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    Fiction writing. I am an American who has lived in Norway for many years. I have recently completed a novel and am beginning another. Hope to come in contact with like-minded American writers.

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    The Deer Hunter Dead Poets Society
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    Bach, Mozart, Mahler Sacred (Mass, etc.) Beatles Generally, all types
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    John Udike Flannery O'Conner Nikolai A. Berdyaev (Russian philosopher) Catcher in the Rye Dostoyevski The Brothers Karamazov
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    Van Gough Edvard Munch

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  1. Updike is my favorite American author and I have read just about all his novels, although I can
  2. I'm reading *Rabbit Remembered* by John Updike... I read it some years ago when it came out around 2000. I've read the entire Rabbit series and have kind of "grown up" with him which kind of betrays my age. I love Updikes geographic discriptions, the feeling of passing through urban decay in industrial America. I also share Andrew's experience of Dostoyevski's Brothers Karamazov... a book that has influence me very much. Have you ever read the Dostoyevsky influenced Niklaus Berdyaev, Andrew? His autobiography is great. Larryw
  3. Hi Sven, I am also a new member and am disappointed about the Writers Block. But don't get depressed. Assume that old group had been there a while and are ready to move on. Maybe the Writer's Block needs som new blood. There's you and me, for example. Maybe there are others out there. I would be glad to give you my humble opinion at a couple of your chapters. I have finished one novel and am working on another. Hope you might like to reciprocate. (My writing is presented on my website, listed on my profile.) By the way, I live in Norway actually know few "Svens". Bring it on. Larry
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