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  1. This is a proclamation that gets tossed out every time something like this changes, but I doubt criticism is going away entirely. It's interesting that he name drops Siskel and Ebert, since they were grilled over the same thing regarding their "thumbs up, thumbs down". The truth is I don't think very many people actually read film criticism anyway. They usually go on word of mouth and advertising, and RT really just tracks word of mouth. That is, there *is* no "RottenTomatoes" that gives a score. RottenTomatoes is not an entity that reviews movies. It's merely an aggregate. And, if your taste runs toward the aggregate, it's probably going to steer you well. If you have more idiosyncratic taste, you may be baffled, as this writer apparently was over HAIL, CAESAR! (which I loved by the way). Personally, given the limited time I have I'm more in the "wait until a couple of critics I like and whose taste I can accurately gauge chime in" camp. It's one of the reasons I give out very few low, low ratings. I don't really like RT that much, except as a place to collect reviews in one spot. Darren Hughes commented on Twitter that he judges people based on the distribution of their Letterboxd ratings (tongue in cheek, I assume). The idea being that he doesn't trust people who give out tons of 4s and 5s. But, with my other commitments in life and the fact that I'm still discovering a lot of older, well-regarded films, means that my distribution skews high. But I just try to avoid things I know I'm going to dislike.
  2. I know we're joking around in this thread (at least I hope we're joking), but as someone firmly on Team Malick to this point, I'm actually grateful for when people like Ken attempt to articulate why they aren't into Malick without too much contempt for fans. The general consensus on Film Twitter™ seems to be that post-TREE OF LIFE (and for many, this includes TREE OF LIFE) Malick has lost something and fans of his last couple films have been seen as misguided or simply "fanboys" (another charged term amongst the Twitterati). So, I won't go tarring and feathering, lest the tides turn against us even here deep in Malick territory (and since JO himself has been in the "less than thrilled with TO THE WONDER and KNIGHT OF CUPS" camp, I feel it turning).
  3. I voted for "Waking Up," because I could envision a number of films I would want to see on that list, but also because I think that this community and the faith angle would add something unique to the topic beyond what other groups of cinephiles/critics/scholars would.
  4. THE KILLER actually has some interesting engagement with Christian imagery that folks here would benefit from digging into (more than just the surface reading). THE KILLER is fantastic, but I must say, HARD BOILED is my favourite Woo.
  5. Elaborate cos-play, note-for-note remake (mostly). Shaking my head, but this is not at all surprising given the culture we live in.
  6. Iggy Pop!
  7. JANUARY Gleick, James, Time Travel: A History FEBRUARY Bradbury, Ray, The Illustrated Man Hyman, Miles, Shirley Jackson's 'The Lottery' [a graphic novel adaptation by her grandson] Amis, Kinsley, Colonel Sun
  8. If we're talking about cultural upheaval and the end of an age, surely Jackson's Lord of the Rings films deserve some consideration. The end of the Third Age and all that.
  9. FYI, SNOWPIERCER was Bong Joon-ho. But point taken.
  10. I'm friends with Andy on Facebook and he posts about music on there, but he's not writing at any publications at the moment that I'm aware of.
  11. I'll just note that Glenn has publicly discussed his own struggles with alcohol and overcoming addiction, so that may affect his stance on the film. I haven't seen the film myself.
  12. Ack. It doesn't even open here until January 6. Not sure I'm going to have a chance to see it in order to vote for it.
  13. I'm not sure if "tyrannically" is the right descriptor here. Lucas certainly had some oversight, especially on Zahn's first trilogy, but it was mostly to veto things that he wanted to preserve for his own sandbox (e.g. The Clone Wars). Check out Michael Kaminski's SECRET HISTORY OF STAR WARS if you haven't. I know I've plugged it before, but I bet you'd really enjoy it, Justin. That said, one of the other EU (Legends is it now?) stories that Lucas had the most input on was DARK EMPIRE by Kennedy and Leitch for Dark Horse comics, and it certainly fits the darker tone that folks are interested in.