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  1. My review. My apologies if it sounds far too glib or over-praising. I'd just really given up hope that Burton would ever make a really good film again (and I'm new to reviewing!) I'm surprised at your reaction, Anders, because I got almost the exact opposite impression; Burton certainly has had a tendency to revel in evil in the past (*coughcoughBatmancoughcough*), but I think with Sweeney he's finally decided to show a bit of restraint. Yes, I realize this sounds outrageously ironic when I'm talking about the bloodiest musical in history.
  2. I like a combination of grades and stars, which would be something like this: A+/ 5.0/5 A/ 4.5/5 A/ 4.0/5 A- 4.0/5 B+/ 4.0/5 B+/ 3.5/5 B/ 3.5/5 B/ 3.0/5 B-/ 3.0/5 C+/ 2.5/5 C/ 2.0/5 C-/ 2.0/5 C-/ 1.5/5 D/ 1.0/5 F/ 0.0/5 I find it tackles the "high B/low B" problem nicely.
  3. Bono sings "I Am the Walrus"(!)
  4. Plankton

    Funerals on film

    There are two funerals in The Third Man -- one fake and one genuine.
  5. Let's be silly! For instance: Twelve Angry Monkeys Howard the Ducks End Pirates of the Caribbean: Until the End of the World
  6. I'd also like to say that I read the book some time ago, and thought it was excellent. I've since seen several of the films on Jeffrey's discussion lists, and recommended it whenever I've had the chance. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, I'm the one who lent it to Supes, who, BTW, is waiting until he's finished the book to lay out his questions. Yo, and welcome to the board, Superdude!
  7. I look forward to this. I'm gonna grab some popcorn.
  8. Ha ha! Read the comic in the paper, too.
  9. Hey, I just read this today. In the paper. This is the same paper that a few months ago, in an article on The Golden Compass, quoted you as "Catholic film critic Jeffrey Overstreet".
  10. So... WHEN IS THIS COMING OUT?!? I WANT A TICKET!!! The release date on IMDb said April 7 for the US, but that's obviously wrong. Nothing about Canada, either.
  11. Hmm, yeah, that does clear some stuff up. I was aware that the ratings differed from province to province, but I thought this tended to be rare (Saving Private Ryan was the notable exception that sprang to my mind, too). Thanks.
  12. Thanks. I'll probably see A Midwinter's Tale when I've got the time. SDG, I had looked at the USCCB film site before for Serpico, but I really would like something more, y'know, comprehensive. I mean, what does "graphic" signify? Graphic violence? Graphic sexuality? Or just graphically corrupt people? Does "L" signify really graphic content, or just that the film is just plain disturbing?
  13. OK, so I've got these two films -- Serpico and A Midwinter's Tale -- and I'd like to know their *ahem* content before viewing them. Don't get me wrong. I'm just a bit sensitive to some kinds of... content in film, and I like to know what I'm in for. But unfortunately, I can't find any kind of "content guide" for either of these films. Imdb told me A Midwinter's Tale was rated R for language, but nothing about Serpico. The content site RottenTomatoes links to doesn't list either of them, and neither does Screenit. Someone help me out.
  14. Could someone please tell me what possessed the Canadian Film Rating People (whatever the official name is) to give the same rating (14A -- somewhere between the MPAA's R and PG-13) to The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Saving Private Ryan, and Hawks' The Big Sleep? And then The Hills Have Eyes 2 gets away with 18A (roughly the equivalent of the MPAA's R), while Fargo, Life of Brian, and The Silence of the Lambs are stamped with R (= NC-17). I've tried researching the Canadian Rating System, but nowhere I've looked seems to explain this sort of thing.
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