twin, smashing pumpkins, blonde redhead, bright eyes, "oh me oh my.." by devendra banhart, cocorosie, ennio morricone, desaparecidos, adam green, clouddead, sonic youth, mew, pj harvey, the go! team, stereolab, whirlwind heat, tied & tickled trio, belle & sebastian..
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    mikhail bulgakov, richard adams, yann martel, ben okri, c s lewis..
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    (early) paul klee, bas jan ader, house@intro, david bailey, will schaff..
  1. have you tried old drums from washing machines / dryers ? should be available from scrapyards or recycling centres and they tend to sound metallic and bassy at the same time when beaten with something resembling a drumstick or bass xylophone mallet..
  2. ponysoil

    Sigur R

    i managed to get a ticket for their first european date in support of the new album here in helsinki.. only just. it sold out in thirty minutes. this is probably old news to everyone but you can hear takk in advance here - scenestars.net/takk/index.php?autoplay=1 the guitars seem bigger than before
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