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  1. I don't know if it is because I had only an abbreviated stint at TIFF this year or if things are really wide open, but I feel very lost. I usually come home from TIFF with a pretty clear idea of frontrunners and favorites, but I got the A24 FYC package in the mail today and was looking at the titles and thinking, "Have I even heard of these movies?" Menashe, Good Time, It Comes at Night, The Lovers, The Ballad of Lefty Brown. I've got like 60 titles and very little indication of how to prioritize...so beyond nominations if anyone wants to put in an enthusiasm metric for stuff that has been nominated, I'm certainly willing to hear it.
  2. Many of the critics' groups got FYC screeners for 20th Century Women, so it's quite possible Peter did screen it in the mad rush before some other awards.
  3. Justice League

    Ummm...was that Leonides of Sparta in one flashback? Hope my eyes deceived me, because if it was I may have to move Snyder below George Lucas on the "oh-my-God-aren't-I-clever!!!!!!!" index.
  4. And yet...still no second for The Boss Baby. I won't say I'm hurt, but...
  5. First Reformed

    Thanks for sharing that, Rob. I hadn't seen it.
  6. I'm against including television series, just because I don't know when we open that door where it stops. (Didn't vote for O.J. last year, either.) That said, my general attitude in this, as with festival question is that if there is a nomination and a second to let the voting sort it out. A slightly bigger jury means one low vote or abstaining vote (didn't see it) isn't as likely to derail a title.
  7. I nominate Patton Oswalt: Annihilation, which is probably to reflexively political to make an *ecumenical" jury selection, but which does grapple with the themes of grief and the meaning of life and which expresses the pain and horror of both "hellscapes" and the post-God is dead culture really realizing that "annihilation" is not just a theological construct but either a true, inevitable reality or a horrible, horrible lie. It's available on Netflix, by the way.
  8. I nominate Roman J. Israel, Esq. There is some obvious religious language in a story arc about tensions between the law and grace (Roman/Israel, get it?).
  9. Second After the Storm. I'm a sucker for all things Koreeda and had already let that one slip (there was a new Korreda at TIFF this year). He does seem, in his last two movies, to move towards some male protagonists, which has been interesting after Our Little Siter.
  10. A better film about...

    The Boss Baby is a better version of mother!
  11. I second The Unknown Girl. Not sure if it will get a full release in time for enough to see it, but I nominate First Reformed. I've linked to my full review. I also nominate Goodbye Christopher Robin. The script is uneven, but the parts I liked, I really liked. I thought the film did a great job of representing trauma and depression and the ending showed...well, I won't give away spoilers. And just because I've never been one to shy away from an unpopular opinion, I will treble down and nominate The Boss Baby, It's actually a better version of mother! (which I don't second, even though I have seen The Beguiled.) P. S. I also nominate Alphago, a pretty great documentary about a match between a computer program and a world champion Go player. It's not exactly about what it means to be human, except....well, it is.
  12. Sorry, Joel, I should have read the first post more closely.
  13. Joel, I'll just go ahead and request a clarification on the eligibility issue since Personal Shopper was, I believe, nominated last year but not widely seen. How do you want to handle eligibility questions? Theatrical release in 2016? Seen for the first time by critics in 2016? Doesn't have to be the way we did it in past, but there should probably be some intentionality about eligibility.
  14. I have no problem with the timeline. Regarding screeners. I was concerned last year about Colin not being on the jury and not having a screener point-person, but it did seem like the bulk of the jurors had access to screeners through some other organizations. So it may be sufficient to have a venue where jurors who don't get screeners can ask for contact information of the publicists to request them individually. This usually takes the form of "Hey, I'd like to watch [nominated film], does anyone have contact information for the publicst(s) so that I can request a screener"?
  15. 2017 Arts & Faith Ecumenical Jury

    Okay, since ample time has passed for anyone to volunteer who wants to consider, I've made an executive decision to pass the baton to Joel who will serve as our jury foreman. I'm available for help if he has questions, as I assume we all are if he asks for input. Joel did a fine job with the write-up last year, and I'm confident he'll keep us on track this year. Thanks for doing this Joel.