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    retired early
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    Just Me
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    hero(foreign) dances with wolves, harold and maude, the misfits, Shawshank redemption
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    neil young, Paul simon , 3rd day, mercy me, john prine, acoustic guitar, various composers, fernando ortega
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    joyce meyers, The bible naturally. The eldrideges. books on visual artists like van gogh, etc. Max Lucado. It really varies
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    I myself work in varied mediums. I am working with pastels at the moment. I tend to lean away from very contemporary work. Even though some of it is fun I like Van gogh, some of F. Marc, Vemeer,Rembrandt,Degas for sure, Klimt, oriental art. I like alot !
  1. Being a Christian who tries to display some of who I am under God through my art, , I have to say I really like your viewpoint on artists and how you judge them. I like the honesty and balance of yourself and trying to be straight forward with God basic system of judgment for us vs the worlds beliefs. Cool.
  2. I like her alot. She was very bold in creating her own visions at a time when very few woman did. Especially being from a country that did not necessarily support women in the arts. Her art is "all about her" but she had a very intersting life and really takes us through a visual interprutaion of it. I don't know where she stood with God though. I would have liked to see some sort of outward display of that in her works.
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