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  1. For whatever it's worth, I liked "Jack the Giant Slayer" better than "John Carter". I hope that's not damning with faint praise.
  2. You could also go with Web of Spider-Man, that was one of Marvel's comic titles at one point.
  3. As far as I am aware, Star Trek has NEVER shown us the London of the future. San Francisco many times (it's Starfleet HQ after all), Paris a few times (home to the office of the Federation President), but not London.
  4. MrZoom

    Man of Steel (2013)

    You will believe a man can fish.
  5. FIRST POST ALERT!!! Welcome to Arts and Faith, Lauren!
  6. I noticed yesterday how low the score was, and linked from RT to Dave Poland's positive review, which is no longer linked on RT today. Anyway, it begins: This is when Rotten Tomatoes does a disservice to movies. Green Lantern is not the best comic book movie of the summer. But it’s nothing like the as-of-this-writing 19% on Rotten Tomatoes bad. Not even close. I'm in total agreement, but I'm often out of step on superhero movies. I liked Green Lantern much more than, say, Thor, which was generally well liked, at least among the early reviewers, some of whom heralded it as great summer entertainment. Poland again: It’s not the comic book movie we have come to expect lately. It actually looks like a comic book… much more so than Thor, for instance, which also spends a fair amount of time in other worlds. Thor looks like sets and some cool CG around them. Green Lantern is immersive. And it’s a certain kind of comic book… not Burton, not Nolan, not Singer. Director Martin Campbell is not shy about making reference back to Donner’s Superman, with a bit of Lester in there. He goes on to point to problems in the second half of the film. The screening was an interesting an experience. I sat among several squirming-in-their-seats critics who could barely contain their contempt for the film. All the while, I was thinking, "This isn't so bad." I kinda liked it. I think part of the problem is that the Rotten Tomatoes ratings from individual critics are either up or down, fresh or rotten. There's no in between. And RT translates SDG's C+ -- which, as I understand it, is not really a bad score, it's actually slightly above average - into a "rotten" tomato. Also, for whatever it's worth, the user rating on Green Lantern at RT is much better -- 65% liked it, as of this writing.
  7. Spider-Man franchise producer Laura Ziskin has died. I would imagine there's a very good chance that the new film will be dedicated to her memory.
  8. The rapture was supposed to take place at 6 PM in each time zone, accompanied by an earthquake that would make the one in Japan earlier this year look like nothing. So far, it's past 6 PM in almost half the world (Jerusalem passed it half an hour ago), and there are no reports of said earthquakes or people disappearing.
  9. Um, Campbellites? Doesn't that usually refer to the "Churches of Christ" movement? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Campbellite
  10. Camping doesn't believe in an eternal hell. He teaches annihilationism -- that the souls of the damned will cease to exist. He also teaches -- get this -- that Christ's real death for sin took place "before the foundation of the world", and the cross was only a demonstration.
  11. I especially liked the "No, it is I who will eat YOU!" moment at 1:17.
  12. MrZoom

    Star Trek

    Actually, I enjoyed that clip. It was a bit awkward that they didn't modify the dialogue to account for the change in gender of the characters.
  13. Having just watched the film (almost a year later), I can't help but agree. I found it a fun ride, and the Medusa scene beats the one in the remake of Clash of the Titans, but the logic of the whole premise that sends Percy on his quest is fatally flawed. And they don't even bother to explain, in the end, how managed to steal the lightning in the first place.
  14. They're actually calling the sequel Wrath of the Titans? I finally got around to watching the new version of Clash of the Titans this evening - found it entertaining, though the actions scenes often times seemed overdone, especially the ending battle. So I went to instantwatcher.com to see if the original Clash was still available on Netflix streaming, as it was at one point last year. It was not, but there was a 53 minute film called Wrath of the Titans, supposedly an "animated" sequel to Clash (whether the original or the remake, I am not sure; the release date is listed as 2010.) From the user reviews (which almost uniformly pan Wrath) it sounds like it is essentially a "motion comic" rather than a true animated film. Link to the 53-minute Wrath of the Titans on Netflix: http://www.netflix.com/Movie/Wrath_of_the_Titans/70140893 (ONLY available streaming, not on DVD)
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