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  1. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Grey's Anatomy So You Think You Can Dance? American Idol Dancing with the Stars What Not to Wear Whose Line Is It Anyways? House ER Friends Everybody Loves Raymond Countless other TLC/Discovery shows ...and I don't apologize for any of them.
  2. I don't understand how you nominate "House" without nominating Hugh Laurie.
  3. Mary Poppins is one of those musicals, like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, that you are always surprised did not start its life onstage. According to the onslaught of ads during the Tony awards this year, Mary Poppins is coming to the stage this fall. It's been onstage in London for two years, and the video is awesome. And according to the success the other Disney Musicals That Started as Movies have had, it will be there for ages. Any hopes, dreams, ideas for this one? I'm thinking Idina would be a great Mary Poppins, and Hugh Jackman would be lovely as Bert, since I'm dreamcasting...
  4. I love Johnny Depp. I love most things Sondheimic. (Sondheimian?) I have a degree in musical theatre. Yet...::shudder:: Look, I'm all for the comeback of the film musical, but I don't think people pies and bizarre barbering are the way to accomplish it.
  5. How about "You Are So Beautiful" - he's scheduled to sing that this week...
  6. My husband and I watched the final episode of 7th Heaven. Of course, the theme was apparent before three minutes had passed, everyone is pregnant, Mary couldn't be there in the same room as her family, only by dream sequence and telephone, even though her brother Simon was (NOT) getting married. :spoilers: ...and then...SPOILER ALERT in case anyone still cares...Matt, Lucy, AND Mary are all pregnant, and all with TWINS. But but but you say...that's only six babies...it's SEVENTH Heaven, after all... Right at the end Simon's OLD girlfriend...the one with the baby...shows up at the non reception for the non wedding holding her son, and says "Simon...we need to talk." Fade to black forever. How in the WORLD did this tripe last for ten years? The theology, or lack thereof, of the Reverends Camden, and the ease with which the eldest PK can just decide to become Jewish...the whole idea that if everyone is nice enough, anything is possible? It WAS a good show in the beginning. The end became issue-of-the-week driven, and the finale should have been MUCH better than that. It reminded me of how transparent the shark jumping was in "My Three Sons" its last season when Robbie had triplet boys - "My Three Sons a Deux" Sigh.
  7. Just so you know, there's also an awesome festival called Alive (www.alive.org) in Ohio...
  8. According to DialIdol.com, you are correct~ ...and they haven't been wrong much... Also according to them, My Taylor was #1.
  9. AS long as they don't sing.... Hey, did anyone notice that Pickle DIDN'T do a goodbye song? I thought that was pretty interesting.
  10. When I was in college, I wrote "Glass Menagerie, The Musical." It has a tap number that Laura does with her leg brace. "Think about the sun, Pippin....Pippin....think about your life!"
  11. [raises hand] Also a big fan of Gilda Radner. I'm very old and crotchety. I'm with her. (I thought SNL stopped being funny with the advent of the 80s...) They do. 10.99 on Amazon.
  12. Between the "choose the group" routine, and the Ford commercial, Taylor was everywhere, wasn't he? I absolutely hate to think the dweebs at www.votefortheworst.com have any power, but unfortunately it would seem to be true based on Kellie Aw Shucks Pickled's performance. As a side note, I think *I* am the only one who doesn't see the great charm/talent in Chris. I was not surprised to find him where he was last night. My top two are still Taylor and Katharine...out of who's left.
  13. Oooh, I love these choices, since these are three of my four favs: Katherine McPhee - Blue (Lee Ann Rymes) Taylor Hicks - Sweet Home Alabama Elliot Yamin - Friends in Low Places Mandisa is my #1 pick, and frankly, I just want her to sing something big, and move past country week because Kellie Jo Bob and Bucky Roy Lee are making me nervous.
  14. The most obvious that come to mind for me are the musicals. Man of La Mancha was totally destroyed on film, because the filmmakers decided to suspend the suspension of disbelief, and make it REAL, which missed the whole point. Chorus Line just is a theatre piece. About doing theatre. Period. ...and of course, RENT. If you saw it on Broadway, especially with the original cast (6/8ths of whom did the movie ten years later as Old People playing gypsies), the movie would not hold a candle. If you never saw it on stage, you became entranced and mesmerized and enchanted by the film.
  15. Idol Chatter - The Boys It's getting to be time to choose your overall favorite...tonight the Final Twelve are chosen, and the boys and girls begin to go Head to Head. Here are my final comments on the Boys: Gedeon - a rough, pitchy start this week, being first, but our "Old Soul" of Motown Soul righted himself and did "aight", dog. Chris - Wow...he was hunky with hair...but he's hot without it!! He rocked...as usual. Kevin - Chicken Little references were 100% absent last night, and Little Kevin sang "Vincent" - ballads suit him, but his weaknesses are starting to show. Bucky - Unremarkable country performance. He has a twin. Even two of them made me yawn. Will - Sounded like the winner at a karaoke performance last night, but geez, he's so darned CUTE. Taylor - This man is pulling himself out into a singular position as memorable, playing to his Michael McDonald strengths. I loved him. Elliot - We learn HIS sob story - he's 90% deaf in one ear (and yet has better intonation than half the contestants!) He's terrific - beautiful voice. Ace - He left his beanie on tonight, and channeled Michael Jackson's falsetto. I now think more of his technical abilities than I did before, which I think was the point. SO...here's the Three G Scale: GREAT - Taylor, Elliot, Ace, Chris. GOOD - Gedeon, Kevin. GONE - Bucky and Will. Again, I will temper this with the possibility that it will be Bucky and Kevin - they are nearly interchangeable at this point.
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