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  1. I nominate Jerry Goldsmith's score for Supergirl (1984). The film is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. The soundtrack was reissued on CD in the 90s by Silva America, and I bought a copy from Amazon about 10 years ago. The main theme to the film is in my opinion quite beautiful and appropriate to the character.
  2. Went to IHOP as is my custom on Wednesdays after prayer group, and found out they're helping to promote "Despicable Me". Their promotional website is here: http://www.ihop.com/despicableme/ My waitress wore a t-shirt with a big picture of one of the yellow minion guys. I wasn't sure how much attention you guys give such things, but I thought, hey at the least it's fair warning to board members who like IHOP.
  3. To be fair, in the comics there have been female & hispanic versions of Spider Man(Spider Girl & Spider Man 2099). I think a dramatic change is really necessary to establish a new franchise. Besides, it's the mask that everyone knows, not the face under it. But Spider-Girl was Peter and Mary Jane's daughter, so it's less of a female re-imagining of the original Spider-Man, and more of "what if Spidey became a father and his kid inherited his powers".
  4. MrZoom

    Speed Racer (2008)

    I missed this film in theaters, in part due to the poor overall critical and box office reception, I suppose, but also I think in part because it just slipped away from me on my 2008 viewing list. I had really been looking forward to it, too, not necessarily because I was a fan of the cartoon -- although I did see a few episodes when it was on MTV in the 90s, and my college buddy Daryl and I agreed that it was one of the few good things on MTV. But also, I had a coworker at the Department of Energy who liked to call me Speed Racer (because I can go fast in my wheelchair ). Anyway...I FINALLY broke down and rented the darn thing from Netflix, and I watched it last night. LOVED IT!!! Definitely agree with the "hyperreality" comments further up the thread. It really was like a cartoon come to life, I thought. And now I have to ask myself....what took you so long to see this movie, Speed Racer?
  5. Per yesterday's post on TheDigitalBits.com, WB will put the most recent DVD editions of Ben-Hur and Citizen Kane on moratorium as of July 12th and May 10th, respectively. Get 'em while you can. (The 4-disc Ben-Hur set is only $15.99 at Amazon!) WB also announced, however, that they are spiffing up both films for new Blu-Ray and DVD releases in late 2011.
  6. MrZoom


    FOX News Headline: Dennis Quaid Says Apocalyptic 'Legion' Won’t Be On 'Vatican’s Must-See List' http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2010/01/19/dennis-quaid-says-apocalyptic-legion-vatican/?test=faces
  7. MrZoom

    Star Wars on DVD

    Note how he also mentions "the seven sequels and “prequels” to Star Wars slated to interfere with our lives over the next two decades". This refers, of course, to the buzz around the release of ESB that there would ultimately be nine episodes in the series (something Lucas has since denied ever saying, IIRC.)
  8. I'm not sure. Save for the first few dismal episodes, I didn't really watch Enterprise until the last half of its final season. Wiki says there was some sort of non-visual contact in one episode, but I believe the war itself was never depicted (now that I think about it, I'd rather see that as the basis for a new show in the vein of Babylon 5, and DS9's finer moments). The Romulan War was not depicted on-screen, but it is being covered in the follow-up books. The novel Kobayashi Maru (which I have read) sets the stage, and The Romulan War: Beneath The Raptor's Wing (which I have not read) is the first book about the war proper.
  9. MrZoom


    HotAir.com on the politics of Avatar http://hotair.com/archives/2009/12/11/review-avatar-super-mega-ultra-left-wing/
  10. MrZoom


    Tangent: I went to the Memory Alpha San Francisco article that you linked, and noted that the caption on the very last picture is "San Francisco Financial District in 2377". Financial district? I thought they didn't use money in Trek's 24th century (per Picard in First Contact?) End completely off-topic observation; you may carry on talking about 2012.
  11. MrZoom


    I didn't even love it for five minutes. If the whole movie is like that, count me out.
  12. MrZoom

    Film illiteracy

    Ha! After posting I was thisclose to going back and adding "You're 32???" but then I had to go to choir practice so I didn't. Ah, great minds. And also ours. BTW, I'm 41, as of tomorrow. Happy birthday, SDG! I'm an October baby also. I turn 39 on the 15th.
  13. MrZoom


    Oldboy is available On Demand (for FREE) for Comcast cable customers this month. I'm about to go watch it....
  14. I also got a PM spam from CocoChanels and was wondering how to report it.
  15. MrZoom

    Star Trek

    Clip from Yahoo! of Karl Urban as McCoy, meeting Kirk. This shows the context of his line from trailer #2, http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809752801/video/12865145
  16. Coincidentally, I just got Witness in the mail yesterday from Columbia House.
  17. were definitely good for a moment. Off-topic, but this got me wondering: Does the second, unnecessarily spoilered phrase above -- "No, it is I who will eat YOU!" -- have a history prior to the running gag at Jimmy Akin's blog? If you Google it, it comes up in a few other places, but at least two of them attribute it to Jimmy. Other usages also suggest that the phrase may have spread out a bit from Jimmy's blog. Having been in on the joke from the beginning, I find it inexplicably, indescribably hilarious. The thought of it living on after Jimmy's blog, possibly in a wider setting, is a strangely happy one. I've used the line at Flickr and I Can Has Cheezburger, though I don't credit Jimmy's blog in those instances.
  18. Heh. The were definitely good for a moment.
  19. Don't you mean Sophie Marceau? Bellucci wasn't in TWINE.
  20. MrZoom


    From the article: There are two scenes in the DVD store in I Am Legend, correct? I just checked my copy, and in the two scenes I noticed Will actually picking up a DVD once, but I couldn't tell what it was. Screenit.com says:
  21. MrZoom

    Mad Max

    I have WB's original DVD release of the 1989 Batman movie, and it has similar problems in its presentation, including the seemingly random choices for chapter selections. :batman:
  22. Nitpick alert: "Runaway Bride" got a plain PG rating, not PG-13. I looked it up on filmratings.com to confirm.
  23. MrZoom

    I Am Legend

    What makes you ambivalent about the "alternate" ending, Peter? I liked it less than the theatrical ending. In this ending, it's implied (at least to me) that and that didn't sit well with me. On the other hand, in the theatrical ending, and I have reservations about that, too.
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