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  1. Latest purchases: Mesparrow: Keep this moment alive (an English-singing French one) ; Lady: st (classic soul); Golden Grrrls: st ; Colleen Green: Sock it to me ; Alice Smith: She (alternative RnB - big rating on AMG). And the reissue of the first solo album of Lee Hazlewood, called "Trouble is a lonesome town", back in 1963, with a lot of bonus tracks. I like what it's written on the original album cover: "You won't find it on any map, but step in any direction and you're in Trouble"
  2. My latest purchases (you can look for their reviews on AMG): The Kingsbury Manx - Bronze Age ; Young Dreams - Between Places ; Hollis Brown - Ride on the Train ; The Last Bison - Inheritance ; Blue Hawaii - Untogether ; Caitlin Rose - The Stand-in ; Kate Nash - Girl Talk. Also the new coming albums of Josh Ritter, Josh Rouse, and John Grant (The Czars singer).
  3. A question being: can the support of fans be enough? I have supported several favorites of mine already, giving Kickstarter $30 at best. They succeeded in making a CD out, but it was hard for them to finally get the money.
  4. I purchased that record yesterday (you got it before it was out, right?). Also an album by a female duet called BOY, and an old first one by an all-girl rock band called Fanny, back to 1970.
  5. Latest purchases: the new album of Sally Ford (her second, haven't heard the first), and the first album of an english-singing French band called Beat Mark, I've never heard of before (if that shows that being French doesn't change a thing). I should enjoy them, one on the rhythm'n'blues field, the other on the noise pop one.
  6. Been enjoying Ren Harvieu's Through the Night LP right now. I'm not crazy about the title-track, but at about my third listen of the whole album I can say it's very, very good, and maybe better than that. I like the fact that it mixes pop with soul with taste, and that the singer takes risks. In this album I hear echoes of Maria McKee, Dionne Warwick, ABBA (yes, "Walking in the rain" recalls "Dancing Queen" a bit), and her vocal style sometimes Linda Ronstadt. I think Ren and her collaborators made a great job with this first album and I wish them the best for the next offering. If you're ever curious start with "Open up your arms", I think it's my favorite song, but the whole album is quite varied.
  7. Can I take the wagon? Maybe some of you have suscribed to the AMG newsletter like me? The way I purchase CDs is mostly based on the reading of their reviews. The criterias that make me buy CDs are: the genre of music (I'm in the pop-alternative-indie-rock-singer-songwriter label most of the time, but also country and folk and soul), the review itself, which must be convincing and based on a four stars rating (usually, not always), with some references in the review, if possible, that sound to my tastes (references help to get an idea of the music which is commented), and also, I must say: the art cover. Most of the time a nice art cover helps to decide me, and an awful one will make me step back. This February my purchases were: Esben and the Witch, Foxygen, He's My Brother She's My Sister and Veronica Falls. Also Sexsmith but that's a personal habit. The AMG newsletter received today will make me purchase Grouper and an old album of Bettie Serveert, called Palomine (apparently the first to get from this band). Not to speak of other stuff like the new collection of Ace about Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil (the second volume), or a classic from Adam and the Ants called Kings of the Wild Frontier (never heard so far). Sorry for the absence of comments for these records that I still have to listen to. But it can be interesting, already, to mention what we purchase. I will sure listen to them, but not necessarily right away. I'm still listening 2012 purchases so far.
  8. Here's the AMG review. I'm not sure I agree with the idea that Ron would have found success in the 70's. To me, despite all the apparences, he's a singer songwriter of his times. But times change and people don't buy records as much as they did in the previous décades. To me, Sexsmith took his own path, even with all the musical influences you could find, and didn't simply try to write standards. He could well say the opposite himself and as a faithfull listener I would just answer him: "not true". Sure Ron was pleasing and seducing nostalgics, but he was something new, by the way he sings, writes and pulls out the tunes. You just had to connect to his world without referencing, and just opening your senses. The "timeless" quality I agree with, as Ron has the timeless quality of any artist telling us about things of life. These things are old and not new, but the way to tell them, always different from every individualistic approach that interesting artists always, or almost always, have. It's like any of us having his own breath. We all breathe differently. Sexsmith's songs are his breathes.
  9. Got it in the mail yesterday. To me, a collaboration with Froom is always good news since everything they did together was great. As for Sexsmith doing always the same thing, that's not a scoop. One of his idols is called Gordon Lightfoot. I never expected more from Ron than writing great songs. And yes, I say "great" and not "fine" only. There could be very interesting threads about this: what is greatness? What is beauty? (thinking about it, there is probably some in the Arts section) Why are there people finding a song like "Seem to recall" only straightforward or nice, and other (included me) finding them superiorly beautiful? Ron can still write them for fifty years, no problem with me. I'll be here to look for them forever.
  10. Emily Haines' masterpiece Knives don't have your back needs to be listened to again. I invite anyone to listen to "Crowd surf off a cliff" and "Mostly waving" for a start (I can't seem to be able of posting them here as YT videos, I'm editing this post for the fifth time in a row) I updated my comps from 1999 to 2011 last year. Here's my 2006 one: Best of 2006, volume 1 Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins – You are what you love Richard Julian – Love of mine Richard Julian – Cold grey sky Cat Power – Lived in bars Cat Power – Where is my love? Love Is All – Turn the radio off Sparks – Perfume The Mammals – Follow me to Carthage The Broken Family Band – It's all over Young and Sexy – Turn on your weakness Neko Case – Hold on, hold on Neko Case – John saw that number Amy Allison – Troubled boy Amy Allison – Everyday is like Sunday Mates of State – Fraud in the '80s The Essex Green – Cardinal points Josh Rouse – Quiet town Annie Gallup – Almost forgive Karine Polwart – I'm gonna do it all Karine Polwart – Holy Moses Shonen Knife – Under my pillow Barbara Carlotti – Rien ne presse Best of 2006, volume 2 Barbara Carlotti – Mélodie de la dernière pluie Rose Melberg – Take some time Jolie Holland – Crush in the ghetto Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken Ron Sexsmith – Snow angel Ron Sexsmith – Some dusty things Ron Sexsmith – And now the day is done Tilly and the Wall – Rainbows in the dark Camera Obscura – The false contender Camera Obscura – Razzle dazzle rose Niobe – Shirocco and mistral Niobe – None but one M. Ward – Poison cup Nina Nastasia – Brad haunts a party Nina Nastasia – Bird of Cuzco Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton – Doctor Blind Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton – Crowd surf off a cliff Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton – Mostly waving Austine – Cupide et stupide Amy Winehouse – Back to black
  11. To be opened with Eartha Kitt's "Santa Baby", since an excellent anthology was released last month.
  12. Two songs of this year's Lori Carson's Another Year. Also look for "Cracked and broken things" and "Oh the world" from the same album (available on CD). I don't necessarily share her view about "brokenness", but can't deny she makes beauty of it.
  13. Sharon Van Etten's Tramp is a real grower so I second Paste's high place (#5 I think) for this one. Songs that live powerfully with a sense of tension close to Patty Griffin or Kurt Cubain. And for this type of song, a voice that fits without being raucous: affecting, heartful, sensual, soft. Albums like these are being rare these days.
  14. Hugues

    Power Pop

    A good way to start are the DIY series. I could almost get all of them used (cheap price).
  15. Yes, and I would even add that opinions can change faster. At 35 years old, 16 days, 20 hours and 3 minutes, and 35 years old, 16 days, 20 hours and 6 minutes, after playing the same song again.
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