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  1. I thought the way he addressed the topic was really good. I especially liked the citation/inclusion of articles. I for one wish I would have made such a video. However, that being said, I also did not find it a topic close enough to my heart to spend time editorializing. We all, male and female, focus our often limited time on things that we have deemed worthy of our attention, so I don't think it is productive to condemn males on the site for not attempting to address. Does it really matter? We can certainly talk about Russell's video.
  2. AH, Jeffrey, you're such an idealist.
  3. What I look forward to the most regarding this film...all the "Fifty Shades of Grace" sermon series that will come out of it. Oh, yeah!! [bTW- This was sarcasm. I was poking fun at evangelical culture and church signs]
  4. Yeah, I am not very excited about this remake and I am finding it difficult to convince myself of any value. Even though it would be nice for Hollywood to be more original than remakes and continuations I also recognize how much my childhood is tied to the original film, so it makes it that much more difficult. I was also very attracted to the Australian aesthetics of film from that era, more so than Hollywood at the time. Anyway, I am looking forward to the zombie's in this version though
  5. Well...not much talk about Super Bowl ads in the last decade. So, what's the story about these advertising stories? Anything you like this year?
  6. well I guess you don't mean me (as if I caught even a whiff of being a taste maker I'd be here a whole lot more). I guess Matt, that is where I had a problem was as well. It actually took me out of the story and film for a short bit.
  7. Well, it looks like the Hollywood name did not dictate the Dardennes' aesthetic. It was still intimate, personal and raw. The only thing it did hurt was that the film was constantly sold out at the Music Box, which is the only theater that runs foreign films during a reasonable release period. Also, Marion Cotillard is up for an Academy Award for this so I suppose that is a little different for the brothers as well.
  8. Thom

    Bathtub Songs

    Ha! I would never do that to you. Actually, I was only the 2nd Unit Director/Camera and a 2nd Camera during 1st unit shooting. That being said, I look forward to you seeing it and hearing what you think. It has some Harmony Korine flavoring.
  9. Thom

    Bathtub Songs

    I have heard talk of a possible Detroit screening but there isn't anything definite on the calendar. Thanks for asking, Mike.
  10. 2014 A&F Film Journal Letterboxd Journal (I like the idea of charting "how" the viewing experience happened. Thanks, BethR Don't know if I can keep it up though.) January Ride Report: 10,000 Miles to Rio (2014 Matt Kendall, Tiernan Turner) [Doc] -Hoopla [better than Ewan McGregor's TV series] Big Hero 6 (Don Hall, Chris Williams) Frozen (2010 Adam Green) -Hoopla Swiss Family Robinson (1960 Ken Annakin) -Netflix My Week With Marilyn (2011 Simon Curtis) -Hoopla California Scheming (2014 Marco Weber) -Hoopla Two Days, One Night (2014 Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne) Godzilla (2014 Gareth Edwards) -Redbox The Giver (2014 Phillip Noyce) -Flixster The Maze Runner (2014 Wes Ball) -Flixster Girl Gone (2014 David Fincher) -Flixster Labor Day (2013 Jason Reitman) -Netflix Pacific Rim (2013 Guillermo del Toro) Sound City (2013 David Grohl) [Doc] -Hoopla The Skeleton Twins (2014 Craig Johnson) February Cutie and the Boxer (2013 Zachary Heinzerling) [Doc] Copenhagen (2014 Mark Raso) Gerhard Richter Painting (2011 Corinna Belz) [Doc] Birdman (2014 Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu) Edge of Tomorrow (2014 Doug Liman) The Freebie (2010 Katie Aselton) Boyhood (2013 Richard Linklater) Gardens of the Night (2008 Damian Harris) *Recommended Devil in the Room (2013 Carla Mackinnon) [short] March Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction (2012 Sophie Huber) [Doc] I Am Divine (2013 Jeffrey Schwartz) [Doc] Big Hero 6 (2014 Don Hall, Chris Williams) She's the One (1996 Edward Burns) Newlyweds (2011 Edward Burns) The Fitzgerald's Family Christmas (2012 Edward Burns) Maleficent (2014 Robert Stromberg) John Wick (2014 Chad Stahelski) Ugh! Bad. Not worth it even for a "get my mind off things after midnight viewing. The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (2014 Phil Alden Robinson) April Interstellar (2014 Christopher Nolan) The Imitation Game (2014 Morton Tyldum) The Captive (2014 Atom Egoyan) We Need To Talk About Kevin (2012 Lynne Ramsay)
  11. Thom

