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  1. Here's my newest film (called WHO CARES?) - it's a short piece based on a vision that God gave William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army: LINK TO VIDEO This vision was made famous by Keith Green when he published it in Last Days Magazine.
  2. Also, ROOTS received Best Digital Media Award at the Creation Arts Film Fest. Denny Wayman asked, "Can we see the other parts of the trilogy?" Yes, they are now available online. The other two parts of the Triptych trilogy are FLUSH and FOOL. They (along with some other of my animations) can be seen here: http://youtube.com/verticalhold
  3. I have posted a number of my animations on youtube. Check them out when you get a chance: http://youtube.com/verticalhold
  4. YEEHAAAA!!! This past week, ROOTS won two awards (First Prize in the Comix35/Roxtoonz Web Animation Competition and First Prize in the Truelight Zone Christian Film Contest) Praise God! You can watch ROOTS here: ROOTS link
  5. BTW: This contest is still open. If you haven't seen ROOTS yet, when you get time, please take three minutes to check it out. And if you like it, please vote and leave a review. Thanks.
  6. My newest animation (TWAS THE DAY AFTER NEW YEAR'S), won the BEST CREATIVE STORY award at the WYSIWYG Christian Film Festival last month. It is available for viewing at Sermonspice: http://www.sermonspice.com/search/twas%20the%20day%20after I started to create a short film using live-action video and animated backgrounds, but through a series of mildly bizarre occurrences, ended up doing a completely animated version instead. I created/tweaked the images in Fireworks and composited and animated everything in After Effects (AE is truly my favorite program). BTW: I think it is a fun, useful video for churches and youth groups to use during the Christmas/New Year's season. If you know of anyone looking for such a resource, please feel free to forward the link to them. THANKS!!! .
  7. anglicanbeachparty -- thanks for the encouragement -- and the vote!!! There is a cash prize for the winner of the contest and that could help pay for some needed software. Denny said: "Can we see the other parts of the trilogy?" Well, um...er -- I mean (blushing)...well, yes. All three (and three other pieces) are available on a DVD (called TELL-A-VISION) which is available for purchase on my site: TELL-A-VISION DVD (capitalism has never come easy to me, but it takes a lot of $$$ to make this stuff)
  8. Here's my newest animation, which I have entered in an online animation contest. It's called ROOTS. It is the middle part of a trilogy called TRIPTYCH, but I finished it last. Check it out when you get a chance: ROOTS link. Once you get to the site, just click on "Play Animation". After you view it (if you like it), please vote for it (you have to register to vote, which takes about 5 seconds). Thank you.
  9. Hey, glad you liked it. And I hope your kids like it, too. (I've found that kids really like this piece.)
  10. "I thought the metaphor was well done but what happened to the girl? Did she turn from her Savior without acknowledging him?" Good question. The main focus of the animation was the man and his journey. Usually parables aren't exhaustive in their treatment of a theme. But maybe I could deal with her in a super-groovy sequel or spin-off... "It's only after the dragon (Satan) bites him that he becomes a vampire (fallen). The girl, meanwhile, almost seems innocent and unfallen. What's your take on original sin, sondog? Is it something each of us incurs by personal sin, or is it part of the human condition, present from conception?" Well, that's not exactly what I was portraying. The man was already fallen (hence his reading of the worldly porn tabloid). But what I have found is that when people give themselves repeatedly (periodically -- hahaha) to a sin, demons can invade and possess them. That is what is happening in the animation. At this point, the man is not just a sinner, but a demon-possessed predator (vampire). But just before the man becomes "born again", he is also delivered from demonic possession, as the dragon leaves him. And again -- since there is so much interest in the pretty young woman, maybe I'll create a mini-series for her...
