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  1. kenmorefield


    I added this as a "track this film" on Roku, which now tells me that it is available on Netflix. (It's kinda ironic that it finally appeared the day I watched Johnnie To's Mad Detective because Blind Detective is now the film that has been on my "track this movie" 'feature the longest without an "available" alert.
  2. kenmorefield

    Examples of "Cinematic Parables"?

  3. kenmorefield

    What board games have you been playing lately?

    Been getting a kick out of Marvel Legendary...nice to have a game I can play co-op with 2. Also, Pandemic Legacy is the bomb.
  4. kenmorefield

    Claire's Knee (1970)

    I did a search, but we don't appear to have many (any?) specific threads for Rohmer's films, just one large thread for all his films. Anyway, I wrote something about Claire's Knee, which struck me differently than when I first watched it several years ago. I didn't really get into this part of it, but if I have a chief complaint about Rohmer's Six Moral Tales it may be that there is almost too much ambiguity, if that is even possible for me. Maybe it's because I've recently started watching Lost on DVD and have been struck by the show's (and J.J. Abrams's ongoing) conflation of indeterminacy with ambiguity, but there is a very fine line between opacity and obscurity, between hidden or subtle meanings and blank ciphers that allow (and hence invite) you to make of them what you will.
  5. kenmorefield

    Top 25 or 100 for 2018-19

    I have exchanged e-mails with staff at Image about this website. Not surprisingly, they are quite busy with the Glen Workshop, but I was told they would get back in touch with me after that was done.
  6. kenmorefield

    Spider-Man: Far From Home

    As in, you know, being dead? Oh, I guess that was just a false climax in the last movie, huh?
  7. kenmorefield

    First Reformed

    I found this quote from Schrader's interview in "The Playlist" gratifying:
  8. kenmorefield

    Slumdog Millionaire

    I did a "10 Years Later" on Slumdog:
  9. kenmorefield

    First Reformed

    Maybe I'm naive or overprotective of this film, but I am majorly bummed that the trailer gives away a major...well, not spoiler, exactly, but a particular shot that is lifted from Tarkovsky's The Sacrifice that seeing unspoiled greatly enhanced my appreciation of the film. Which is to say, if you care about such things, I would avoid the trailer.
  10. kenmorefield

    Creating Film Critic Circle?

    So here is a sample template of a newsletter made using MailChimp from links given at Slido (I looked up Peter's using URL). It took me about 20 minutes, which isn't much but is still an investment of time when something is monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or whatever. (Add to the writing, the time to set up Slido, downloading images, etc.)There are parts that could be changed/updated, such as the copyright and social media links at the bottom. https://mailchi.mp/3d0c9f6dbda6/faith-and-film-critics-circle-newsletter-prototype I have a feeling like a mailing list/newsletter would be flexible to suit our needs. Slido also does ratings/polls, so we could just take a poll of how everyone feels about one movie, assuming people have all seen it. Obviously, if more people joined a circle this would be more work...more links or blurbs to sort through, though even the CT newsletter rarely had more than four or five in a week even if there were a greater number of people who contributed content occasionally. There is also the matter of how to build a newsletter subscription list. MailChimp allows you to create forms to add to web pages, but that would mean everyone putting it on their webpage...or making a Facebook or Twitter page, etc. And there is always the matter of who owns the subscription list, who decides which blurbs get run, etc. Thoughts? Does seeing the prototype make it seem more doable or not very?
  11. kenmorefield

    Creating Film Critic Circle?

    So, I'm torn. On the one hand, a loose affiliation producing an e-mail newsletter shouldn't (theoretically) add too much work. On the other hand, it is work, and it looks like even corporately we are not producing content regularly. I average about two posts to 1More FIlm Blog a month, and they aren't typically new release reviews. Joel and Evan both have most recent content listed as 2017 lists. Peter updates pretty frequently but concentrates on niche market a bit more. Of course, it could be argued that having a project that wants reviews or ratings for new releases would prompt some people to write them, especially if it was the 100-200 blurbs that a newsletter invites. There is also the matter of building subscription lists, which takes time and effort. and the question of who owns the products of such a circle -- and if they are corporately owned, that probably means by-laws, elections, etc. I was looking for mechanisms that would allow quick and easy reporting rather than making one person go to everyone's site to look for new content. Has anyone used Slido? I put up a poll question at Slido.com . Simply go to that site and type in the reference number 9432. If you are interested, please try it. You can put in a couple sentences about a movie or a link to a piece you've written elsewhere.
  12. kenmorefield

    Creating Film Critic Circle?

    Doing my bi-annual (or so) bump of this thread to see if interest has changed. I had lunch with publicist at SXSW and we discussed how more and more sites are decreasing or doing away with movie "reviews" altogether. CT, for example, has pretty much eliminated movie reviews, though they still run occasional "trend pieces." I've been told that Crosswalk has done the same. Seems like the only ones doing movie reviews in that space are the content monitors (Plugged In, MovieGuide, Christian Spotlight) or individually run blogs. But it's not really possible for blogs to be anything approaching comprehensive. Anyway, now that CT has shelved the weekly e-mail newsletter as well, it occurs to me that an FFCC type affiliation could have a weekly newsletter through MailChimp or whatever that ran short blurbs/recommendations of new releases or provided links/excerpts to member reviews at various blogs, Letterbox'd etc. That is, of course, assuming people are still writing movie reviews in various places all scattered to the wind...or is the review dead and we all just live in the age of the trend piece? Any thoughts?
  13. kenmorefield

    300 (2006)

    Thank you for saying that. Made me smile.
  14. kenmorefield

    Ready Player One

    Based on what little I know of you, I expect you would probably hate it.
  15. kenmorefield

    Ready Player One

    teven Spielberg dropped by Austin last night to introduce the film, which was both pretty terrific and total fan service. Should make a gazillion dollars. My review.