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  1. its a come on, no one who goes to see that movie wants to se her chase bad gys they want to see lesbian sex and if its not rated NC17 they wont see much. its a trap, why do you think they made her lesbian in the first place? one reason, your money their pocket.
  2. Alive the human body is a piece of art, a great creation. dead it belongs in the earth buried 6ft deep!
  3. http://tillwehavefaces.net/norbert%20kox%20art%20page.html
  4. i visited a greek othodox church one time and like catholic churces it had alot of icons and artwork inside, it was gret stuff. to bad more churches dont bother with art as part of their whole.
  5. a friend of mine read that book and asked me if i wanted to borrow it and read it. i said no. the whole idea of some guy telling me what it means to be a man is crapola.
  6. check out how they do it (dance) in "jewish" christian churches..
  7. you have to have them bring in samples of their work, who has the best stuff. you have to make it competative, winner take all.
  8. I was looking to buy some of Finsters work then he died. at that point his daughter began buying all the work that was out there floating around. I dont know if you can still find it or not, it would be cool to have at least one piece.
  9. Artistic archetecture is something that most modern churches seem to void of. The Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and I bel;ieve the Anglicans as well have it nailed when it comes to beautiful houses of worship filled with art and design. The modern protestant churches are void and empty for the most part, this does in no way imply all. It is somehting that churches should really focus on, God is creative and that should be something that is recognizible in a house of worship.
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