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  1. Mary Poppins is one of those musicals, like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, that you are always surprised did not start its life onstage. According to the onslaught of ads during the Tony awards this year, Mary Poppins is coming to the stage this fall. It's been onstage in London for two years, and the video is awesome. And according to the success the other Disney Musicals That Started as Movies have had, it will be there for ages.

    Any hopes, dreams, ideas for this one? I'm thinking Idina would be a great Mary Poppins, and Hugh Jackman would be lovely as Bert, since I'm dreamcasting...

  2. I love Johnny Depp.

    I love most things Sondheimic. (Sondheimian?)

    I have a degree in musical theatre.


    Look, I'm all for the comeback of the film musical, but I don't think people pies and bizarre barbering are the way to accomplish it.

  3. I have to agree with Simon that Taylor is more cruise ship/bamitvah entertainer than a record selling pop star.

    I do predict that he will sing "With A Little Help From My Friends" in one of the upcoming shows since people seem to think he is as good as Joe Cocker, but I still don't see it.

    How about "You Are So Beautiful" - he's scheduled to sing that this week...

  4. I caught the last two minutes. Those Camdens know how to reproduce. I think every Camden kid except Ruthie and the two younger twins announced they were having a kid or (in Simon's case) had a kid and didn't know it.

    My husband and I watched the final episode of 7th Heaven. Of course, the theme was apparent before three minutes had passed, everyone is pregnant, Mary couldn't be there in the same room as her family, only by dream sequence and telephone, even though her brother Simon was (NOT) getting married.

    :spoilers: ...and then...SPOILER ALERT in case anyone still cares...Matt, Lucy, AND Mary are all pregnant, and all with TWINS. But but but you say...that's only six babies...it's SEVENTH Heaven, after all...

    Right at the end Simon's OLD girlfriend...the one with the baby...shows up at the non reception for the non wedding holding her son, and says "Simon...we need to talk."

    Fade to black forever.

    How in the WORLD did this tripe last for ten years? The theology, or lack thereof, of the Reverends Camden, and the ease with which the eldest PK can just decide to become Jewish...the whole idea that if everyone is nice enough, anything is possible?

    It WAS a good show in the beginning. The end became issue-of-the-week driven, and the finale should have been MUCH better than that. It reminded me of how transparent the shark jumping was in "My Three Sons" its last season when Robbie had triplet boys - "My Three Sons a Deux"


  5. Thank you very much Crow. I hate going to some large conference or festival or what have you and finding out that I just bought a ticket to the world of confusion and mayhem. This was very informative. Thanks a lot. My son especially wants to see, "As I Lay Dying" and "Hawk Nelson." You gonna be there?

    Just so you know, there's also an awesome festival called Alive (www.alive.org) in Ohio...

  6. My bottom two: Paris and Katherine.

    Paris has been hanging by a thread for the last few weeks. Katherine just needs to go. That routine where she rolled around the floor tonight was silly.

    According to DialIdol.com, you are correct~

    ...and they haven't been wrong much...

    Also according to them, My Taylor was #1. :P

  7. I guess she'll find her pottery partner now.

    And now if you'll excuse me...

    (Runs quickly out of thread with great laughter)

    AS long as they don't sing....

    Hey, did anyone notice that Pickle DIDN'T do a goodbye song? I thought that was pretty interesting.

  8. Did you catch the link to Varttina's site in one of my earlier posts? They're a good band.

    I know I'm being an old fogey, but somehow the idea of a musical adaption of the books doesn't work for me (in the abstract). Maybe someone else will adapt Beowulf next, with a dancing Grendel?! ;-)

    When I was in college, I wrote "Glass Menagerie, The Musical." It has a tap number that Laura does with her leg brace.

    "Think about the sun, Pippin....Pippin....think about your life!"

  9. Dear Taylor,

    We've found a way to cause friction between you and the rest of the contentants. Want to play along?


    The American Idol Producers.

    Ace went bye-bye this week, but Chris and Paris were in the bottom 3.

