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  1. Quick update for me: I am now below 200 pounds for the first time in over a decade. I'm very proud of this accomplishment, but I am also kind of embarrassed that it has been so long. Baal, any updates?
  2. Baal, that is great! I've not done the P90X but I will be starting the Power90 workout after I run my first 5K this Saturday. (Power90 is like the beginner workout compared to P90X.) I'm looking forward to switching things up a bit. I will continue to jog a few times a week though. I have lost 41 pounds since April and have about 29 pounds left to lose to reach my goal. I have hit a bit of a plateau the past month and I hope the Power90 workout will kickstart things again. Keep us informed Baal. I love to read success stories.
  3. Those guys don't hold a candle to Douglas. While I don't agree with Ryan's assessment of Fillion or Holloway, I do agree that the part should go to someone else. I would choose Jason Clarke - he has the right mix of ruggedness, arogance, playfullness, and intensity. Unfortunately, he is isn't well known enough to be cast as the male lead in a film like this.
  4. Phineas and Ferb is one of the best children television shows ever, in my opinion. It's consistently funny and engaging. My kids are very excited about the movie - as am I.
  5. That is great, Phill. Did you change the way you eat, or is the weight loss due primarily to running? Both, but the running has helped a lot. I'll be running my first 5K in early October. I have no idea about the changes from running indoors and outdoors. I've done all my running outdoors - most of the time in some pretty decent heat. I am curious how I will do when the weather starts to cool down. I don't think I would do very well on a treadmill - I have some balance issues on those things. I think I would end up on the ground.
  6. I'm now doing 30 minute runs consistently. Have been for a few weeks. Technically, I am finished with the Couch To 5K program, which is something I did not think was possible just a few months ago. In other health related news, I have lost 36 pounds as of this morning and only have another 34 pounds to go to reach my goal. I weigh less now than I did 10 years ago.
  7. I did the first of three 28 minute runs last night and it went surprisingly well. I had one tough stretch about half way through the run that was on an incline. After that it was more difficult, but I was still able to finish. Next week is my last week. While the program is called Couch to 5K, even when I jog for 30 minutes, I won't be up to 3 miles in distance. My pace right now is too slow for that. I am averaging about 12 minute miles - I know, very slow - but right now I am happy to just be jogging the entire time I am supposed to jog. After I do the 30 minutes for a few weeks I will start to work on my pace.
  8. I just heard about this guy yesterday and I decided to check out his music for myself...and I am very happy I did. I haven't been this impressed with a new-to-me artist in a long time. I agree with all the praise for The Resistance - it's a great song. I am a big fan of the whole album though, with some songs standing right up there with The Resistance.
  9. I took me until 33 to do it. When I was younger, I was always very active and played a lot of sports, but I never was a runner/jogger. I wish I had been. My son took an interest in running when he signed up with some of his school friends to do the Kids Music City Marathon in Nashville. They were required to run for 25.2 miles prior the final day, where they had to run 1 mile around LP Field (The Tennessee Titans stadium - NFL team for those that don't know). It was around the time he finished with the marathon that I was starting to take interest in running. So, we are training together. He is an awesome kid and it's so much more fun to have someone to run with. He is much farther along than I am though. He didn't even break a sweat yesterday. I was drenched.
  10. Given how much better both Kung Fu Panda movies are than both Madagascar movies, and how utterly lame the original Madagascar in particular was, that this sequel should be trailing that sequel is pretty much incomprehensible to me. I couldn't agree more. Why in the world is this film not doing better business? I don't get it.
  11. I just finished week 5 of the C25K program. The final day of Week five was a 20 minute run. Prior to that run, the longest run the program had required was two 8 minute runs on the second day of Week 5. I was a bit nervous about the 20 minute run, but I knocked it out yesterday afternoon. I haven't run/jogged for 20 straight minutes in probably 15 years, if not longer. I felt great when I finished it. I was tired, and my legs were sore, but man did it feel good. My 8 year old son runs with me and we were high-fiving each other and grinning like idiots after we finished. I have a 25 minute run at the end of this week. It does not worry me at all now.
  12. I'd give just about anything for a new Cush album.
  13. Phill Lytle

