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  1. Anders

    Night and Fog

    I did! And I plan on attending to hang with John and Mark regardless of whether my paper gets in. John was my external examiner on my defence, and I feel very fortunate to have him as an advocate and mentor.
  2. Anders

    Night and Fog

    Oh wow, I would love to talk to you about the Ricoeur book sometime (if you're ever in southern Ontario again). I love the Renais film and I read excerpts of Ricoeur's book during my PhD but would love some more insight. It is indeed heavy stuff. Literally.
  3. I'm working on my Top 10 list for posting over at 3 Brothers Film before the Oscars, but as it stands right now, I would have Frozen II on my list and I think the lack of serious engagement with the film as anything other than a sequel to a kid's animated film is pretty egregious. Americans for all their attentiveness to political and racial issues still have a blind spot when it comes to issues dealing with indigenous peoples.
  4. Anders

    The Lighthouse

    While there's obviously some Lovecraft influence (tentacles, a sense of foreboding horror), I don't think it's just that. Other touchstones for this, visually or tonally, include Lynch (especially Eraserhead) and Guy Maddin, and then there's the influence of literary works like Herman Melville, in terms of capturing the cost in terms of monotony and madness entailed by the professions that kept that society functioning (in this case the importance of the wickie, contrasted with the whaler in Moby-Dick). I'm thinking you could do something similar today with any socially isolating, but essential job.
  5. I'll nominate: Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood (Quentin Tarantino) I Heard You Paint Houses/The Irishman (Martin Scorsese) Missing Link (Chris Butler) Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story (Martin Scorsese) Us (Jordan Peele) The Beach Bum (Harmony Korine) The Hottest August (Bret Story) Apollo 11 (Todd Douglas Miller) Second: The Lighthouse (Robert Eggers) Parasite (Bong Joon-ho)
  6. Perhaps move this over to the Parasite thread, but can you expand a bit on why Parasite failed to move you, since I certainly felt a range of emotions during the film — elation, fear, sympathy, etc.
  7. Anders

    Parasite (2019)

    I thought Okja was a failure and Snowpiercer was a step down from The Host, but Memories of Murder is a masterpiece and among the best films of the new millennium. Have you seen it? Parasite is Bong back at his best. Like Joel and Andrew, I even though of Jordan Peele (Get Out in particular) in my initial reactions, but Bong ultimately doesn't capitulate to genre convention (not a knock on Peele, just an observation). Parasite is shocking, funny, and convicting. Unlike a lot of "class war" films though, I think Parasite has sympathy even for the tech bro's family. Among the best 2-3 films I've seen all year. Maybe my number 1 right now.
  8. I mean, my response to the pairing of the two scenes is inverse. As in, I don't track with how the scene in Mindhunter led to increasing your loathing of Once Upon a Time.... I guess I can infer from your comments elsewhere about films that play fast-and-loose with real-life stories why you disliked Once Upon a Time, even if I think that's not really what QT is doing here. Also, can you not at least see an impulse to making things right and give Sharon a happy ending in that film as motivated out of real feeling? I'm also uncomfortable with the moral judgement implied in your loathing, but I can deal with that. To be honest, I'm increasingly unsatisfied with the discourse around difficult and problematic art online (here or on social media) which ends up making me pull back further from these kinds of discussions.
  9. Can you elaborate on this a bit, because that is not at all my response to that. I'm curious.
  10. I might be in for a film or two. University starts here the week after Labour Day, so it's a tough time, but I might pop in on the weekend to catch something. My teaching schedule is Mondays and Wednesdays this fall, so I can conceivably make a Friday screening on first weekend.
  11. Haven't seen the film yet and am in no rush to (still haven't caught up with Captain Marvel or Endgame yet!), but I'm loving Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland's press appearances. Jake seems to be having the time of his life and Tom is the greatest sidekick he could ask for.
  12. I have a longer piece on Summer Hours that I've presented as a conference paper and I'd love to expand and revise. I'll throw something together.
  13. Sorry for the delay. I wasn't sure what the deadline was, so it kept getting backburnered. It's been busy with me teaching a spring/summer class. I should finish the blurbs this weekend and get them to you early next week. I'll also send the bio and photo along.
  14. Just so it's clear. I think the idea that they get to determine when a "spoiler ban" lifts is just ridiculous. So, I agree with you. Also, Whedon has a distinctive "voice;" not sure he has a "style."
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