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  1. Wake Up Dead Man, by U2
  2. I know. That was the song that gave me the idea for the mix in the first place... It's also one of my most favorite songs EVER.
  3. Hey guys, I just wanted to update y'all on what my final mix turned out to be. I used a lot of the suggestions from this thread, so thanks a lot!! "Kids at Heart Celebrate Kids" 1) Born At the Right Time - Paul Simon 2) Stay Up Late - Talking Heads 3) Vito
  4. Bosanka

    Mute Math

    One of their songs (Chaos) was on a recent Paste sampler, and as I was browsing my way through that CD, it reached out and grabbed me and I was so taken by it that it stayed on heavy rotation for a while on my iPod. I do admit, however, to a bit of snobbishness on my part when I heard they were associated with CCM. However, that doesn't mean that Chaos doesn't make me want to rock out with a vengence!
  5. Hey, I'm new here - I introduced myself last week - and while I normally wouldn't go posting my pic on a forum with random folks I don't know all that well yet, I can't resist with this one. I love this t-shirt my roommate made for me for my birthday! Nice to meet you, I'm the Rockstar Librarian!
  6. More on Joey Cheek - He will be heading to Zambia in April on a humanitarian mission for Right to Play, the organization he donated his $40,000 prize money to (he donated his silver medal prize money as well). Apparently he
  7. Bosanka

    Josh Ritter

    I went to college with him - he actually dated an acquaintance of mine from my dorm. He was an aspiring musician back then, and I heard a concert of his once because of the dorm connection. So it was really cool to hear his name many years later and to see that he's had a measure of success. I'm planning on getting his latest album when it comes out, as I've enjoyed "Girl in the War" on the latest Paste sampler. (As for a Celtic connection, apparently he's really really popular in Ireland...)
  8. There's no answer for "I'm at school/work all day and don't have cable, so I can ONLY watch prime time, but if I wasn't and did, I'd be all over the more obscure events..." Anyway, that's my answer...
  9. Well, I'm currently bogged down in reading stuff for grad school courses, but at the beginning of the semester I was enjoying Ali and Nino by Kurban Said. (It's sitting half-finished on my bedside table for spring break...) The narrator has such a unique voice and the insight into the culture(s) of the characters makes me homesick for the time when I knew a culture other than my own pretty intimately.
  10. Wow! Great ideas, you guys. I can't believe I forgot "To Zion" by Lauryn Hill! And Kebbie, your list (and your friends' list) is amazing! Thanks so much everyone!
  11. Ugh ... I was hoping no one would mention that. That song and "With Arms Wide Open" are going nowhere near this mix...
  12. These are great! I knew I'd get lots of great ideas here... I'm checking out lyrics and iTunes clips. Keep 'em coming! That's totally alright. I wouldn't think that "When Mac was Swimming" is about children in a strict sense, but it is about the kind of love that a parent feels for a child... I like the lyrics to the Rosie Thomas song...
  13. Ooh, Paul Simon! How about The Obvious Child or Born at the Right Time and a quick glance at a lyrics site gives me a song I've not heard of: Father and Daughter, which has lovely lyrics, but it's not on iTunes, nor have I heard the music... anyone know it?
  14. I'm hoping I can take advantage of the incredible amount of knowledge about music from this board to help me with a project I'm undertaking at the moment: Some friends and I are planning a baby shower for a couple we know. (Yes, you read correctly, a shower for a couple! We figure that the father-to-be will be as involved as the mother-to-be as they raise their baby, so we need to celebrate the whole family at the shower and therefore we are making the party male-friendly.) One of the things that I am in charge of is creating a mix-CD to play during the party and then to give to the couple as a gift. I'd like to put a bunch of great songs that are about children (in the celebratory sense) on the CD, rather than a bunch of children's songs (this is so as not to frighten away the several guys invited who are seriously scared out of their wits to come to a shower...) So, I've done a very cursory search through my collection and come up short. I'm hoping that the collective knowledge on this board will help me create an awesome CD! (Feel free to list some obscure ones, I'm preparing to do a big iTunes buy...) What I have so far: Original of the Species by U2 When Mac was Swimming by The Innocence Mission and... The Poopsmith by Over the Rhine (yes, I know, it's a kids song, but it's too irresistable, and I'm going to put it on the end as a hidden track...) I did find This list on Wikipedia, but I don't know all of the songs and would like to, as I mentioned, only put on songs that celebrate children, and not dreck like "Do They Know It's Christmas" and "Janie's Got a Gun"... Ok, thanks a lot for reading through all of this and for your help! -Ellen
  15. Hearing this story on NPR this morning made me cry: Joey Cheek, a 26 year old speed skater, won his Olympic event, the 500-meter speed skating race, then went to the press conference, told the reporters to stop writing the fluffy, Olympic dreams come true, Valentines-day, fluffy happy story, because he wanted to take the time to talk about Africa.
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