    Between the "choose the group" routine, and the Ford commercial, Taylor was everywhere, wasn't he?

    I absolutely hate to think the dweebs at www.votefortheworst.com have any power, but unfortunately it would seem to be true based on Kellie Aw Shucks Pickled's performance. As a side note, I think *I* am the only one who doesn't see the great charm/talent in Chris. I was not surprised to find him where he was last night.

    My top two are still Taylor and Katharine...out of who's left.

  10. Oooh, I love these choices, since these are three of my four favs:

    Katherine McPhee - Blue (Lee Ann Rymes)

    Taylor Hicks - Sweet Home Alabama

    Elliot Yamin - Friends in Low Places

    Mandisa is my #1 pick, and frankly, I just want her to sing something big, and move past country week because Kellie Jo Bob and Bucky Roy Lee are making me nervous.

  11. The most obvious that come to mind for me are the musicals. Man of La Mancha was totally destroyed on film, because the filmmakers decided to suspend the suspension of disbelief, and make it REAL, which missed the whole point.

    Chorus Line just is a theatre piece. About doing theatre. Period.

    ...and of course, RENT. If you saw it on Broadway, especially with the original cast (6/8ths of whom did the movie ten years later as Old People playing gypsies), the movie would not hold a candle. If you never saw it on stage, you became entranced and mesmerized and enchanted by the film.

  12. Idol Chatter - The Boys

    It's getting to be time to choose your overall favorite...tonight the Final Twelve are chosen, and the boys and girls begin to go Head to Head. Here are my final comments on the Boys:

    Gedeon - a rough, pitchy start this week, being first, but our "Old Soul" of Motown Soul righted himself and did "aight", dog.

    Chris - Wow...he was hunky with hair...but he's hot without it!! He rocked...as usual.

    Kevin - Chicken Little references were 100% absent last night, and Little Kevin sang "Vincent" - ballads suit him, but his weaknesses are starting to show.

    Bucky - Unremarkable country performance. He has a twin. Even two of them made me yawn.

    Will - Sounded like the winner at a karaoke performance last night, but geez, he's so darned CUTE.

    Taylor - This man is pulling himself out into a singular position as memorable, playing to his Michael McDonald strengths. I loved him.

    Elliot - We learn HIS sob story - he's 90% deaf in one ear (and yet has better intonation than half the contestants!) He's terrific - beautiful voice.

    Ace - He left his beanie on tonight, and channeled Michael Jackson's falsetto. I now think more of his technical abilities than I did before, which I think was the point.

    SO...here's the Three G Scale:

    GREAT - Taylor, Elliot, Ace, Chris. GOOD - Gedeon, Kevin. GONE - Bucky and Will. Again, I will temper this with the possibility that it will be Bucky and Kevin - they are nearly interchangeable at this point.

  13. Idol Chatter - The Girls

    This is a very important week, as it will bring us finally into the Top Twelve. Two more girls will go, and two more boys this week...and as in other years, it's very unpredictable.

    Here, then, is my one liner wrap up:

    Paris - She'll stay because of her personality. Judges didn't love her, but people do. She was good. Not great this week, but fun.

    Lisa - She looked really pretty, hair straightened - in fact, she looked and sounded older than a teen tonight, which will work in her favor. She'll stay, but I'm still not a fan.

    Melissa - I like her more each week. Simon thought she shouted her way thru Heart, I just thought she sang it 70's. But I'm old...

    Kinnik - She was out of tune. She'll go this week, I predict.

    Katharine - Oh, good...the Kissy Face Kutie Pie Katharine was back! I missed her last week! She sounded just a little anemic on my favorite Aretha song, but the X factor was back.

    Ayla - Not a great singer's song tonight, but she did very well with it. She also made Ryan look 5 foot nuthin', since she wore HEELS. HUGE heels. Hehehehe.

    Mandisa - First of all, she dressed well tonight. Secondly, she sang "I'm every woman", and thirdly, she is now solidly my favorite. She ROCKS.

    Kellie - Putting a flame graphic on the screen doesn't make someone exciting. I was again not impressed.

