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  1. kenmorefield

    Board Rules and Guidelines (Under Construction)

    So I've been meditating on this a bit. I'm wondering now if it might be better to leave this close to as is and have a separate page or thread, maybe even this one, to answer questions or tease out ambiguities. But I'm not there yet. Anyhow, I have some questions about: It seems to me like other terms (like defamation) have precise terms but these are a bit ambiguous. I've seen a fair bit of disagreement over the years here about what is harassing, for instance. I'm also concerned that "profane" and "sexually inappropriate" may have one intended meaning (no explicit photos) and be broadly interpreted as not expressing views that are orthodox. (If I were to review or discuss a transgender film like Gigi Gorgeous: This is Everything...?) Finally, we've had instances in the past where people have posted publicly available information (such as a member's full name instead of alias or a photo of a member from a work website) and had this called an invasion of privacy. On the one hand, the rules say members have no expectation of privacy (at the end), on the other hand, we call on members to not invade another's privacy.
  2. kenmorefield

    The Criterion Channel

    Like Darren mentioned in another thread, I have tried to get away from physical media, but it isn't that easy. This semester I had to rebuy two DVDs that I had once owned and given up because I had access to same titles on streaming. I wanted to show them (or clips) to a class and found myself in a location where WiFi was limited. I had a mechanism to show DVD but not to stream the film. There are instances of the reverse, I am sure. (Where a DVD would be unplayable but a streaming option is accessible.) But I've found the former more common. DVDs are also easier to lend or give away. I have noted a few more studios willing to go to digital screeners. (Magnolia doing so made several critics sad. Getting an e-mail with 15-20 links isn't quite the same as a package of 15-20 DVDs. But those 15-20 DVDs add up.) All that is to say, I will probably not subscribe to the Criterion channel for the time being. Buying 2-3 titles a year (during 1/2 price sale) lets me build access to core titles, and leaves money left over to subscribe to MUBI.
  3. kenmorefield

    Is Artsandfaith.com dying?

    Done. When I merged the two accounts, I received this message: It said the "Ralfy" account had zero posts. It may be that some old content got relabeled as "Guest" or "Guest (ralfy)" If there are any posts that are labeled that way that you would like reassigned to your active account you can flag them and I believe I may be able to do that manually. If you have any problems logging into the Ralfy acount, let me know and I can reset password.
  4. kenmorefield


    It's been awhile since I've been abreast of chess happenings, but apparently the rules have changed for World Championship so that if no winner is determined by a preset number of games they go to...blitz games? Apparently the development of deep-thinking AI has changed the nature so that players can play to time control and then use computer helps to find lines through equal positions. Essentially, if I understand correctly, this makes people play not to lose by sticking with variations or lines that they are thoroughly familiar with--or familiar enough to recognize losing moves far enough in that they can play for draws every time. I confess this both makes perfect sense and is somewhat sad.
  5. kenmorefield

    The Criterion Channel

    I was kind of sad their titles didn't get folded into MUBI or some other pre-existing streaming option, but it was probably naive of me to hope for that.
  6. kenmorefield

    Church matters

    I am sorry I don't have more/better advice or resources, but I did want to say I empathize. From what little I know, bed bugs may enter a domicile through furniture, but that does not necessarily mean they live there exclusively. Since they can live in baseboards, outlets, wallpaper, etc., simply changing the furniture may not be sufficient. You say the landlord cannot be "cited" for bedbugs. Can he/she be worked with? If you are not sure the man himself will accept help, will the landlord? (For example, is the cost of replacing furniture commensurate with the cost of a professional pest control visit to his home/apartment? If so, perhaps reaching out to the landlord with the information that you are looking to help rather than cite may incentivize him/her to do something he otherwise wouldn't?
  7. kenmorefield

    Mission Congo

    To quibble slightly over language, The Guardian posted their announcement under "Clarifications and Corrections." They added a response from Operation Blessing to contextualize some of the claims made in the movie. I guess an some legal terms it could be called a retraction in that they ceased publishing the "original" statement, but to me a retraction is different from a correction. And the corrections were quite superficial. Notice, for example, The Guardian says "we have been informed that the school is thriving." That's simply a way of saying that Operation Blessing denies the claim of the documentary without any attempt on The Guardian's part to verify Operation Blessing's counter-claim. The impression I got was that The Guardian found it easier to make a small donation to OB than to do its own reporting that would adjudicate between the claims of the filmmakers and the film subjects. I interviewed the former at TIFF and found them very credible.
  8. kenmorefield

    Instant Family (2018)

