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  1. Thank you, D, for keeping a summary going. Makes it easier to follow where we are at as addtional voices join conversation. I am against the 3 film limit, but ambivalently so. I mean, given the new nomination format, if I put all seventeen Bresson films on my list, would all make Top 100? That being said, I would recommend deferring that decision until we see how many people submit their Top 25 lists and how many overall nominees there are. I may be perverse, but in regards to essential films slipping through the cracks, I guess the thing that most appeals to me out of doing a new list with a smaller group of voters is precisely that there might be some shake up. It is probably worth my repeating that my preferences (unless otherwise stated) are meant to be preferences, not mandates. I realize as some theoretical point in these sort of processes, someone (i.e. me) may have to make a final decision but for over a year or so now, I've yet to see a consensus not emerge. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but I think the combination of traffic reduction, aging and mellowing, has made for smooth sailing so far (knock on wood). P.S. I realize that I am inherently suspicious of such claims that we can fix or adjust process if problems emerge, because in academia I hear them all the time and don't experience them as being sincere or true. But we have a smaller group and aren't beholden to client base or accreditation or whatever, so we really can adjust on the fly if we get 1/2 way through and find something isn't working. I wouldn't do that unilaterally, but I'm not allergic to doing so if there is a consensus that something isn't working.
  2. I have deleted the "Reviews" subforum and moved the existing threads from it (about 4 in total) to the "Film" section. While I think/thought the separate thread for straight up reviews was a plausible idea, it didn't take and perhaps provided more confusion than clarity/helpfulness. I think A&F has welcomed a mix of different posts -- comments on films that are analogous to reviews, discussion, questions, etc. I still welcome people who want to post review/comments in appropriate threads.
  3. Yeah, Darren beat me to the punch on that one. I was going to say if the style is an issue, I find Two Days, One Night the most accessible of the their films because it is the most conventional, stylistically. It still has many Dardennes themes, but I watched it a 1/2 dozen times in the last 2-3 years for class and the other semester right after Rosetta (in conjunction with a university event) and was stuck by some stylistic differences. Also, at the risk of shameless self-promotion, I'd read Doug's chapter in F&S in Masters of World Cinema before any of them. It gives a nice thematic foothold even if (don't want to misquote him) Doug has largely moved beyond that early essay to some equally interesting but more challenging analyses that makes him (I think) prefer some of the other films. Finally--and I know this is risky to say--but Two Days might resonate more with you given the Atheist point-of-view. It is more humanism overlaid with social-political perspective on values while some of the other films (Kid with a Bike, The Son, even Rosetta) have a more obvious spiritual hook or pedigree. That's probably why even though Two Days, One Night is my favorite Dardennes, I am not sure it is the one I would vote for (or vote highly) on A&F list.
  4. That sounds good to me, and there appears to be support for the idea. Let's give it another day or so for any last minute questions or objections and then unless you hear otherwise to start that process after you get back from Berlin. (Aside -- how exciting. I am happy for you that you get to do that.)
  5. Darren, is that a volunteer to compile the submission and post the lists of general nominees? Or were you speaking hypothetically? I'm not sure I necessarily agree that there will be a lot of overlap even if acting in good faith. I mean "of all time" is a long time and 25 is...pretty broad. But I'm terrible at predictions, so I don't really know. I do rather like the notion though of having a set deadline to submit nominee lists because then we know exactly how many voters we have in the dicussion/voting stage.
  6. There are things I like about this, in particular that it shifts the focus from nominating a film to discussing it. My one concern logistically is whether we all submit lists without discussion and then just discuss them before voting or whether we would submit lists at different times and whether that would incentivize some to produce lists late so that they don't use up nominations on something someone else will nominate. Here's my other concern...and its the more pertinent one. I have no idea how many people will participate. We've talked about this for over a year now and gone through one other Top 25. I expect it will be about 10-15 people, but....who konws? There are lurkers and if I/we do go the route of a companion book that could bring in new people (though I'm not counting on it). My point is that if there are 10 people and each does a 25 film list with no discussion, there might not be 100 different films. On the other hand, if there are 10 people, each with a 25 film unique list, than that is 250 films we are voting on...and what if the number of contributors grows? How about this? (Just spitballing...) 1) We open nominations March 1. 2) Nominations consists of submitting a list of 25 films by April 1. 3) If there are less than 20 participants, each person gets to select two films from their list to be on the final 100 (but not their rank). If there are more than 20 participants (unlikely but possible) each participant gets to select 1 film to be on the final list 4) From April 1-15 we vote on the nominated films (Likert scale 1-5) 5) From April 16-30 we have an optional second vote to rank the top 25 by score. 6) From May 1-10 we collect blurbs. 7) Post list in Mid-May (which is right around graduation time). Again, the biggest problem I see is that if there are 10 participants with 25 unique films, the voting could have 250 films or more, making the round 1 voting time consuming. I could certainly do that, but I'm not sure if that will turn people off.
  7. I feel a little crazy, but this wasn't as bad as I remembered. In fact, I found it engaging emotionally in spurts (the opening credits with Oliver in the rain) and more visually satisfying in the depiction of the city than in any of the characters. I suppose on some level I wonder if I am viewing this through the filter of things to come -- the dogs are reminiscent of the hyenas in The Lion King, etc. And certainly Dodger's wolf-whistle at the female dog is sorely dated. I always recalled The Great Mouse Detective as The Rescuers Down Under as the films that had elements of computer animation or different animation styles mixed in at key moments, but there are moments here where you can see them trying to integrate new techniques with the traditional hand-drawn style rather than just doing a movie into a new style. As a result, it feels less it often feels like a movie-by-committee, but...I still find bits and pieces I find work for me.
  8. I've had some discussion with Evan and Joel via e-mail. We are trying to open process on March 1. To my knowledge, these three questions/issues are not resolved: 1) Are films in the past Top 100 (2011) automatically nominated? 2) Is there a limit on the number of nominations or seconds any one voter can make? 3) Are we retaining the rule that the list cannot have more than 3 films by the same director? My feeling is that #2 should be "no" b/c of low traffic, but I am not sure if the process or list of nominees could get unwieldy with unlimited nominations. Also, should a film need more than one second?
  9. I could have sworn we had a thread about this film, but I must have been thinking of this: http://artsandfaith.com/index.php?/topic/5312-nobody-knows-new-film-by-hirokazu-kore-eda/&do=findComment&comment=272775 Just referencing the Q&A in which Koreeda responded to audience member trying to compare his characters to Ozu and saying he thought they have more in common with Naruse's characters. I remember watching the film not long after and having favorable response, but not much beyond that.
  10. Saw the touring production tonight and it was...alright. Lot of good dancing and high energy production numbers, though I would have liked a little more ebb and flow. I realized in looking back on our thread on the movie, that I probably agree on some levels with Jeff's assertions that the tonal shifts within the movie make it hard to fully embrace it despite some good moments. I'm not really enough of a trained musician to comment on the music (paging Evan Cogswell...) The person I was with said the leads all had great voices, which I guess is a given. That said, School of Rock is still the last Broadway show I saw that made me go out and buy the album. Want to watch the movie some time this week and see how it has aged.
  11. Link to our thread on Force Majeure.
  12. Came here to say, "wait, Downhill is a remake of Force Majeure?!?!" only to find that Peter had beaten me by, oh, five years.
  13. I was not a fan....not that I expected to be, but I had heard it was better than I thought it might be, so I suppose I had a glimmer of hope
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