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    Spider-Man 3

    I just looked at the official soundtrack site: www.spiderman3soundtrack.com and was a bit surprised to see Chubby Checker's "The Twist" in the track list. My first thought was that it must have something to do with the dance scene in the film (the first trailer had a brief clip of Peter dancing with Gwen Stacy). If I'm wrong, it will be verrrrrrrry interesting to see how it's worked into the movie.
  2. Iran is in Asia, the last time I looked. Maybe this should be renamed the East Asian Films thread.
  3. <Pace commercial> NEW YORK CITY?!? </Pace commercial> Well, I presume that's what he means by the sequel being set "in New York". I have a hard time imagining Upstate as the setting. Well, maybe Niagara Falls would work.
  4. MrZoom

    Into Great Silence

    Per Box Office Mojo's weekend chart, Into Great Silence took in $11,355 from its single theater over the weekend. The only movie on the chart with a larger per-theater average was the #1 movie of the weekend, Wild Hogs.
  5. I searched for "tarantula" on that page and came up empty. Where is it?
  6. MrZoom

    Live Free or Die Hard

    If you believe Lila McCann (that other teenage country singer who debuted in the mid-90s), it's spelled "Yippy Ki Yay". She had a song by that title on her first album - but without Bruce Willis' cuss word, natch.
  7. [pedantic] The X-men United subtitle was, it seems to me, a promotional title: the on-screen title remained simply X2. [/pedantic]
  8. Looks like we have a title: The Dark Knight (link goes to comingsoon.net) :batman:
  9. MrZoom

    X-Men: The Last Stand

    Saw it last night - I basically watched the entire X-Men Trilogy in the space of a little over 28 hours. (X-Men 1 Thursday night; X2 early yesterday evening, then headed out to the theater for a late showing of Last Stand.) My opinion of Last Stand can be summed up in this line from SDG's review: "So much story and action and mayhem; so little characterization or feeling." I enjoyed it as a popcorn film, but I was hoping for so much more. Also... :spoilers: I was seriously bummed that ; whearas in the first two films he was taken out of commission rather easily. I'm a wheelchair user myself, as well as a longtime fan of Patrick Stewart from his work on Star Trek, so naturally Xavier was my favorite character in the X-Men films.
  10. MrZoom

    X-Men: The Last Stand

    You're not the only one to pick up on this - the Movie Mom review of X3 makes a point about the debate over cochlear implants for deaf people. It provides a link to the National Association for the Deaf's position statement on same.
  11. MrZoom

    Over the Hedge

    Wasn't able to - it wasn't shown where I caught my screening of Over The Hedge. (Hollywood Theaters in Granville, WV, a suburb of Morgantown) I did enjoy OtH quite a bit, though. Certainly more fun than a screening of Dumb Vinci would likely have been.
  12. My brother-in-law sent me a link to an interview from September 2004 with Lucas, and reading Lucas' words in context, it doesn't appear to me that Lucas said the original versions did not physically exist; but rather, they didn't exist "to him" (I suppose in sort of a metaphysical sense). Here's a clip from the interview, emphasis mine:
  13. This was, naturally, front page news here in Morgantown, WV - his hometown. A few years ago South University Avenue (US Rt. 119) was renamed Don Knotts Blvd.
  14. MrZoom

    X-Men: The Last Stand

    The official title is.... X-MEN: THE LAST STAND Proof of this may be found at the official site (look at your browser's title bar) and in this interview with Fox studio head Tom Rothman.
  15. I have seen Blue, and I give it a big thumbs up. What really struck me (and this was discussed in one of the featurettes as well) was how Julie tried to cut herself off from the world, but The film reinforces the old adage "No (wo)man is an island". White is on deck for sometime next week.
  16. Well, I just got Blue and White in the mail today from Netflix, and Red is next up in my queue. (I'm on the 2-out-at-a-time plan.) I'm planning to give Blue a spin at about 9:00 this evening, Eastern time. I've read Jeff Overstreet's review; anyone who sees this before 9 and wants to give me some viewing tips, they'd be much appreciated!
  17. DVDTalk has a review of the new region 1 JSA here I have the earlier 2-disc Korean edition which is coded for regions 1 and 3. Only have watched it once, so I'm not going to be in a big hurry to upgrade. (Even though the Palm release would actually give me extras that I can understand ) EDIT ADD: One of their main quibbles with this new release is that Palm included a 5.1 English dub, but the original Korean only gets a 2.0 surround track.
  18. MrZoom

    Guilty pleasures

    Supergirl Enough said. Though truth be known I don't really feel guilty about it.
  19. MrZoom

    Fantastic Four...

    LOL, I actually read it before coming here and "evisceration" was exactly the word that came to mind. A darn shame, I was hoping against hope (after Tim Story's Taxi debacle) that F4 would actually be good. Oh well, I guess I'll just watch Dark Water -- the Japanese original -- tonight.
  20. MrZoom

    Fantastic Four...

    Here's an early online review. Pertinent quote, from near the end of the review:
  21. Peter, ( for those who haven't seen the original! ) My mom and I watched the Japanese original on Easter Sunday. In that version, the couple does in fact have a daughter, and she's the one who helps affect the couple's reconciliation -- by getting them to have a dance together in their backyard.
  22. MrZoom

    Kingdom of Heaven

    SDG, did your front page get hacked? I'm able to access your review above, but when I go "home", I get a front page for something else, with a whole lot of broken images. It's not my browser; I tried both Firefox and IE.
  23. MrZoom

    Ladder 49

    I'm surprised that SDG hasn't popped in here to comment on the "fake confession" pranks in the film. I felt that was in really poor taste. I enjoyed most of the rest of the movie. Yes it's very predictable (or at least unsurprising) in many ways, but I rolled out of the theater happy because of the way Ladder 49 affirmed the values of family and living sacrificially. Was it manipulative? Maybe, but I don't care. Besides, it was my birthday (Friday night), and so obviously I would want to focus on the positive aspects.
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