    I did not have high hopes for this film going in, both because it was being pushed for faith press and because Sean Anders's previous works didn't inspire much confidence that he mix the comedy with the melodrama. But I was quite won over. Rose Byrne and Mark Wahlberg play a couple who adopt three kids at once. It turns out that the semi-autobiographical nature of the material helps Anders the writer reach beyond the conventional or stereotypical. I liked the representation of the marriage quite a bit. I leaned over to my guest at one point and said, "You know, they really are good together." So many modern movies, especially comedies, focus on one partner or the other, and in adopting his/her point-of-view tends to give a distorted (in my opinion) view of how functional marriages actually work. They argue occasionally over the cliche stuff--playmate vs. parent, provider vs nurturer--but the film is more interested in showing these conflicts in order to show how they work them out (sometimes with mixed success). I volunteered for a year as a Guardian ad Litem, so I was a touch disappointed in how family court was represented and how the foster process was made to appear at times more arbitrary than it actually is, but I understand this is a comedy and not a documentary. Wahlberg actually has quite good comic timing and Byrne, in a slightly harder role, manages to be funny while also being a touch more emotionally vulnerable. The test audience laughed a lot, more than I can recall hearing in any recent comedy. My favorite moment was when the couple had a bad day and gave themselves permission to pretend that they could still send the kids back to foster care before realizing they were stuck: "We're just gonna have to face the fact that we made a terrible decision and life is gonna suck from now on." There is some broader comedy based on caricature in the foster/adoption class, including a couple of visible Christians who make faces at the gay couple in the first meeting. But, you know what? The Christian couple is also the first in the group to hug and congratulate the gay couple when the gay couple is court-approved to adopt. So it plays off the stereotypes for some comedy but also lands on the side of judging people whether their hearts are in the right place rather than whether they believe the right thing. A very pleasant surprise in my book.
  9. kenmorefield


    He's doing a nice analysis of Carlsen-Caruana World Championship match. Apparently Woody Harrelson is a Chess follower and confirmed that he is making Carnage, fwiw. He was also called upon to make the ceremonial first move and...messed it up! (Caruana said e4 and Woody thought he said d4!
  10. kenmorefield

    Post Counts

    There were also some forums visible only to participants at The Glen Workshop which I deleted in consultation with former admins. That could affect a handful of post counts.
  11. kenmorefield

    Roma (2018)

    Netflix has been pushing this for awards, and I was excited to see it, but... Despite some good photography, I found myself really unengaged. The plotlessness made it seem to drag, and I really didn't care for (or about) any of the characters beyond the generic sympathy for another human being in a difficult situation. I spent the last hour or so interrogating myself and the film. How was it different from the films of Koreeda (which I usually like)? How much was the reading/viewing situation (long, rainy Monday) affecting the viewing experience? In looking back over Cuaron's filmography at IMDB, I am struck that he has done relatively few films farther apart in time, and he does seem to have done cinematography for a lot of shorts. So perhaps it is just that visual/narrative divide that separates me from a number of filmmakers that I feel like I ought to esteem more. I did briefly compare notes with the guy I watched the film with and he reported being similarly cool towards the film, focusing his comments on the inclusion of a story about the maid's boyfriend that no doubt tied the film to a specific time (1970) but further dissipated its focus. (There's a prolonged scene where he does martial arts in the nude because...well damned if I know.) I think this got nominated over at the Ecumenical Jury thread, so I know there are people I respect who find much to admire in it. I didn't feel like I understood it enough to hate it.
  12. I put this in Creative Writing rather than the movie thread, because Lee will always be first and foremost, a comic book writer in my book. I've expressed ambivalence over the years for the "Hey, look, somebody died!" threads. And with the MCU holding a strangehold on movies that doesn't enthuse me, it is easy to forget what a positive impact comic books have had on my life. Yeah, I've always been more of a DCU than MCU guy, but I am grateful to all artists for their creativity and for sharing their stories with the world.
  13. kenmorefield

    Post Counts

    Okay, the board settings have been changed to count stuff in "About You" and "Faith Matters" forum, and it recounted everyone, so your totals may have changed.
  14. kenmorefield

    Post Counts

    In the past, I think post counts have caused a ruckus. I had forgotten (though I apparently knew at one time) that only posts in certain forums count towards users' post counts. I found the setting in the control panel to change this. Should I? Is there some rationale for why only posts in the arts forums count towards user count? I'm not sure I ever heard the rationale?
  15. kenmorefield

    Family games

    Mysterium might fit the bill, though it's a bit pricey. Skulls and Roses, maybe One Night Ultimate Werewolf (though I personally prefer Secret Hitler). I've seen game conferences where young kids are incorporated very easily into games of Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. Age of War is a great little filler-game (dice based), as is Bang! Dice. Bohnanza King of Tokyo (though I think that caps at five).