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    Parker Millsap

    I think many of you might enjoy his music. He is just 20 years old and is from Oklahoma. He has a powerful, gravelly, and expressive voice and is already a fine songwriter at such a young age. He has a pentecostal background and uses much religious imagery in his songs, often quite humorously.
  2. Kemper Crabb returns! http://www.reliquarium.net/
  3. He previewed some of these songs at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass with Gillian and OCMS, and they were great. His guitar playing live is explosive.
  4. There are some great artists listed. I especially like Sufjan, Arcade Fire, Woven Hand, and Ezra Furman. I would add The Sparrow Quartet (Bela Fleck, Abigail Washburn, etc), Robert Randolph (I'm pretty sure that Live at the Wetlands came out after 2000), Mike Farris (Salvation in Lights), and Neal Morse (his first solo came out in 1999, but he was still in SB at the time, so I think his excellent post SB solo work should qualify). Mike Farris was the brightest light at the recent Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco, no small accomplishment considering that Robert Plant, T Bo
  5. From the 77s web site: Holy Ghost Building Lo-Fidelity Records and The 77s are proud to present the highly anticipated release of their new studio recording, "Holy Ghost Building." Recorded over a 2-year stretch, the initial sessions were done quickly, much like Johnny Cash or Elvis recorded their early records at Sun Studios in Memphis. Mike Roe comments, "Those guys would choose a song, play through it to get the feel and arrangement, and while it was all fresh they would just roll the tape. Drawing from literally the same sources they did, we did the same thing.... choosing old gospel, b
  6. baxter

    Great Music of 2008

    Sorry about the repetitions above. I'm not sure how that happened?
  7. baxter

    Great Music of 2008

    I think Punch by the Punch Brothers (Chris Thile etc) is the album of the year so far. I'm not totally sold on the lyrics yet, though they do communicate disillusionment and loss well. But the music is DELICIOUS bluegrass prog. The band seems every bit as good as the legendary Telluride "house band." I also think the Meanest of Times by the Dropkick Murphys is a definite top 10, but that may be a 2007 release... I think Punch by the Punch Brothers (Chris Thile etc) is the album of the year so far. I'm not totally sold on the lyrics yet, though they do communicate disillusionment and lo
  8. baxter

    Favorite Music of 2007

    If it weren't for A&F, I wouldn't know of at least HALF of my list! Thanks folks! And, as for you list, isn't Monarch from Pittsburgh? I believe that they are, but I think Brennan Strawn is based in New York now.
  9. baxter

    Favorite Music of 2007

    CDs 2007 1. Neal Morse Sola Scriptura 2. Terence Blanchard A Tale of God's Will 3. Mavis Staples We'll Never Turn Back 4. Joe Henry Civilians 5. Arcade Fire Neon Bible 6. Ezra Furman and the Harpoons Banging Down the Door 7. OTR Trumpet Child 8. Mike Farris Salvation in Lights 9. Richard Thompson Sweet Warrior 10. The White Stripes IT others: Lowly (Monarch),Let Us Now Praise Sleep John(Peter Case), Book of Lightening (because of the way these songs were performed on the tour), did Good Monsters come out this year? Were it not for this group, I would not have known of Civilians or Banging
  10. baxter

    Favorite Music of 2007

    Has anyone mentioned Terence Blanchard's A Tale of God's Will (A Requiem for Katrina)? It will end up in my top ten. I know very little about jazz, but I love this recording. I also like the Krauss/Plant recording, especially the Sam Phillips cover.
  11. If I had a radio show, I would play that song everyday. Tonio simply must record something new. Did anyone ever attend one of his "pancake concerts?"
  12. I can't help with that, but Joe Henry will be performing at the GAMH in San Francisco on 10/23. Very tempting, only a 4 hour drive...
  13. Ouch I was really looking forward to this one.
  14. This was the set list for the great show at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood: I Don't Wanna Waste Your Time Fever Born I'm On a Roll Let's Spend the Day in Bed Nothing is Innocent The Trumpet Child Trouble North Pole Man Goodbye Charles Entertaining Thoughts Ohio BPD Orphan Girl Encores Hush Now If a Song Could Be President Don't Wait for Tom Latter Days I think I have been so mesmerized by Karen's voice at other concerts that I have not noticed how fine a keyboard player Linford is. There were several excellent guitar solos, most notably on Orphan Girl, Let's Spend the Day, and BPD. The
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