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  1. The Way. I have been looking forward to this one for a while and this weekend, the weather and state of my spirit, seems like a perfect fit.
  2. Looking for some new movie fodder, and maybe a chance to love something I didn't before, I went through this thread again. The only thing that came to mind besides the need to watch The Burbs again was that I would add The Million Dollar Hotel to this list.
  3. I am with you on this. Yeah, "Love" is a bit strong but I really liked it. I watched it several times on VHS when it was released and it comes to mind often. Excellent "Rites of passage" film.
  4. Thom

    favourite 'meta' films?

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off High Anxiety Holy Motors Princess Bride The NeverEnding Story Any movie with a narration voice over that is talking to the audience.
  5. Headed out to the theaters this weekend to see, Sign Painters the documentary. Looking forward to it.
  6. Ah, the old MACist attitude rears its silvery head ;) Personally, I don't care if you are a MAC or Windows user. That being said, a good, solid windows machine will cost the same amount of money as the Appple products and will usually come with a better graphics card. Anyway, in this conversation the only reason this matters is based on the recommendations that it will solicit. It seems to me that you are primarily a Windows user and you aren't looking to upgrade even your windows machine. If you are not looking to spend several hundred dollars on software then I would higly recommend Sony Movie Studio Platinum for an editing software. Sony is often overlooked but is a powerhouse contender with Premiere and FCP, although FCP is falling down the ranks moving into an intermediate platform. I have edited on all three and prefer Sony's flagship editing software over the others. I still use Premiere a lot but I could make a list regarding why Sony Vegas Pro is better (minus the stupid name). It also sounds like you could do everything you need to with Windows Movie Maker and that comes free with windows. As for ripping clips from the movie DVDs, that is another story but I seem to remember you having that end covered.
  7. The Black Stallion will also be making an appearance in the agenda. Looking forward to Caleb Deschanel's cinematography and exposing my boys to it.
  8. On the agenda for this weekend is, This Must Be the Place.
  9. Really?? Oh man, I just watched the first Batman (Burton, Keaton) with my boys. So disappointing! Oh man, so very disappointing. Wish I would have introduced them to the Batman saga differently. Oh well, I can still hope that by watching all of the Batman movies they will become discerning film watchers.
  10. Thom

    Life of Pi

    I just saw this. I haven't read the book so I had no expectations. However, I was extremely disappointed and cannot understand how this film was nominated for an Oscar. For the sake of full disclosure, I did not see this in 3D or at the theater. The visuals may have been absolutely stunning on a big screen and those who have read the book may have found it an impressive translation to screen but it looked fake. This wasn't a fake that felt necssary to help engage the audience in a fantastical sotry but a fake that felt like it was a job poorly done. This poor quality of visual effects constantly reminded me that I was watching a movie. That being said, I was slightly engaged in the story but only in so far as a poorly written editorial--one that creates enough personal frustration that you have to explore the themes not because you want to but because you need to get a bad taste out of your mouth. Ugh! I haven't seen Side by Side and I haven't finished reading all the comments on this thread but I do not think the cinematography was exceptional in this movie. For those of you interested in cinematography discussions I would highly recommend the documentary Visions of Light. It is cinematographers discussin the art of cinematograhhy and the importance the role plays in the filmmaking process.
  11. Rooker is an interesting cat. It seems like he is both laid back and a bit tough...mix with a youthful excitement. It is interesting trying to determine how serious some of his answers are though. I have to say, I am surprised how well they pulled off
  12. Thom


