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  1. I'm currently conducting research on the web, and some of the topics I am studying I thought many of you would be interested in. I have posted this on both the Science and Religion boards, since both are relevant. If you are interested in the results of the study, please let me know and I'll contact you directly when the data is at that stage (probably late Fall). I am a PhD student at Purdue University, in West Lafayette, IN. I
  2. EricPurduePsych

    Play - A Video Game Symphony

    Apparantly another one of these types of shows is coming to the Midwest again (and some other places)... They are in conjunction with the Chicago Comic Convention, and GenCon in Indy. www.videogameslive.com Appears to be quite simmilar to the Play-Symphony in regards to having music and video stuff going on, and apparantly they are incorporating stage lighting as well. Should have many of the simmilar games represented, as well as some different ones too (such as the Castlevania series...one of my favorites )
  3. EricPurduePsych

    Beatles Covers

    I'm quite partial to Nick Cave's cover of "Let It Be" from the soundtrack I AM SAM, i think...
  4. EricPurduePsych

    Play - A Video Game Symphony

    Hey all - Has anyone else seen this yet? http://www.play-symphony.com/ I saw the show in Chicago; it was really cool. They played music from Final Fantasy 7, Sonic The Hedgehog, Zelda, and others. They even had the composer of Super Mario Bros come out and do a piano solo of music from the upcoming game. They had a full choir and closed the show by playing Sephiroth's theme (FF7)...TWICE!!! Was anyone else at the Chicago show??? What did you think about it? What did you think about some of the obnoxious fans in the audience (like some of the ones who yelled explicatives as if it were a rock concert???) What was your favorite piece they played?
  5. EricPurduePsych

    Unscene Zine Issue #6 online!

    Hey all - The latest Issue of the Unscene Zine (#6) is now up for free .pdf download: http://www.theunscenezine.com/ This issue contains interviews with Voltaire, Simple Shelter, I-Dragon-I, Machine Made Pleasure, and Dementia Fashions creater Lectra. There are also music reviews of Coriolis, Lorenguard, Review Noir, and Elkland. There are also several poems, comics, and devotionals too. Another new feature has been added to the site as well; exclusive online interviews and reviews by DJ Eric. When you go to the site, click on the animated .gif of DJ Eric (on the right side of the screen), and you'll be taken to the page (you could just click here too - http://www.theunscenezine.com/onlinereviews_djeric.htm ). Currently there are reviews of Lost-In-Place, Null Factor, and Nine Inch Nails. More coming soon!!! Any questions, comments, or future suggestions/submissions, feel free to contact us at thestaff@theunscenezine.com. God Bless, Eric The Unscene Zine staff
  6. EricPurduePsych

    FF7: Advent Children

    Nope...I don't have a stake in this film's promotion or success...I just really loved the game FF7, and have been waiting for the film for a very long time - I actually watched it as soon as I got home from work (stayed up late), and couldnt wait to discuss it with someone...alas most of the people I work with aren't really into movies like this - so no one here has seen it... are posts usually not that enthusiastic??? did I come across as 'fishy?' ;-) in regards to the death of Aerith...I unfortunately knew it was going to happen before I played the game, so I wasn't shocked and upset for days... :spoilers: ...but I must say I did enjoy her charachter very much, and was sad to see her go - it was cool to see how they worked her and Zak into this film. :spoilers: Any thoughts on what happened at the end? Do we think Cloud has moved on and gotten the 'forgiveness' he was looking for? I must say the exchange on that topic between he and Vincent was very interesting (albeit short).
  7. EricPurduePsych

    FF7: Advent Children

    :spoilers: OK..... I'm happy that my first thread can be about this movie. Has anyone seen FF7: Advent Children yet? Many of my friends downloaded the japaneese fan sub of this movie when it came out several months ago, but I fought the urge and waited it out for the American release, which was yesterday... ...wow...all I can say was it was well-worth the wait. Overall, I was amazed not only by the animation (which is leaps and bounds better than FF: The Spirits Within), but also by the writing and voice acting. I haven't watched the English dub yet, just the subtitled version (apparantly they worked hard on the English dub, so it may be more respectable than some dubs)... It was wonderful to see many of the charachters that I loved from the game come to life on screen...and to get questions answered about "what happens next" that usually plague people both after finishing games or movies they love. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the film...what you liked, what you didnt, what you wanted to see but did not, analyeses of the plot and questions still left unanswered, etc. One thing I did not see but wanted to was I wanted to see Vincent Valentine turn into 'behemoth' just once...although I guess I'll get to see a lot of that in his came "Dirge of Cerebeus" :-D I think my favorite part in the film (I hinted at in in my post under the 'can sci-fi be spiritual thread') was when Cloud bascially performs baptisms of the children who are dying from geo-stigma - they are healed by the water that Aerith's prayers brougth forth from the earth - and it happens in a church no less. so anyhoo....let me know what you think!
  8. EricPurduePsych

    Can science fiction be spiritual?

