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  1. New track from The Chemical Brothers featuring St. Vincent:
  2. The Rogue Cut version of this film, with a subplot involving Rogue, comes out on Blu-Ray and digital download on July 14th. http://www.foxdigitalhd.com/x-men-rogue-cut (It's been a while, I've forgotten how to embed links on this forum)
  3. After seeing both the teaser trailer (in front of True Grit, of all things) and the Super Bowl spot (the movie one, not the one posted above), I'm a bit disappointed. With a title like Dark of The Moon, there would have been great excitement towards using Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon or Ozzy Osbourne's Bark At the Moon as a backing soundtrack. But no, instead we get Transformery farts.
  4. I did note in the previous Steve Taylor thread that most of his studio catalog is on iTunes. On The Fritz is now complete; I Predict 1990, the 2-disc best-of Now The Truth Can Be Told*, and the eponymous Chagall Guevara are also available. If you'd like the Apple DRM-less MP3 versions, Amazon has only five albums to date, plus the Chagall Guevara album. They do not have On The Fritz or Now The Truth Can Be Told. *All the material on Now The Truth is remastered, so it's up to you if to choose to purchase it. There are four tracks on the compilation that are not available on any other MP3 release: We Don't Need No Colour Code (Live) You Don't Owe Me Nothing (Live) Winter Wonderland (from the 1988 Sparrow Records' Christmas compilation) Dream In Black and White (Previously Unreleased Demo) Shark Sandwich (Demo samples of "Guilty by Association", "Good Girl", and "Whatever Happened To Sin?") Additionally, there are some songs that are B-sides/one-offs on OOP releases from other companies - Sock Heaven has the best discography to date.
  5. Man Dives onto Stage in Suicide at Thursday's Swell Season Concert Some of the comments at the link from people who attended the concert are heartbreaking (in the sense of "how do those of us that witnessed this deal with it?).
  6. Rex Reed on Nolan and Inception (and it ain't pretty): http://www.observer.com/2010/culture/can-someone-please-explain-inception-me
  7. Clint M

    Wonder Woman movie

    That's pretty close to what Erica Durance (Lois Lane) wore this past season in Smallville: In the Smallville universe, Wonder Woman has yet to make an appearance (and I doubt she will, as Batman is also hands off).
  8. Seen before the Blackhawks played the Flyers in the Stanley Cup this year: But the new king, of all that's holy and good, is this mind-blowing thought:
  9. After the end of this week's episode, I think you are right. Trying to accomplish it without bloodshed, thought, might be a greater issue now. Lively service for a UMC church.
  10. NPR put it up on their website, along with some quotes. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=126889536 I'm really looking forward to the final 2 episodes of this season. They've set it up nicely for a battle of the patriarchs. Unfortunately, it looks like Boyd's starting to let his "sins of the flesh" slip back in.
  11. Clint M


    I will admit, I started crying during the scene where Locke and Ben have their conversation at the church. It was that moment, though, where you realize that at the end of it, Ben had real, true feelings of remorse about his actions. It was as if I could finally cheer that Ben realized the error of his ways. And then Jack walked into the "Hey, all religions are cool with each other!" room and I felt a little cheapened. It now makes me wonder if the entire series was just a mash-up of major religious beliefs in regards to the afterlife, all rolled into one glowing prism of light. I think tonight's Simpsons chalkboard gag fits perfectly: "End of "Lost": It was all the dog's dream. Watch us."
  12. And Heroes limps to a finish, as NBC cancels it. What started as a fantastic show four years ago went very, very wrong within 2 years and kept getting worse. http://livefeed.hollywoodreporter.com/2010/05/nbc-cancels-heroes.html#more
  13. Rich, I'd agree with you about Goggins. I think this might be his best work since the Shield, and I'm hoping he'll surpass that, as he'll be a full cast member next year. The only problem I've had is that it's hard to represent Kentucky visually when the show is shot in the L.A. area. The look was perfect in the first episode, but they filmed that one in Pennsylvania. But that's a minor quibble, and only because I'm a Kentucky native.
  14. Clint M