    I just watched this film this morning at about 3 a.m.. It is my perfect insomnia type of movie. That usually equates to B movies or cheesy movies, which are not necessarily mutually exclusive. I have no desire to defend this movie as it was pretty bad for several reasons beyond theology and missed opportunities. This just wasn't good movie making. So many issues with continuity and inconsistency in actors performances and bad edits and transitions. I agree with, what I am calling the 6 points of Peter, especially when he put his finger on the fact that they seemed to have skipped the idea that there is a New Testament. That being said, they did try to close the logic of the film in a couple of different ways, no matter how poorly, they did try. 1) The human form of Michael and the need for first aid was explained during the fight with Gabriel. Gabriel specifically says, "You wanted to live like a human...now you shall die like one." I think this could explain the need for sutures. However, it does not explain why after he assumed the life and body of a human he also maintain all of his power and an angel? There is no way he could have fought Gabriel if he was "living like a human." 2) The promiscuity of Charlie was all cleared up when the father and son were talking and the father said something like, "She sleeps with all these other guys but not you." The son replies, "She isn't like that." Come on, don't you think Joseph had to do the same thing? People thought Mary slept with someone else and I am nearly certain that Joseph simply stood up and said, "She is not like that." Man, I hope this clears some things up.
  13. Yeah, iCarly never quite made it in our home. The competition was too tough and then Minecraft on the xbox took over. Plus we try to keep all quirky, lowercase "i" marketing out of our house Now, after reading the context of the quote, it seems like it was more of an insult than the thoughtful comment I was hoping it was. If only I didn't know and could remain seated in ignorant bliss. Do you this there is a connection? Speaking of the Talking Dead, what did you think about the contrast between the character of Merle and Michael Rooker?
  14. I guess I should read the criteria more carefully, although, I do question what "intact families" means. The seems pretty subjective, right? Samantha Morton in In America
  15. Wow, I totally dropped the ball following-up on this one. I actually haven't seen this film since 2009. All of my comments about this film are from my film journal and write-up I did back in 2009. Consequently, the main point that I am discussing (creation of knowledge) represents what I focused on regarding the documentary at that time. I was not intrigued by the subject matter or the presentation to the degree that I was regarding the creation of what we call "legitimate knowledge," something I find important and interesting. In an honest recollection, I think the film attempted to frame something larger than the debate between science and religion or creationism and evolution. I am not talking about the presentation of information as much as I am attempting to discuss how knowledge gets stamped as "legitimate."
  16. I just watched A Wrinkle in Time (A TV movie) and I thought that mother (Sarah-Jane Redmond) was both affirmative and admirable. Jodie Foster in Little Man Tate (admirably defends her son without apology)
  17. (off-topic) Thom - can you explain your signature line? ("You know...not EVERY story has to be interesting." -Gibby) That is a great comment and if it is from a four-year-old I will love it even more! Recently I have been focused on that very idea especially in regard to the overuse of the words "story" and "storyteller.
  18. I think The AV Club's recap pointed out that, while "Clear" was a strong episode, it also had very little to do with the season's storylines. I'm inclined to say it was good because it was such an isolated/contained story. I have a difficult time with this assessment. They may have been sizing each other up but the governor was in much better control of his emotions and his ability to be persuaded. Rick, on the other hand, physically vacillated between his way of controlling a situation and being taken in by the governor and his Clintonesque ways of engagement. I just began reading the graphic novels, which are (in places) quite different. I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out in the book. I am enjoying seeing what has changed in order to move it to the screen.
  19. Is it just me or did others feel like
  20. I think Michonne needed to share her experiences with a trusted group. Once she felt safe she was bound to begin to shed some of the hardness needed to survive on your own in this "new" world. One thing this series focuses on is the essential need for community and support and, as we are learning, how the leadership of a community drives, defines and determines what that community is. I do not know Michonne's background but she seems able to assess her surroundings and a situation like a sixth sense. I think this is what happened with the Governor. She could see his manipulation from the beginning. She recognized that they weren't as "welcome" or "free to leave" as they were being lead to believe. Andrea, on the other hand, is just looking for a man to love .
  21. Thom is feelin' the love. Earlier today in a PM I offered him either Sunrise or Tender Mercies, saying I'd rather blurb one than not have his presence included. Thanks guys!! I did feel the love! I had to take an unexpected leave of the boards due to some major happenings at work. Let's just say HR investigations ensued. If I would have been in touch here I would have taken Husbands. Thanks for offering it up Darren, it would have been good to be a part.
  22. Last week I was a little unsettled by the fact that the scenes seemed to be shorter than usual. I should have timed them. Anyway, I prefer an 8 minute sequence as opposed to 5. This week seemed closer to what I will call normal. I don't know if I would want less characters. I like all of the dynamics of many characters, situations and interactions between groups. If it was just one band of people it would be like the show "Revolution" and who would want that?? If they reduce characters then the better pump up the webisodes. How are people feeling about how Michonne's character it developing? We saw a different, more revealing side of her this episode. Do you think this is authentic or calculated based on the conversation Rick and Carl had?
  23. I was just thinking, I would like to see Paul Reubens make an appearance on the show.
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