    Bathtub Songs

    Attention all you L.A. folks and traveler's to L.A. A film I worked on as a camera operator and 2nd Unit Director is premiering on 1/17/2015 at Vintage Cinemas Los Feliz 3 (1822 N. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles). It's a midnight show so check it out, especially if you have insomnia. http://www.bathtubsongs.com/ https://www.facebook.com/events/1534955023458169/
  12. Has anyone here had the opportunity to see this? The comparisons to Wim Wenders, Terrence Malick, David Lynch, Paul Thomas Anderson and an all original score featuring Maria Mckee on piano and vocals has really piqued my interest. http://shootistfilms.com/View%20film%20distrify.html
  13. In addition to The Outsiders Old Yeller Gravity
  14. We just finished watching The Outsiders and my boys were disappointed. I was too, to be honest. It wasn't as good or as powerful as I remember it. However, if I think of it as an art film then there are some saving graces. Then again, it feels a little like a remake of Rebel Without A Cause for most of the movie.
  15. Tex may be on the list but the other Hinton Y.A. novels start pushing the boundaries for our 11 year old. We'll see.
  16. Boys are still assigned The Outsiders? The movie came out right as I read the book in junior high, and I have vague memories of it beyond its cast, which, of course, went on the big things in many cases. But the film from junior-high that stands out was the adaptation of Tex, which I watched and then wrote a paper about that received a bad grade. It was the first time I had flubbed an assignment, and I wasn't sure what I'd done wrong or how/why I could've missed so much. I can't recall the details, only the impact of seeing the grade on my paper. That was 7th grade -- a year before The Outsiders, if memory serves. Christian, this wasn't a school assignment. My wife suggested my oldest son (11) read it. He loved it! If there is a movie based on a book he has read we like to watch it and discuss the differences, our individual involvement and how we pictured things. It's a fun exercise. As for school reading assignments...those are horrible! We have even had to refuse to let him read one because of the poor story and questionable content. Questionable content mixed with poor story telling is a dangerous mix for a preteen, in my opinion.
  17. Well, this series has fallen into the television salvage yard probably trying to avoid a "jump the shark" moment. It is the same story line--SOA needs to protect their turf>>they create the "we're smarter than everybody" master plan>>something goes wrong and they didn't plan for it>>innocent person(s) involved>>SOA feels the need to keep that person from harm while resolving their conflicts. All this while a couple of characters are keeping a meta-secret that would change everything if everyone knew. This secret usually lasts the entire season until the last few episodes. No wonder this show is in its final season. It was really hard to invest in these characters after a while, unless it was 2 a.m. and I couldn't sleep. Maybe after the struggle of an idea of ultimate right and wrong, or the internal torture of the possibility of God in light of how life is lived, was no longer a plot device it just kind of lost its human quality. Maybe that is it the point, complete dissolution of a moral anchor, especially when all hope for something better has been lost. I guess I missed the point.
  18. We are going through movies based on books our boys are reading/have read. This weekend is The Outsiders.
  19. I am always torn about LvT but his films/productions are often the ones that leave a lasting impression-for better or worse. His topics, or the way he investigates them, might not be appealing even in a "gapers delay" sort of way but they sure do make an impact. Like several people here, a few of his films will always show up in a top "something or other list" including an "all time fav." I really liked Melancholia so I was surprise to see several here who didn't, especially Stef (I guess I need to search out that thread). Lvt makes me think. He triggers feelings of discomfort to the teetering point of walking out or having an epiphany, either way it is always poignant. I probably won't wrestle with seeing this one too much as I don't appreciate such visually graphic and detailed nuances, I am not always sure they are necessary even in more modest films. However, I also think there is a lot to be said for broaching a subject that exists in life but is too taboo or secretive that we ignore it. There is a side of life, even our own, that isn't beautiful or uplifting and may never resolve. It is where the hurt overwhelms the soul that change can occur and love can abound.
  20. Shine Mr. Holland's Opus School of Rock Pink Floyd: The Wall (I am a sucker for avant-garde) Documentaries (I don't know if these count but I love documentaries) A Band Called Death The Punk Singer Afro-Punk
  21. I am more on the side of Evan C and SDG. I really wanted to like the movie, especially because it was a date night ( a rare night out for us). My wife and I LOVE Babette's Feast and Big Night so maybe our hope for such an experience as those two films set the bar too high. I was bothered by many of the same things as others have mentioned. However, this film was difficult for me to get into very early on. The V.O. of the main character is not often done well and it didn't work for me in this movie. I do not care for this device to create back story and/or explain all that the filmmaker couldn't without it. And, as I recall, the V.O. perspective of the main character never comes back in again after being used in the beginning, this felt odd to me. My main issue was with the pacing. It constantly changed and not in a seamless intentional way. Sometimes the film moved slowly and other times the passing of time was condensed in a montage story way and this gave the film as a whole an extremely inconsistent flow. I wonder if this was intended to be a longer movie. Lastly, I didn't really care for the way In the end, it was a good "date movie". It was entertaining.
  22. There are so many things that are problematic with this article, which is actually more like a blog post. There is very little substance and practically no context for any of the "arguments" being made. I often wonder with these types of "articles" if they are really written for social media and web trafficking intentions. If it is a cause of driving traffic then this author and the whole website are giving into the "fast food culture". Christians engaging the world in any capacity will always be an important conversation and may even shed a lot of light on personal taste in "art," which could lead to some very fruitful conversations that yield growth and freedom.
  23. Title: Sybil Director: Daniel Petrie Running time: 187 minutes Language: English IMDb page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPltV-_25gs
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