    Peter Falk

    SO GOOD. Yeah, I'm kind of sad to see Tweets popping up identifying him as The Princess Bride grandfather, primarily. That was a sweet little turn, but man. The guy was so persuasive in so many different kinds of movies. It was painful to see him reduced to a sidekick in Faraway, So Close. I don't think it's sad at all. I know that role was not very demanding, and it didn't show his range, but he imbued that character with so much heart and affection that I think everyone who watches The Princess Bride wishes they had a grandfather like him. He might have reached higher acting highs, but there is no shame in being remembered as The Grandfather in The Princess Bride. Most actors will never play a character that beloved.
  14. Well, I took your advice Greg and the pain has improved. I am now doing a program called Couch 2 5K (or C25K for the cool kids). If I follow this program I am supposed to be able to run a 5K in about 90 days or less - some version say 60 days. I am on my first week of this. So far so good. I've never been a runner, but I would like to become one. I am planning on running my first 5K in October of this year. (It's for The Hope Clinic in Nashville.) If I can find another 5K before that I might try one a little sooner.
  15. Phill Lytle

    The Mighty Thor

    I was joking about the gun thing, FWIW. I hate these copy and paste discussions - they get to be way more complicated than they need to be. Thor's perspective, after he is banished to earth and after he receives the news that his father is dead and his mother does not want him to return to Asgard, is that he must now live on earth as a mortal man. His "action" is that he actually comes to not only accept that, but to use that knowledge as a catalyst to become the "man/god" he should have been. His previous actions played a significant part in pushing Loki to scheme and act the way he did, so in a sense, Thor was somewhat responsible for his "death". Once Thor is on the right path, the true heroic journey, he makes one decisive action: he sacrifices himself to the Destroyer, to Loki. He walked into that battle with total conviction that he could not fight his way out of it. He couldn't beat the Destroyer. But because of the change that had occured in his heart and life he was still willing to act. And act decisively. I found that move by Thor to nicely bookend his earlier impulsive action when he attacked the Frost Giants. In that first action, he would have been wise to show restraint, diplomacy, and selflessness. By the time we get to the confrontation with the Destroyer, he has learned to show those qualities, even though he is walking a tight rope with no safety net. He can't rely on his skills and powers. He is totally helpless and vulnerable, yet he is still willing to make that choice and act upon his new convictions. Personally, I found that to be very moving. I don't expect anyone else to have the same reaction that I did. I just think some people are overlooking significant things in the film when they critique it. Perhaps you did not like the way it was executed, fair enough. I just don't appreciate claims like, "Look, we all know Thor is going to learn a lesson, so let's just assume he did and move on." because I feel they are avoiding the lessons that were clearly presented in the film, whether you like their execution or not.
  16. Phill Lytle