    So, to summarize: GREAT - Mandisa, Katharine. GOOD - Paris, Lisa, Melissa, Ayla. GONE - Kinnik, Kellie (If I had my way. It'll probably be Kinnik and Melissa...but....)

  14. We hosted our annual party (~15 people this year ... next year 20!). Jon Stewart rocked; loved his comment about Scorcese, especially.

    Oh, I disagree.

    Oscars Post Mortem: Bring Back (choose ANY other host)

    While I'm not a fan of Jon Stewart normally, (especially since he airs in a time slot during which I'm usually trying to get to sleep), I know that he's funny. I've seen bits. I've read stuff. Well, perhaps his opening gambit on the Academy Awards last night jinxed him. For those of you who didn't see it, it was a montage of all the people that turned down the host job before he got it. That was amusing, but not especially hysterical. Maybe Stewart doesn't play well in prime time. Maybe he doesn't translate to West Coast glam from East Coast grit. All I know is last night was dull, and the actors and awards didn't help at all. Even "Crash" getting best picture instead of "Brokeback Mountain" wasn't exciting. The dresses weren't exciting. The men all looked the same except for Tim Burton's creepy tie (the only one he owns, says his wife, Helena Bonham Carter). It was dreadfully dull in retrospect.

    Jon Stewart: He's no Billy Crystal.

  15. Which part? The One Act Competition, or Texas winning it all the time? ::biggrinjester::

    Actually, a lot of the one act competitions I'm aware of for high school are sponsored by major universities or part of forensics/debate schedules. While we don't compete, a lot of schools around here do.

    As for Texas winning...well, dang, I just don't know the answer to that one, pard!

  16. By comparison, I'm riveted by Lost because I know the writers of that show aren't sitting around thinking up excuses for the characters to have sex in a broom closet, get pregnant, then not pregnant, then never mention it again.

    You are right...instead they are thinking up ways to hide heroin, incestous relationships, anti-Christ-like creatures, and out of wedlock babies...

    :D ::w00t::

  17. Perhaps I'm too enured to weirdness from years of ER slavery, but I don't find the cases on Grey's any weirder than the cases on House. However, I also know that if they were just normal run of the mill GSWs, I wouldn't care much. Hey, I'm being honest. The weirdness makes for good TV.

    And for those that don't follow the show closely, I disagree that Izzie and Alex don't have a relationship. No, they weren't currently sleeping together, but they have dated and there is more tension (or was!!) between them than Mere and McD.

    As for Addison, I don't like her. She cheated on Derek, and then decided she wanted him back, so she flew off to disrupt his healing and his life. In the previews for next week, it looks like we are going to get more of THAT storyline...

    Best lines last night?



    "that is not the she he was looking for" whispered by the underrated and very good to see again Loretta Devine as the wife of the chief.

    As someone who spends half her life trying to teach structure and symbolism to students, I love the way this show ebbs and flows and comes full circle. The shower scene is just one example.

  18. Curious what Grey's Anatomy watchers thought of the last two weeks' episodes. I found them to be completely inconsistent with the way the show normally operates (no pun intended, har har), but by the end, there were a few very good moments. Most notably those involving George, who continues to be one of the best people represented on television today.

    I love this show, most notably because of George.

    But I do admit, I don't miss it, and I'm not ashamed.

    A side note: EVERYONE I know was talking about this week's conclusion with the live ammo in the chest...

  19. I'm new here. But I will admit to watching AI. (Admit to it...heck, I post about it in my Xanga, and last year I was one of the hosts of the Spoiler Thread on the official AI boards...) This year, though, I'm really put off by the audition process, probably because I have read too much about it. It is designed to humiliate the pastor's kids out there...and it's mean-spirited.

    Once we get past the audition shows, and start on Hollywood, I always feel better. In the next week or so, I'll even begin identifying favorites. Then, it becomes a show I can get behind. Then, Simon doesn't seem as cruel, because the playing ground is more even, and we are looking at talented kids to find an Idol.

    But yeah. I watch it. I admit it. ::blush::

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