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  1. Copied from Letterbox'd: Cindy called this "clunky in spots" but sweet, and I agree. It's a bit on-the-nose, and some of the stylistic choices (such as words on the screen) did not work for me. It was formulaic. But the formula was well executed. It's always nice to see the supporting characters (even the dad) have *some* nuance. (The scene where he hocks his wife's jewelry, for example, is well done, and the choices, from the close up on his hand reaching out to take the money to the playing of Pakistani music over it, work well.) One nagging reservation is that I kept wondering why this whole genre (musical bildungrsoman) is framed as a quintessentially *male* experience. I thought about Toni Morrison: Pieces I Am, and how there are spaces for how literature (or film) has inspired or become spiritually meaningful to women, but there just feels like there is a hard to articulate difference between say, this or Yesterday, and Mamma Mia or Ricki and the Flash, where the music just becomes the generic soundtrack for a conventional melodrama rather than being about the female's relationship to the art. This is a biographical piece, and Patel is a guy, so I offer that not so much as a criticism of the movie as a nagging thought about the genre that mediates my enjoyment of individual entries in it.
  2. I haven't seen the film, so I guess I should avoid this sort of clickbait engagement, but...she gets "high" and "sings about pooping"? Really? https://letterboxd.com/kurstboy/film/dora-and-the-lost-city-of-gold/
  3. Burgle Bros 2 is now being funded on Kickstarter:
  4. I've done this before, though not with MD. If you want to discuss, feel free to send me a PM or e-mail.
  5. I am certainly okay with that, as Joel had a nice balance of inclusion of A&Fers and welcoming people not regulars here. As far as publication, I''m pretty much open to whomever someone acting as coordinator wants to work with. My preference is that any outside publisher would have an understanding (as I did with CT or Image) that they get exclusive rights to publish the list/results for 30-90 days, after which we are free to republish on the site (usually with a link back or rider saying "this article originally appeared at blah, blah, blah, reprinted with permission.")
  6. kenmorefield

    Cats: The Movie

    And yet...she appeared to know all the lyrics to "Hakuna Matata" by heart.
  7. No, the Bruce Lee depiction was not the worst thing in the movie, but it did bother me: https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/13/entertainment/quentin-tarantino-bruce-lee-trnd/index.html This is not as asinine as saying Batman could win a fight with Superman, but it's in the same bloody ballpark of asininity.
  8. kenmorefield

    Cats: The Movie

    I think I shared this on Twitter and Facebook, but this trailer played before The Lion King and the two women sitting next to me had the following exchange: Woman 1: It's Cats! Woman 2: It's not Cats... Woman 1: No, the *musical* Cats.... Woman 2: Cats is *not* a musical!
  9. Joel and Peter mentioned in another thread that it may be worth opening this topic a little earlier than in year's past. (It's been my experience in the last two years that *awards* season has been pushed up. My feeling is that the A&F Ecumenical Jury is worth continuing, but since we don't have a partnership with Image any longer, I get that people may want to focus their efforts elsewhere. I am happy to participate but I am not sure I want to coordinate. If anyone wants to take point on this, you are welcome to do so with my blessing.
  10. kenmorefield

    Them That Follow

    Done. Are you not able to do that? I thought moderators could.
  11. That makes sense. I think he posted something on Facebook a while back that he was not a "fan" of Tarantino (which can cover a broad spectrum), but found this film brilliant, or well-executed, in ways he himself did not yet fully understand. (I disagree with Steven about the value of the film, but his post on FB was sort of a textbook example of *starting* with your reader/viewer response and using it to examine the film--how it creates that effect as opposed to so much of what passes for film or literary criticism these days, which is just making your visceral reader/viewer response the end all of your take.)
  12. Hi Jeff, Do you not interact with Steven any longer? I have no issues with this post, just wondering why you didn't ask him about it?
  13. I think that would ultimately be up to the point-person. I would be happy to offer suggestions or input but don't necessarily want to dictate. I guess my assumption was that it would be early in the year since that is slow season, movie wise, particularly after Oscars. Also, worth considering how long we want to keep nominations open. Perhaps that is or should be part of the discussion. I heard at least one participant say that perhaps the 2019 Top 25 dragged on a bit; I didn't necessarily feel that, but there is a different energy from maybe ten years ago when there was fresh content a couple times a day to here where we have more leisurely conversations. I haven't been involved in the Top 100 since one of the real early ones...like 2006 maybe? So anyone taking point may need to do some listening and then some decision making about things like dates, rules (limit number of films by one director? count trilogies? reinstate the Dekalog Exemption? made-for-television movies now that Netflix is a playa? what requirements, if any, for voting? do we need to revisit the weighted voting? iMy management philosophy, such as it is, is to try to allow the people doing the work as much leeway to make the decisions. I am certainly interested, though I tend to not think much about End-of-year stuff until post-TIFF, which is when I think awards season really gets going. Still, if the EJ involves drumming up jurors, a little too early is better than a little too late. I can post a forum for it it shortly.
  14. Greetings all. In the discussion leading up to this year's Top 25, there was some indication about doing a Top 100 in 2020. That conversation has extended offline when I discussed book project(s) with possible contributors. Although it is some months off before 2020, one thing I learned in the 2019 Top 25 is that the smaller number of current A&F participants means such projects need a slightly longer lead time. Part of that is the principle of inertia -- people aren't in the habit of checking in at A&F as frequently. Part is the difference between "interest" and actual intention. It is harder for people to carve out time in their schedules for projects that pop up and need proximate attention. Consequently, I went ahead and set up this forum and began this thread in order to: Announce the intention to do a Top 100 list in 2020. Solicit volunteer(s) to handle the logistics. Settle on dates and mechanics so that those on the fence would have a clear idea of how and when we would proceed. I have had 1-2 people tell me privately that they would be willing to take on an administrative role for a Top 100 list. I'm happy to just assign that, but I want to be conscious of giving anyone who wants to take a more active role a chance to speak up rather than just reflexively going to my friends or those I'm most comfortable with. So, what is this thread for? I'm glad you asked. I'd like to take a week or so and have a thread where anyone interested in doing a 2020 Top 100 posts any questions or concerns they might have and anyone can post his/her willingness to take on one or more administrative roles. It's my hope that the division of labor can be done by consensus, but I'm willing to make *some* decisions if needed. I just don't want a Top 100 to be "Ken's" project. I don't think it will be, but I'm worried that absent *someone* who is the final decision maker for logistical questions, thinkg will stall and dissipate because everyone is waiting for *someone* to make a decision but nobody feels empowered to do so.
  15. Watching this was a listless, joyless, slog that reminded me, among other things, how much I didn't care for the underlying material in the first place.
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