    The Mighty Thor

    I found it to be quite enjoyable drama. I don't know what this gun is you speak of. Points 2 and 4 seem to be covering the same basic ground. If you wanted only real, devastating consequences, then I can see how this would bother you. I think the film handed Thor real (to him) consequences and he grew because of them. A form of grief? It seems like you will just not accept that a reaction to a lie can still be a real reaction. Example: My doctor informed me that my lab work came back and I have dangerously high cholesterol levels and I am borderline diabetic. Based on that information, which rocked my world, I implement a drastic change in lifestyle. I eat better. I exercise. I do all the right things when it comes to my health. In less than a month, I lose 20 pounds and am in the best shape in the past 10 years. I get a call from my doctor and he has some good news and bad news. The bad news: They got my labs mixed up with someone else and my labs came back fine. The good news: I don't have to worry so much about diabetes or heart disease. Was my reaction to that news any less real because I received wrong information? The perceived cost was devastating and completely due to Thor's actions. It doesn't really matter if you would have prefered that he experience real loss and consequences. That doesn't change the fact that to him, his father was dead and his mother had turned her back on him forever. That sounds like real loss to me. Once again, if you wanted Thor's action to result in the death of someone dear to him, then I can understand why you are disappointed. Does it help that it by the end, it appears that Loki has been lost forever. Probably not since they never see him actually die so I guess it doesn't really affect Thor to lose his brother in that way... Valid point. I would have prefered to see it work more gradually. I disagree that Thor is too passive. Yes, he is passive for sections of the film, but I didn't see that as problematic. When he is decisive on earth, prior to his turning point, he fails to retrieve his hammer. Perhaps the film was showing that Thor needed to be still and truly contemplate his past mistakes - mistakes made because he was too impulsive to act? You have an issue with Thor's change coming about based on Loki's lie. That's fine and if you feel that way then I can respect that. All I ask is that my viewpoint, and the viewpoint of the film itself, be taken for what they are actually saying. Thor did experience loss and great consequence for his actions. That experience was built on a lie, but the emotions Thor felt were real since to him there was no lie.
  17. Phill Lytle

    The Mighty Thor

    Not me. Yes, it is a lie, but Thor does not realize that. He changed after that lie. He did not tell the lie or have anything do to with the telling of the lie, but it was the lie that caused his change of heart and character. If I were informed by someone that I trust that something I had done had caused the death of a loved one, my response to that information would show my true heart. It doesn't matter if there was any truth to what I was told. I would have no way of knowing it was false. Thor's reaction and subsequent actions are clearly those of a changed man. I guess you could make an argument that Loki should have left well enough alone, but in the context of the story, it made sense why he would lie to Thor. He needed to permanetly remove Thor. He assumed, wrongly, that Thor would react to this news as he reacted to any criticism and evidence of his flaws: With pride and anger. Loki's plan backfired because his lie forced Thor to come face to face with his arrogance and pride, but this time, Thor responded exactly as a hero should respond when they are confronted by their faults and failures: He repented ("I'm sorry.") and he changed.
  18. Phill Lytle

    The Mighty Thor

    My problem from the beginning, and Feraci's problem, is that "Thor's story" is supposed to be, in significant part, the story of Thor's redemption, of his humbling, the lesson he learns, whatever. And this is supposed to happen on Earth. It's the whole point of his exiling to Earth: Earth is supposed to change him somehow. The movie assumes that it does change him: When he arrives on Earth, he's unworthy to wield the hammer. By the time he leaves Earth, he's worthy. How and when did he become worthy? What's the key turning point? Not being able to lift the hammer in the first place? His noble gesture in the battle with the Destroyer? Weak. Like Feraci says, "the pivotal moments of Thor’s character arc are sort of sketched in the way movies do these days, where the movie just says ‘Look, we all know Thor is going to learn a lesson, so let’s just assume he did and move on." I addressed this very point some time last week on this thread and I guess it just got overlooked. I will repost it here in case people missed it:
  19. :sleeping: or :?: or ::blowup::
  20. Phill Lytle

    The Mighty Thor

    I think people are missing a pretty big truth about this film: It's not about earth. At least, it's main focus is not earth. It's main focus is Thor and his family and most of the important things that happen in this film, are directly tied into the action on Asgard. Sure, Thor is humbled on earth, and he falls for a girl on earth (the weakest part of the film) but he is not trying to save earth. His story is centered in Asgard with his family and his people. I wish critics would stop lamenting that the stuff on earth is not as important feeling as the stuff on Asgard. That's intentional. It's not supposed to feel as important for this film. This is Thor's story. It makes sense that his story would focus and be emotionally grounded on his home world.
  21. Same here. I saw the title of the thread and I got very excited for a few seconds. That is, until I saw it was another soul-sucking vampire film. Really? We need more of those? Outside of the Twilight movies, have any other recent vampire films been successful?
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