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    The arts (particularly visual); Missions; Missions and the arts (particularly visual); Christians in the visual arts; Theology and the arts. And I'm getting into strategy board games.

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    Marketing/PR/Design for a small mission mobilizer
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    I hate picking favorites.
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    J.S. Bach; Traci Letellier; Jolie Holland; Saviour Machine; Havalina. (For the most part, give me music that demands my attention, mostly other than country or gospel. Or pop.)
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    T.S. Eliot; C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters; Francis Schaeffer's Art and the Bible
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    Wayne Thiebaud; Gustav Klimt; Auguste Rodin; Amy Smith; Henri-Cartier Bresson; Patty Wickman.

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  1. What Jason said. I don't visit very often any more but still subscribe to certain threads, and thus pop in occasionally. I might add two things: First, I second the sentiment that "Continuing A&F is a better option than starting over, if for no other reason than A&F has a fantastic six-year archive of posts and discussions." Second, which is likely in contrast to my first affirmation, does anyone else feel like the era of discussion boards on the internet is over?
  2. I think my flight home leaves around noon Sunday, maybe earlier. When will you get to the city?
  3. Anyone else going to be there end of this month? (http://IAMEncounter.com)
  4. John Ruskin on the sublime: http://www.victorianweb.org/authors/ruskin...eories/3.1.html My response to a Rev. Peter Mullen on the sublime: http://theaestheticelevator.com/2007/10/12...idea-of-beauty/ And our old A&F thread on the sublime: http://artsandfaith.com/index.php?showtopi...&hl=sublime
  5. The Brooklyn museum is asking for internet users to curate its next photography show. Join in via this link: http://www.brooklynmuseum.org/exhibitions/click/
  6. Cezanne's father was a lawyer and left him a trust which his sister managed for him so he never had to worry about anything but painting. His painting, trying to realize his vision, was his burden of life. And his work didn't turn out too bad. Why would anyone want to paint without the "burdens" of life? I'd be willing to give it a try :>) My point was more that you can't approach anything without bias. I was trying to respond to what I thought was Joe's broader proposition more than just the idea of not having to worry about paying the bills. I'd be fine with such a grant as well
  7. Why would anyone want to paint without the "burdens" of life? What would you paint? You'd have no reference to anything. Of course, this isn't really possible unless you've lived your life in a white box eating flavorless mashed potatoes handed to you by a robot . . . wait, even that is a point of reference from which to draw. Just not a very humane one. I'm OK with the grant, just not their title ("Genius"), which I've stated in the forums before.
  8. Got three games for Christmas: Puerto Rico (the rules are TERRIBLY written, but the game is great) Imaginiff (haven't played this yet) China Rails
  9. Chashab

    Nintendo wii

    Link please. I've been waiting for one of these . . . always thought it was the best kind of game for the Wii!
  10. I can absolutely affirm the need for order in the life of an artist who is working on his own time in the studio. It's much too easy to get sidetracked. Email, TV, video games (are all of the worst distractions electronic???). The exception is my bipolar friend who tends toward manic and works ALL THE TIME. He cranks out so much work it puts me to shame. Then again, he doesn't sleep much either! I read a book last year called The Creative Call that, IIRC, intended to help artists establish such a rhythm. The book wasn't very well written, but it is practical for people getting started. My brief synopsis of the book here. I don't really agree with the phrase "You need to be organized in order to be creative," however. Maybe I'm mincing words, but "creative" comes in a lot of different forms.
  11. Cool. Don't know of this publication but the title alone is unusual enough it's worth checking out.
  12. I like the style you've developed over the years. Some of it reminds me of another artist (west coast, IIRC), esp with respect to how you render your figures. I can't think of the other guy's name though (which is frustrating because I've been trying to remember his name for months now!!!).
  13. I knew someone would bring that up. I was speaking connotatively: Insects are creepy crawly icky things.
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