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  1. I merged the two Derek Webb threads.
  2. Hi Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing your experience. I edited it in the following way: removed private phone number. Since this is a public forum (anyone can read even if you have to be a member to post), it isn't typical to post private info. I would recommend suggesting someone who wants to contact you to send a private message or e-mail and then you can exchange contact info.
  3. Aren, I do think the nature of Melville's prose is harder than average. We're probably more accustomed to stylistic shifts in tone or the move away from plot, but the diction and sentence-structure can be convoluted (deliberately so, I think) to the point of frustration. If you liked it, I recommend "Billy Budd" as shorter but still having some similar qualities.
  4. One of my chronic complaints about Hollywood's representation of religion is that it is never familiar to me -- the way Christianity is typically portrayed focuses on a style or branch of Evangelicalism (or Catholicism) that rarely feels authentic. So I mean it when I way this film has the most positive and resonant depiction of Christianity that I can recall from a mainstream Hollywood film. The lawyer who declines to prosecute Slahi because he was tortured says things like, "As a Christian...as an American..." he objects to torture. It also shows him paying a personal and profess
  5. I deleted it. There were two identical posts. I caught the first one and flagged the person as spammer, but Andrew responded to the second before I could delete it, so it didn't show up as spam. Andrew, I don't know if you want to leave your reply up as a caution to whomever might wander in about the dangers of the spam message.
  6. January has come and gone, and I'm not really sure where we are at. We can certainly shelf this for now and ask again later in the year if Pandemic wanes. Or we can assume there isn't enough interest. Or we could assume that "if you build it, some will come" in a lurking fashion. Evan, do you have any thoughts on how you'd like to proceed? Go, wait, or abandon?
  7. Jeff, I doubt this is what you want to talk about with Chad, but I am interested in the *mechanics* of filming during (this stage) of the pandemic. Have most productions resumed? Is he just on hiatus? Is it different for small indies (do they have to deal with unions?) That sort of stuff.
  8. Peter...good to see you. Thanks for posting that.
  9. I bought an OQ2 last week with money I didn't spend on film festivals last year. My first Virtual Reality Experience. I primed myself to be disappointed, but Beat Saber is certainly more fun than anything I play on the Wii (excepting Rock Band which requires a crowd). Also, there is a YouTube VR, so I watch the Top 100 trailer that Jeremy did in VR, and that was...cool. The store seems very limited as to content, but what content that is there is fun (if overpriced). I think success will be if enough people buy it that the secondary market finds it profitable to start developing mor
  10. Nice to see Another Round get some more love.
  11. Link to The New Muppet Show It seems inconceivable to me that after nearly two decades, there is no dedicated thread to The Muppet Show. Perhaps there was, and I couldn't find it. Anyhow, I got a press release today that Disney+ is getting The Muppet Show including Seasons 4 and 5 which the press release says " have never previously been released on home entertainment." "
  12. Okay, here's the grumpathon: http://1morefilmblog.com/2021/01/23/cobra-kai-season-3/
  13. Whether you are a critic, a fan, or something in-between, you have no doubt experienced the delicious pleasure of discovering a show or a band or a film before it breaks out. You have also no doubt shared that the glum experience of watching that personal favorite lose something of its appeal as it seeks and finds a larger audience. Cobra Kai on YouTube was a quirky, clever, nostalgic favorite that avoided the extremes of deconstruction and imitation. It wasn’t simply a repeat of the Karate Kid formula, but neither was it presenting the childhood movies as false memories. Cobra K
  14. May try to write a review this weekend, but man, S3 was a major letdown for me.
  15. Interesting thoughts...appreciate the other perspectives. One thing that hasn't been wearing well with me is the whole "never before in the history of the world..." vibe. I do think there is an important observation to be made that it is the technology and the apparatus that is more disturbing than the content...but I am old enough to remember similar such claims for, say, television (the medium is the message/amusing ourselves to death/death of print culture irrevocably changing all aspects of life.) I wonder to what extent the film postulates some sort of straight, unchanging
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