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  1. So, did you like the film? I heard in a article that it was supposed to be funny and "loony".
  2. these guys sound awesome. i think i remember them being in the new issue of paste. i better check them out!
  3. Is Paul Thomas Anderson spritual? I know most (basically all) of his films have spritual/biblical metaphors and meanings, and his next film looks like no exception. Has he spoken about any of this?
  4. I was reading the posts about the actors, so have we done one on directors. Which directors have spoken about their faith? I know about Mel Gibson adn I heard Terrance Mallick is Episcopalian. What about any others? PT Anderson?
  5. Yeah... Pyramid Song is probably my favorite from the album. I really can't stand that revolving doors song. I tried listening to it so I could understand the lyrics but I still can't. You and whose army is an awesome song. Everytime I listen to it, it reminds me of A Clockwork Orange from some reason. Amnesiac is not as bad as their live album, though. I really love the True Love Waits song, but Thom's voice on the rest of the cd is all over the place.
  6. I'm curious to see what will differentiate a Yorke solo album from a Radiohead album stylistically. What I heard is that Thom's album is more beats and electronics, so it could be good or not so good.
  7. Thom is coming out with a solo album, the eraser due in July! Go to www.greenplastic.com or www.deadairspace.com for more info. It sounds pretty cool.
  8. I listened to the music for Punch Drunk Love and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind before I even saw the films. That alone made me want to watch them. Where can I get Meaningless ?
  9. the hipster

    Jon Brion

    I rented I Heart Huckabees the other day and one of the best things I noticed about the film is the music. Jon Brion is awesome! What do you guys think of his work?
  10. I am thinking about making a claymation/stop-motion short for my college portfolio. I will be using a standard video camcorder. How do I make the motion fluid and not as jerky. It is harder to do since I will not be doing it frame-by-frame. Any ideas will be appreciated!
  11. My sister brought the Invisible Children DVD home when she came back for Azusa University. The couple of guys who made the film spoke at her campus and she got a chance of meeting them. I really believe that it is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It is moving and also humorous in some parts. The scene where they cut off the chicken's head was kind of scary, but overall I thought the film was very good. If you have a chance to see it I highly reccommend it.
  12. That is cool! Thanks for the handy link!
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