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  1. I am but a DWARF and a WORM amongst giants. Thanks for your thoughts. Hmmm...:-k More later.
  2. I went to this movie last night based on this thread and based on Jeffrey's review. Few things. 1. LOVED Jeffrey's review as usual. Question. Can you speak more about how Behrani (Kingsley) "want what they (he) want(ed), and they (he) want it their (his) way, without having to demonstrate any responsibility"? Also, I had a hard time seeing where selfishness is disguised as generosity, though I could see where lust was disguised as compassion in the character of the policeman. Both of these statements are true of all people. I believe the term for that is hypocrisy. Lastly, you said that Perelman wisely refrains from exaggeration or revelry in his characters' despair. How would that look on screen in this movie? 2. Also, Peter, what were the parts that made you shed some tears? I can guess what they were but could you tell me and explain why? It was good that I read this thread and the review before I went and saw the movie, so it helped me in being more discerning. Spoiler I think the one thing that bothered me most is when Connelly was in the telephone booth calling her brother ready to commit sideways and he was interested more in his business deal than in helping her out. Talk about the pursuing of happiness recklessly. Sheesh...
  3. Agreed. :wink: However, there is such a style of music known as "Young Country" which has broaden the appeal to a fan base that is not normally country. I'm wonder'n if SoGo (as I've heard some singers and fans call it) can have more themes than the "bloody human sacrifice that an angry God demanded to be paid to set the record straight" one , without losing it's base. What say ye?
  4. Alan, I agree with you on the business side of the Christian music industry. I guess you could say that evangelicals are using "worldly" (consumer) means to cater to evangelicals? But what about the message of SoGo? Can't the themes be changed? I mean, it drives me nuts sometimes that SoGo talks all about the bloody sacrifice of Christ and the pain that he went through. Some of it seems real off to me (the suffering servant motifs speak more of alienation and rejection than they do physical pain). Its as if the legal metaphor is THE ONLY metaphor that the Bible speaks about in the world of SoGo. Just drives me bonkers! ](*,) It seems as though the southern culture is sometimes outta step with the rest of evangelicaldom.
  5. I have noticed since participating on this site that most of the music that is appreciated is that which is made by "secular" artists. I, of course, have no problem with this. I am learning to discern music, movies and television better because of this site. I am simply wondering if you guys have any positive or negative feedback about the "Christian music industry." For example, take southern gospel music. One of the BIGGEST problems I have with southern gospel (SoGo) is that it, like most other forms of Christian music, is not only one dimensional (there is so much more for Christians to talk about) but that it is one dimensional in the sense of speaking about one narrow view of the atonement. That is, that a "legal view" of the atonement is the tone of SoGo. Can SoGo be reformed? How should it be reformed? What would it look like? Would it cease to exist if it is reformed to fit a more post-modern view of reality? Also, isn't Shania Twain's music simply pop with a fiddle? He who has ears to hear... Hit me!
  6. Rich, I'm ALL ABOUT fellowship. You and the "Babe" will also have to come over here for some Tunnel Bar BQ, on me of course. They have excellent ribs! See ya then...
