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    Grieve my master.
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    To Catch a Thief/Hitchcock; This Is Spinal Tap/Reiner; When Worlds Collide/Mat
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    Fallen/Evanescence; The Colour and the Shape/Foo Fighters; Various songs by Kitka, Steeleye Span, Phil Keaggy; "Long As You Know You're Living Yours"/K. Jarrett-J. Garbarek; "Back on the Chain Gang"/Pretenders; "Goldilox"/King's X; "Hallelujah Chorus, from Messiah"/GF Handel; others too numerous to mention.
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    The Man Who Was Thursday/GK Chesterton; Orthodoxy/GK Chesterton; Mere Christianity/CS Lewis; The Mind of the Maker/Dorothy L Sayers; The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant/Stephen Donaldson; anything by John Dickson Carr, Agatha Christie, Robert Heinlein, and the afore-mentioned Inklings.
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    See "Your Favorite Movies"

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  1. Hi, all, I just joined the forum yesterday after browsing some of the posts. I'm in the tweaking stage of my first novel (draft 5), and am convinced I've totally ruined what was once a kicka$$ story. Is it just me? Or does this happen to all writers? Up to now, I've been a consumer. This subcreation business is fraught with something or other, and I'm now hip-deep in it. BTW, I'd just like to say that I'm saddened and depressed that the Writer's Block group is now defunct. I suppose it was inevitable, in our hustle-and-bustle world, that the Academy bow to the marketplace, but that doesn't make my anguish any less painful. I wonder if there are any writers out there who would be willing to take a look at a couple of chapters, and give me an opinion. *throws down the gauntlet* :^)
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