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  1. Kino Lorber is offering 8 free movies to stream between now and November 15: https://kinonow.com/series/anniversary-binge
  2. The board just did a software update, and I noticed that under the "staff" tag that 10-15 people are listed as "moderators" who are not. I'll try to fix this tomorrow -- I suspect I know what's causing it. If you see or notice any other glitches, please post here or send me a PM.
  3. So, I was screening this in my world literature course, and somehow, through several viewings, I had never quite caught Fiona's line in the confessional, "You think what happened to me is unimportant." Obviously, the film's themes are not dependent on any one line, but I take the inference that something specific happened to Fiona, I assume a rape, that precipitated her suicide attempt. This certainly reinforces the visual juxtaposition between Fiona and Jack at the end of the film (their faces merge in the reflection of the glass) and suggests to me one reason why Jack could hear someth
  4. I attended my first movie since March...a drive-in in Chapel Hill for Nomadland as part of local film festival. I wasn't quite prepared for how good it would feel. Helped that the movie was great. Only one person got within six feet of me, the ticket taker at entrance who was masked up. (All the employees were.) Just had to roll down my window enough to get ballot. Sound was over radio, but I had a guest, so we left windows open just for precaution but other cars around didn't have windows open. I'd feel comfortable going back. It was good to be at the movies. Helped that the movie
  5. A muted recommendation for Martin Eden, the French adaptation of Jack London's novel. I actually thought something gets lost in translation, but it is refreshing to see a movie that is unapologetically left-leaning as to capitalism. My review: http://1morefilmblog.com/2020/10/16/martin-eden-marcello-2019/
  6. Hi mando, What a delightful post, thanks for circling back and letting us know you found the answer. I was reminded of my own attempts for many years, to discover the title of a song I heard on the radio that had the line "The devil is my savior..." in pre-Internet days. Everyone kept telling me based on my description that it was "Goodby Stranger" by Supertramp, and I said, "no that's not it." But it was. Sometimes Google makes such quests less Romantic than they used to be.
  7. Hi Stef, Might be worth reaching out to Evan to put you on the e-mail invitation list for when we do Zoom chats. (Usually once a month or so.)
  8. Well North Carolina re-opening at 30% capacity. What's the old rub of a compromise leaving both sides unhappy? https://www.wral.com/bars-movie-theaters-to-reopen-as-nc-moves-into-phase-3-of-reopening/19312728/
  9. BAM is a good source for film screening during pandemic: https://www.bam.org/programs/2020/bamfilm They are screening restoration of From the East: Chantal Akerman's FROM THE EAST (D'EST) Brand new restoration premieres exclusively at BAM A brand new restoration of Chantal Akerman's From the East (D'Est) (1993) premieres exclusively at BAM. Tickets are $10 for a one-week viewing period. The film has been newly restored by the Cinematek Royal Film Archive of Belgium. Visit BAMcinematek's virtual theatrical page here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/fromtheeasta
  10. Andrew, I think Christian mentioned this earlier, but the bulk of the Virginia Film Festival this year is going to be online, though it looks like there will be some restrictions to streams (some films North America only, others Virginia only). https://virginiafilmfestival.org/
  11. Dear Colleagues, I am open to having an Ecumenical Jury this year, but if we do, we would have to get started. Since Joel has taken point the last few years and is focusing on his Ph.D. studies at the moment, perhaps this is an idea that has run its course? Or is there someone else who wants to take a leadership role? As a reminder, the Ecumenical Jury was originally something I proposed when Christianity Today stopped doing its "Most Redemptive" or "Critics Choice List." The first year, the results were posted here and at my blog. For subsequent years it was at Image. Once Image sol
  12. kenmorefield


    While I am on a Siskel and Ebert kick, here's their pan of Dune:
  13. I mispoke at the Zoom meeting tonight. I went back and checked and it was The Great Muppet Caper, not The Muppet Movie which Ebert gave a "thumb's down"
  14. Interesting results from Pew Research Center. Only 51% of Americans surveyed say they would "Definitely" or "Probably" get a COVID-19 vaccine today if one were available. https://www.pewresearch.org/science/2020/09/17/u-s-public-now-divided-over-whether-to-get-covid-19-vaccine/ I guess that is a double whammy consequence of the science denial in out culture. The obvious effect of those who listen to politicians rather than health experts and the tier of those who fear that the administration will rush a trial or vaccine for political purposes and we'll have Thalidomide Part II or so
  15. kenmorefield


    Haven't seen the film yet...not sure if I will...but the discussion made me think of this clip:
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