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  1. Episode III smacked of a vapid and callow stench of absolute nonsense. Let go of everything you fear to lose ? ? Give me a break!! Why was Yoda grabbing his chest as the Jedi were being slaughtered then ? ? Let go already Yoda ! Reconcile that with the contradictory mantra of "Trust Your Feelings", throughout the film. Why was Order 66 such a surprise to the Jedi, who supposedly receive premonitions from the force ? Bad dialogue. Bad acting. And the swordplay was a flashing blur of distraction.
  2. Saw this for the first time last night. Must say it is my least favorite so far. Kieslowski did not succeed in conjuring and pity or sympathy in me for Jacek. However, the episode did remind me of Prince Myshkin in Dostoevsky's "Idiot". He tells a story in the first book and expresses that capital punishment is worse than the act of murder itself. Not a belief I agree with but interesting in light of the novels main carachter. Saw many themes of childhood and innocence throughout this film as well. The hint of childlike innocence and perhaps something still human in Jacek as he flings his milkshake at the girls standing outside the window was interesting.
  3. Interesting. Being one of my favorite authors, I never noted that in the introduction. BTW . . . If you like Lovecraft, you will also like Thomas Ligotti.
  4. Dancer in the Dark When the cop wilfully decides to sneak in and rob Selma.
  5. The mangled state of humanity and human relationships in Magnolia, 21 Grams, and the slavish idolatry of addictions in Requiem For A Dream. IMHO the 3 best movies ever made.
  6. I saw this one last night. Here are a few quick observations. I think Ron is right about the baptism allusion and Easter monday. The water ritual is part of Polish tradition Called Smigus Dyngus. More Here http://www.warsawvoice.pl/view/5245 Baptism gives us a new "name" in a sense. Marking our paternal identity with "Our Father in Heaven". Jesus said to the Pharisees, you are of your father the devil. Also, Theophany crossing the river is a clear allusion to Charon and the ferry to Hades. Anna is sitting on the shore, a place of arrival and departure, with the letter to be opened upon death. The scene harkens back to the garden of Eden. "On the day you eat of the fruit, you shall surely die." Because of this letter, paternal identity is in question, much like the doctor parallell from Decalogue II in the elevator, her identity may never be the same. It is a type of death and a type of baptism.
  7. I saw this film twice and wrote down my ideas afterwards. Notes On Decalogue III By Mark Kodak It is Christmas Eve, and Janusz, a taxi driver in Warsaw Poland plans to spend the holiday at home with his family. Ewa, his ex-mistress, seeks him out, and through a series of manipulations, convinces him to spend the night with her, searching in vain for her lost lover Edward, who does not really exist. During their odyssey both of them struggle with issues of their past, infidelity, deceit, guilt, shame and regret. In the morning she confesses to him that she was planning on committing suicide if he had not stayed with her until morning. In the end they both have resisted further entanglements in the affair, avoided death, and hopefully settled their past. Commandment: Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. Themes: ● The sanctity of time. ● The restless anxiety caused by infidelity, guilt, deceit, shame and regret. ● Holy Days represented as liminal portals drawing us towards transcendent realities. General Observations : Janusz is the Polish name for John, meaning
  8. I want to buy copies of the scripts . . . anyone know wheree I can get them ? Googled it to no avail.
  9. Visigoth


    A few more quick thoughts after a second viewing: Thomas is greek for "Twin" I believe. (Doppelganger theme, Romans 7) Also reminded me of "Doubting Thomas". Tom actually says in the beginning to the church lady, "We do not need to read the Bible or sing hymns to be spiritual". Wow. Moses the dog was "barking", the law/Moses motif here. Narrator says, "barking with a snarl, as if face to face with a force to be taken seriously", (GRACE). At the end Grace says, "he is just angry because I once stole his bone" Moses the dog again as law, feeds on death, the bones of our "good that is just not good enough" as Caan said. I love how Grace keeps saying, "Nobody seems to need any help". Everyone was foolishly self-reliant and did not see their need of spiritual renewal. After the snow fell in the speech at Jeremiah's house, Grace drags her burden (the towns burden, guilt, sin, chains, weight) back to her makeshift house. Christ did not have a home here either. The burden she bore made a path in the snow to the "House Of Grace". Words carved in the mine shaft boards "Dictum Ag Factum" roughly translated "Speak the Truth" or "Speak the Facts". The mine being a place where men DIG for value, worth, meaning, but empty as the grave. She finds sanctuary there several times. The Moon was blood red over the town right after she executes Tom. A clear sign of final judgement. Interesting conversation on the bench where Tom cannot seem to tell Grace that he loves her. When she says she loves him he changes the subject and says, "is someone calling you over there ?? "
  10. Visigoth

    I ♥ Huckabees (2004)

    Isn't that the essence of existentialism ? ? Existence precedes essense ? ? Here I am thrown into the middle of an indifferent universe with a longing for purpose and meaning. Kierkegaard says leap into the abyss, and God will catch you. The atheistic alternative of the Ubermensch is indeed miserable . . . And an honest film should portray it as such. Sounds like this film is true to the scriptures . . . We walk by faith, not by sight . . . I am dying to see this film.
  11. Visigoth

    9 Songs

    Not sure if it happened during filming, or if the film included news clips of previous journalists . . . . I am searching for it now. . . . Do not some holocaust movies include film footage of atrocities as well ? ? ? Of course they did not arrange the bombings ..
  12. A few "Mind Candy" films . . . . . (No thought required . . . but fun) City Of Lost Children Pitch Black The Astronauts Wife Secondhand Lions Princess Bride Star Wars Trilogy Indiana Jones X-Men Daredevil Darkman Tom Clancy Films Bourne Identity/Supremecy
  13. Visigoth

    9 Songs

    Agreed. I was reminded of the cold clinical nudity in "Wit" when I read that paragraph.
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