    The most disappointing of the entire series, IMO. It managed to say so little with so much. Honestly, the only thing of value was this: the island has been around a long, long time, and it needs a protector, and at some point, the current protector will find a new protector (perhaps when "evil" finds a loophole). So "Mother" was a protector of some great and mighty power that did... stuff, whom she may have inherited that responsibility from, and she has now passed this protection role to Jacob. Jacob, in turn, will eventually turn this role over to his successor (which appears to be Jack). And perhaps one day Jack will turn this role over to another successor, so that the great and mighty glowing cave of... stuff... will be protected. Now, all we need as an audience is to fill in the "why" part of this story, of which I assume we'll get in the last three episodes. Assuming that Cuse and Lindeof know the "why" themselves. But hey, at least we got an explanation for the skeletons!
  15. The first identical Rolls-Royce Phantoms are destroyed in Iron Man 2.
  16. Just a reminder, if you didn't catch Season 4's original run on DirecTV, it starts this Friday on NBC.
  17. Clint M


    Basically, it's a law designed to crack down on illegal immigration in Arizona, but there are some people that complain that the law is potentially a racial/personal rights issue, due to: A. the large Mexican/Latino populations in the area (racial profiling) B. the issues of probable cause/search and seizure interpretations in American law http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arizona_Immigration_Law Of course Peter, they could just as easily arrest you if you sneak over the Canadian border into Arizona.
  18. From the most recent episode of South Park (Crippled Summer): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crippled_Summer
  19. Watched this movie. Meh. I'd rather see Herzog tackle this:
  20. Carell says that season 7 will be his last.
  21. Leonard Nimoy is retiring from acting. His last on-screen role will be on the Abrams' produced "Fringe" TV show. Enterprise ends before the Romulan-Earth war, but an early version of Starfleet exists at that point. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Trek:_Enterprise The episode where this story arc begins ("Demons") occurs in the ST timeline on January 19th, 2155, or a year before the Romulan-Earth War. I'm sure that if Enterprise had gotten a season 5, that war would have been depicted on-screen. I wonder if the events of Enterprise are still intact in the (is there an official name for it?) current/alternate Trek universe, seeing as how the timeline doesn't split until 2233.
  22. Clint M

    Star Trek

    Leonard Nimoy decides to retire. His last on-screen role will be on TV's Fringe.
  23. Yeah, but I think the big difference is that the sexual content is pretty limited in ME2, at least compared to the nudity/sexual content of ME1. I think what's potentially worse about ME2 is that you can romance a partner, then "break-up", then romance someone else, and there's no real repercussions of that action. Which was odd, given that the rest of the game was outright about the consequences of your actions. I didn't really pursue any of the game's romance subplots myself, but from what I read, there could be consequences if you mishandled a relationship. For example, if you have cheap sex with Jack, then side with another character (i.e., Miranda), you'll lose Jack's loyalty. Of course, the consequences might be relatively minor if you never really use the jilted character in the game anyways. (I know that several of my party members never left the ship except for their loyalty mission and the very last mission.) Well, I did the whole "multi-romance" part after I finished the story part of the game, so I think that affected my outcome in that department. And other than the Jack issue you mentioned, you don't really have a chance to cheat with anyone else in the game until after the final mission. I pretty much stuck with Miranda and Garrius on my first playthough. I did find it interesting that you can choose (if you imported a ME1 game) to retain a relationship with your paramour from the first game, although the extent of the romance in that is limited to gazing at a picture. Supposedly, the "faithful or not" issue will be addressed in ME3.
  24. Yeah, but I think the big difference is that the sexual content is pretty limited in ME2, at least compared to the nudity/sexual content of ME1. I think what's potentially worse about ME2 is that you can romance a partner, then "break-up", then romance someone else, and there's no real repercussions of that action. Which was odd, given that the rest of the game was outright about the consequences of your actions.
  25. You'll hate me for this, but ME1 was $5.00 on Steam back in January. ME2 is well worth paying around 20-30 dollars for, especially a new copy (because you'll get some free DLC with it.)
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