  7. Listen, if Wheaton gives into THIS worldiness, then what other filth, dross and lifestyles of Satan that the FATHER of lies has planned for these poor unsuspecting students will only go to solidified their souls into the eternal flames of a Christless HELL. Do you LIBERAL Christians (or should I say sinners supposedly saved by grace) want that on your conscience??? Look at the debauchery already being committed! http://larknews.com/december_2003/secondary.php?page=2
  8. Rich, I'll give ya fair warning. I was in a bar in Windsor http://www.kokopellies.com/ here last year and a guy I was shoot'n the breeze with next to me offered me a sip of his bourbon. Whoa! Nice stuff. Went down on the warm side. I'm afraid I don't drink bourbon and my innards might not be able to handle it. Whaddya think? Wanna do this sometime in the New Year? As to the Wings? I'm between a "Nut" and a fan if that makes sense. :-k
  9. Ha! Good one! Oh, wait a second. I don't think the article mentioned anything about him having sex. 'Course I had a hard time not being distracted by the blond bomb in the adverstisment for the Miami Herald to the right of the article. :oops: I'm sure it will take time for her to get over her husband's death. It is usually a 3-5 year process. However, in the meantime, she could host a show entitled, "Mrs. Rogers Neigborhood" or "The 'Hood" or sum'n like dat. P.S. The name "Mr. McFeely" ALWAYS kinda creeped me out being on a children's television show and all. :eek7:
  10. That's right Rich. We're pretty tight. I've always thought of us as "another 'burb" of Deeetroit. Which means, that I shouldn't have to pay to go across the river. Which means there may soon to be a protest at the border. Now, I hear the Montecristos can be pretty expensive. Is that true? I don't know about the Bolivar bellicosos at all. How are they in terms of costs? There are several places in the downtown core where I can purchase these. I'll have to check 'em out before we get together. We'll also need some wine you know. Now thaaaat's the life. Cigars, wine and buddies. Kick up the feet. Sit on the back porch. You've got a back porch don't cha? If you don't? OK. Whatev'r, we'll make due. asher, that's right. Everyone at Rich's. Oh, sorry Rich. It's OK with you and the Mrs. right? :wink:
  11. 666: No. of the Beast OK, you know that 666 is the Number of the Beast, but did you know that: 660 Approximate number of the Beast DCLXVI Roman numeral of the Beast 666.0000 Number of the High Precision Beast 0.666 Number of the Millibeast /666 Beast Common Denominator 1010011010 Binary of the Beast Beast1-666 Area code of the Beast 00666 Postcode of the Beast 1-900-666-0666 Live Beasts! One-on-one pacts! Call Now! Only $6.66/minute. Over 18 only please. $665.95 Retail price of the Beast $699.25 Price of the Beast plus sales tax $769.95 Price of the Beast with all accessories and replacement soul $656.66 Target price of the Beast Route 666 Way of the Beast 666F Oven temperature for roast Beast 666mg Recommended Minimum Daily Requirement of Beast Netscape 6.66 BetaBrowser of the Beast i66686 CPU of the Beast 666I BMW of the Beast 668 Next-door neighbour of the Beast
  12. Well, it appears that I am joining this discussion late once again. This question of smoking raises the whole
  13. Alan, NOW DATS WHAT I'M TALK'N 'BOUT!!! /
  14. You know, I was going to applaude your review on your site SDG, but now I think I'll fer'get 'bout it. J/K'n. I'm sure that without these "inconsistencies" we would not have much of a trilogy or any number of movies now would we? However, for me it is just that some of these things could be more subtler where it is not as embarrassingly noticeable.
  15. Jeffrey, I HATE "the regularity of sensationalistic statements" as well. Especially Aragorn's coronation. So lame. Right. Just stick with the singing bud, at least your voice sounds better than them hokey cliches (and even that isn't THAT awe inspiring, HA!). And of course, I didn't like the digital effects of the green dead people swarming like locus over the orges. I thought to myself, "Hey, if this was all you needed? This should have been done A LONG TIME AGO." And the eye? What's with it blinking as it's going down? "Ah, somebody? I need help over here!" Like it doesn't want to "poke it's eye out?" Just looked goofy.
  16. SPOILERS I LOVED the cinematography as well. There was one scene in particular where Gandalf rushes out on his white horse to save the soldiers from the winged Fell Beasts. He lifts his staff high above his head and the light emitting from it turns the beasts away. However, the part that struck me was when the scene shows him heading back toward, (MAKING THE TURN, I believe back to the capital city of Gondor, Minas Tirith also referred to as the White City). The scene illicited Gandalf as being soooo gallant for me. Of course the sound track helped as well. Also, I thought to myself that as with all wars (leading up the the big one, the "Apocalypse") that there are times in our own particular stories (as well as when light does shine through in the darkness in history as we know it) that strenght IS found if for anything but a fleeting moment? Perhaps JUST AT THE RIGHT TIME that could change the course of history in some almost sort of metaphysical way? Also, in the last part of the movie where Frodo can no longer go on (looks as if he is literally eating dirt) Sam picks him up over his shoulder and carries him. Can we speak metaphorically of this in terms of community? That is that there is nothing wrong with admitting our weaknesses and our NEED for others? The most VISIBLE "other" (hopefully, though not realistically) being the church?
  17. I have a few books by Henry. There is much that is positive that we can attribute to him. However, I am inclined to disagree with him more often these days.
  18. Dumber??? That's just whacked man! Indeed, THOUSANDS! :wink:
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