    OK...I dont know if there is a separate thread for this film or not, so I'm posting it here because my comment is relevant. I don't think I can start a thread yet, so if someone else who can would like to start one for the film as a whole, please do it OH MY GOSH....has anyone seen FF7: Advent Children yet???? The American release just came out yesterday, and I watched it - and was quite blown away...but I'll leave most of that for another thread. The part that I found particularly interesting and relevant to this thread is that, even though their universe does not necessarily profess a belief in any "God" or deity (other than "The Planet"), it is very very difficult to ignore the blatant baptism reference at the end of the movie. It is fitting that the well-spring (created by the prayers and soul of Areith) that ends up being the source of water that cleanses the people of the deadly 'geostigma' is in a church...and of course Cloud bathing the sick children in the water (thus healing them) screams "John the Baptist." Thoughts anyone? I just thought this fit the thread of sci-fi being spiritual
  9. EricPurduePsych

    Can science fiction be spiritual?

    A quick nod to the person who mentioned Fight Club earlier; isn't it interesting that Tyler Durden makes direct reference to God and staging a rebellion against Him (in a very Lucier-ish "Paradise Lost" type rant)....if you read the novel by Palanuik there are even more references to Judeo-Christian theology (not necessarily accurate, but interesting to discuss with people) also...not sure if anyone has mentioned the film or not, but Dark City has some interesting ideas about the existence of a soul being more relevant to our individuality, rather than just our memories or experiences (a la existentialism).
  10. EricPurduePsych

    A mix celebrating Easter

    Here are a couple songs that came to mind right away: "Every New Day" by Five Iron Frenzy - this works on soooo many levels...as a matter of fact, my wife and I played it at our wedding reception, because it works for the sacrament of marriage too (at least in my opinion). Also, the song "Legend 1:1/The Lamb" by Saviour Machine - this represents the part of Revelation where Jesus appears in glory to the author - I imagine this was much like being confronted with the newly resurrected Christ must have felt like as well. ...and on the topic of Saviour Machine, "Love Never Dies" is always a good one to represent Easter too
  11. EricPurduePsych

    A.I.: Artificial Intelligence

    If you are looking for a good play to read on the simmilar note of "Do Robots Have Souls", etc., check out R.U.R (Rossums Universal Robots) by Karel Capek (1920). For AI, I often wonder how much of it was actually Kubrick's original vision, and how much of it was being "Spielberg-ized." There were a couple parts that I really enjoyed though - I liked the creepy-ness of the scene where all of the boxes containing Davids started moving; I also loved the flesh-fair, and how intense and surreal it was.
  12. EricPurduePsych

    Does sometimes a movie plot just involve too much?

    Indeed (about the matrix); there were many times where I was checking my watch, wondering when the fighting would be done. But then I talk to some of my friends who were annoyed at all the 'philosophy' and such taking up valuable time that could be filled with more fighting. I guess in the end, it is all about who your audience is I'm afraid I'm rather un-learned when it comes to stephen king books - I've seen several of the films, but have only actually read his non-fiction book "Danse Macabre" - very entertaining I must say. I picked up IT once, and thumbed through it; I got a bit disgusted however by the scene between the kids in the sewer though...I put it down after that and just never got back to it.
  13. EricPurduePsych

    Does sometimes a movie plot just involve too much?

    There is something to be said about having a lot involved in a movie so that everytime you watch it you can catch something different. I think whoever brought up The Big Sleep had a good point with that movie - we had a whole week in a film theory class devoted to untangeling that movie....of course it is a detective film, so perhaps it was made complicated so that the view had to be a detective themself. I do agree with the person who raised the point that some movies have too much plot for that particular movie. I think The Matrix: Reloaded is a good example (you could even include the third one too if you like, as a conclusion to the trilogy) - they tried to do way too much, and in my opinion, did a poor job of tying any of the threads together in a way that made sense and was even remotely satisfying. sigh...oh well...we always have the first one right?
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    Are these comics available (trade perferrably) at standard bookstore? Or is Amazon/ebay the best bet?
  15. EricPurduePsych

    New Stuff Worth Hearing

    I suppose I should ask how new is new???? I haven't purchased new music in a long time (due to finances), but I've heard several tracks off of some newer releases, and have some suggestions that might be up to a year old (but are largely unknown)...so I hope that is ok :-) The Last Dance - Once Beautiful (Dancing Ferret Discs) The follow up to the popular "Whispers In Rage" album. This album on the whole is very good; in many ways, it does not represent a huge change from "Whispers," but the sound is still great so maybe it doesnt have to change :-). The title track, if nothing else, is worth picking it up. Lunar Eclipse (Cold Fusion Music) This is the 2nd in a Trilogy of samplers that show us whats new in the world of goth/industrial by Christian artists. See my reveiw in the 5th issue of www.theunscenezine.com for a complete review (free pdf downloads!!!!) Regenerator - Disease (WTIII) I have not heard the whole album yet, but based on my knowledge of previous releases, it should be very solid. They have two tracks up on their myspace page called "Apnea" and "Organism" - both are great dance-floor hits, gaurnteed to get even the most apathetic goth/industrial/ebm fan to dance along with the rest. As Ember (indy) Once again, I have yet to get the whole album, but I've heard about half of it. The stuff I have heard has blown me away - imagine older Evanescence (but a bit more metalish at times), only BETTER . The mixing is a bit rough at times (since they don't have professional production), but if they were to get good production, they would totally beat the tar out of most of the stuff being played on 'alternative/hard rock stations' right now. For fans of Evanescence, Tapping the Vein, and Lacuna Coil. www.asember.com