  11. Thought perhaps some might find this piece interesting. I have heard a bit of talk on forums lately about the developing genre of "Christian horror" films. This short I created has some horror and goth elements in it. I felt God was directing my attention to how vogue vampire movies and TV shows were, and that I might use the vampire theme as an interesting bridging metaphor...FRESH BLOOD
  12. Just found out that FOOL was awarded the BEST DIGITAL MEDIA AWARD at the Creation Arts Film Festival. Praise God!!! Oh BTW -- If you haven't seen it yet, the new link to FOOL is: FOOL
  13. Yeah -- that was sort of why I posted it -- I thought that rather than telling about my animations, I would create a preview that would give some insight. (you know -- a picture is worth a thousand words...) Then, if people wanted to know more, they would ask me. (I appreciate your asking!) The preview has segments from all six video shorts that I created. Most of the pieces are based directly on ideas that God gave me. For instance: The animated short called Glory is based on Isaiah 6:3 -- "Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory." God gave me this verse in a dream and I felt that He wanted me to create an animation that displayed this reality. The graphics were constructed in Fireworks and the 3D stuff was created in Poser and Bryce, and all the segments were composited in After Effects.
  14. Hey -- I just posted a new preview video on my web site -- it is a preview with segments of all six of the animated and live-action shorts available on my DVD....PREVIEW VIDEO
  15. Well...FOOL was awarded "1st Prize" in the online film contest. I am in the process of submitting it (FOOL) to other film festivals. If you get a chance, please pray that God will be glorified through my work. (Also, I am submitting other animations to festivals as well.)
  16. There are gay/lesbian festivals, sci-fi festivals, horror festivals, women's issues festivals, documentary festivals, porn festivals, fantasy festivals, environmental issues festivals, spiritual festivals, family festivals, Christian festivals, etc -- I see nothing wrong with specialization.
  17. I guess the point I am trying to communicate is that it isn't EITHER/OR. According to the Scriptures, it should be both. Jesus had messages that were just for His inner circle of disciples (which He spent much time and energy giving), and had others that were for those outside this circle. He was not afraid of setting up a Christian ghetto -- He just saw the importance of having both in-house and "out-house" (hahaha) messages. It's no different in a corporation. Some of their resources go to promoting their products to those outside, while other resources go to in-house industrials, training, eicnouragement, etc. No contradiction here. And the Church needs anointed media, especially to speak to this emerging generation of young Christians (I am not talking about merely entertaining them, but challenging them with a powerful call to follow Jesus). For instance: I am called to to be a prophetic voice (as many of us are) to the Church, and to disciple young men. To do this, God has led me to create a growing series of "alternative" animated and live-action shorts. I am also called to speak prophetically to the world, and to this end, I am creating work that is both allegorical and without spoken language, so that it will connect with people (lost and saved) on different levels and across language barriers (I have been involved with foreign missions, off and on, for years). I am glad that my work has been shown in the secular arena, and there is no shortage of festivals to submit work to (as I said earlier, there are hundreds of them). But there are very few in which a budding Christian indie producer can be encouraged and built up, as he/she begins to develop his/her unique voice in film. That's why I like the concept of ART WITHIN (which I mentioned earlier). It is a very practical, supportive (spiritually and financially) environement for the development of Christian work (specifically screenplays) that speaks both to the Church and the world. So...I am praying that God will raise up more visionary/entrepeneurial/philanthropic people (like ART WITHIN's Bryan Coley) to do just that.
  18. Don't know what happened, but now I am getting notification -- groovy!
  19. Is that a height/weight composite for men and women combined? Sounds like some pretty strappin' females -- probably from North Dakota (my home state) -- some of those Norwegian girls eat a lot of lefse...
  20. I'm not talking about safe. I'm talking about "The cross is foolishness to those who are perishing." There are some messages/stories that are just meant for the body of Christ (which the world will never embrace), just as there are some that are just meant for those outside the Church, as well as those that connect with both. The call to disciple all nations includes pre-evangelism and evangelism, as well as "in-house" discipleship and prophetic challenges to the Church. Globally, there are thousands of film festivals yearly and only a handful focused on developing work with a distinctive, clear Christian message. It's not about a ghetto, it's about specialization and focus. I strive to create work that connects with the church and with those outside the church -- but I have found that my work that speaks most clearly to the Church is summarily rejected by the secular festivals just because its clearly Christian. Even Mel Gibson had to "go outside the camp" of Hollywood in order to get The Passion distributed. Of course, I don't expect the world to embrace all work that distinctly explores the Christian message and experience -- that is why I would like a few more Christian festivals that are serious about developing Christian voices in film. ART WITHIN, based in Atlanta, is one of those organizations, although its main focus is developing new Christian screenplays.
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