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  1. I know you guys haven't heard from me in a while, but I can't contain myself after seeing this film. WOW! (I am going to try very hard to avoid spoilers) You know that great American film we've been waiting for for the last 5...10 yrs! This could be it. I strongly suggest trying to set aside everything you know about Mel Gibson before seeing this film. OK. First off. This is possibly THE Most violent film ever made, it certainly takes violence to a whole new disturbing level. Its often times very crude and disturbing in a nearly unwatchable way. But with that being said. Its messages are extremely subtle and magnificiently powerful. Its not the slap on the wrist Revelations film it presents itself as being in the trailers. Its main themes are a subtext to a more focused yet almost cliche plot that often times had me wondering, "what is Mel possibly thinking". Watching it I became so engrossed in its shock value and sensational plot devices that I was afraid it would never amount to anything more. I couldn't have been more wrong. The genius of this film is not discovered until after you've had time to fully digest it. The glorious/inglorious finish leaves room for so much debate that the bloodbath it takes to get there suddenly and surprisingly makes sense. I am trying really hard to avoid spoilers so I won't ruin the movie, so I won't say much more. The film amounts to a very intriguing debate on post-colonial view points, as well as a statement about the deadly circle of civilizations. I hope you all enjoy/make it to the end.... oh and I did I mention its also the most entertaining movie I've seen in 5 yrs
  2. Would have loved to see Daniels get a nod, but I'm not quite sure who I'd drop from the current list.
  3. Surprised that Pride & predjudice wasn't nominated, I thought that was by far the best cinematography of the year. Also, no AHOV or foreign films, last year this category was dominated by foreign films. 2046?
  4. So are we counting this as an 05 or 06 film, cause if its 05 its going to the top of my list, if its 06 I better start making my list for this year. Technicaly Cache would be considered an 06 film as well, it doesn't open in wide release until this week I believe.
  5. What were your best/most memorable live music experiences this year? Mine was Bright Eyes, Jim James(My Morning Jacket frontman), and M Ward, all playing each others songs live together at the Newport Folk Festival. Oh, and the fact that they were opening for Elvis Costello wasn't bad either. Also, the Redwalls are an extremely talented group of live performers.
  6. My impression of the Hold Steady is that their frontman is an incredible lyricist, but overall the album as a whole isn't all that impressive musically or even creatively for that matter. I got a chance to see them live in Boston this year, and the frontman's presence on stage was a big turn-off for me. While he was singing he would move his arm in very rapid jerking motions, and when he was not singing he would step away from the mic and yell obscenities at the audience.
  7. Agreed, I can't think of a more underrated film in the last 5 yrs
  8. Nathan H


    Could the film have been better? Yes. But is it by far the most well made American Movie this year? Yes. To me this film is in a league of its own compared to any other American film I've seen this year. Here's a thought: Does anyone think it is possible that this film could be a warm-up for a much more controversial film about more rescent Israeli/Palestinian conflict? I would like to think of this film as part 2 to a Speilberg triology about the history of the Jews in the 20th century, with Schindler's list being the 1st part. Probably just wishful thinking, or trying to make Spielberg out to be more of a genius than he actually is. I do know that I want to watch Schindler's list again and look for any possible parallel's.
  9. Nathan H

    9 Songs

    I kind of see what you are saying about some of the scenes in Me & You & Everyone We Know, but the difference is that in that film some of the scenes were justified in making overall insights into the nature of sexuality and they were done with restraint. 9 songs was blatantly sexual, used no restraint at all, and didn't appear to make any statements or insightful points about sexuality. When a director is dealing with sexual issues he or she must do so with tenderness and respect to their subjects, a perfect example of this is Bergman's The Silence, and I believe July accomplished this as well.
  10. Nathan H

    9 Songs

    I saw this film a couple of months ago in Ithaca. I had not read any of the hype surrounding the films sexuality, my friends and I had seen the poster and liked the bands that are in the movie, so we went. Any claims that the sexuality in this film is justified are absurd. The movie does not attempt to make any valid points about sexuality or about the nature of relationships, instead it chronicals the ridiculous sexual fantasies and antics of a female character who is so obsessed with pleasing herself that the film includes a scene or two of graphic female masturbation. And likewise, most of the sexual activity in this film is very graphic oral sex that includes lots of bodily fluids. The most shocking thing about seeing this movie, was the fact that it was being shown on the campus of Cornell University in a theatre designed for college students. Regardless of how liberal the kids I saw this film were, they were equally as shocked to have seen this movie on a college campus. Plus we were all dissapointed that there was more sex than music. A mentor of mine when it comes to movies and film making once said, "I believe that a film should never include sex or prayer because both are acts that are too personal and intimate to showcase". I don't know if I certainly believe this, but I believe that prayer is also something that must be carefuly thought out before trying to portray it.
  11. Being a Film Student last semester introduced me a lot of the classics. Battleship Potemkin Breathless Through A Glass Darkly Hour of The Furnaces My Grandmother The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Shanghai Triad Grand Illusion Others: This Land is My Land Masculine/Feminine My Life to Live Down By Law Chaplin Three Colors: White Noi
  12. The Top Ten 10. Stars- Set Yourself On Fire 9. Copeland- In Motion 8. Denison Witmer- Are You a Dreamer? 7. My Morning Jacket- Z 6. Of Montreal- the Sunlandic Twins 5. Bright Eyes- I'm Wide Awake It's Morning 4. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Howl 3. The Earlies- These Were The Earlies 2. A Northern Chorus- Bitter Hands Resign 1. Sufjan Stevens- Illinois Best Hip Hop/Rap Album Common- Be Best Metal/Hardcore Album As Cities Burn- Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest Best Alternative/Punk Album Terminal- How the Lonely Keep Best Jazz Album The Bad Plus- Suspiscious Activity Best Independent Release The City On Film- In Formal Introduction Most Under-Hyped Album Ben Folds- Songs For Silverman Most Over-Hyped Album Franz Ferdinand- You Could Have It So Much Better (What an Ironic title) Biggest Disapointments Jamie Cullem- Catching Tales (or more appropriately "Catching Winks") Ryan Adams ( Was three albums really necessary ) Beck- Guero (Couldn't it have been more? ... I don't feel it's a complete album)
  13. New World (Terrance Malick) For Your Consideration (Christopher Guest) Hail Caesar (Joel & Ethan Coen) All the King's Men (Steve Zaillian) The Departed (Martin Scorsese... & Leonardo DiCaprio AGAIN!!!!!) The Astronaut Farmer (Michael Polish) Manderlay (Lars Van Trier) Cache/Hidden (Michael Haneke) Lady In the Water (M. Night Shyamalan) Cars (John Lasseter & Pixar) Both Kiarostami and Kaurismaki have new ones as well... Lets hope they get distribution
  14. I'm excited about the Paul Greengrass film, as long as he reverts back to the tecniques he used to make Bloody Sunday
  15. Oliver Stone? JFK was made in the last 15 years and that was quite the monumental acheivement
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