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  1. I think I am going to wait till it comes to the theater pubs.
  2. didn't realize they were making a new film! Goodie!
  3. I don't know what I think about "Bitter tea." I do have to admit, all the backwards talking does get old and annoying pretty fast. And over all, it is my least favorite of their stuff thus far. Then again, I've LOVED "Rehearsing my choir," "EP," and "Blueberry boat," so they've had some mighty big shoes to fill IMO. I am impressed with their level of experimentation.
  4. mmm, so I see I hit a nerve, eh? Well. We're all entitled to our own opinions. Just remember, mine is right and yours is wrong. hehe. And thanks for not gettin super mad at me. You guys can rip on any of my bands. Heck, I like a band called the new pornographers for heaven's sake! What do I know about music anyways!!!
  5. Well, I went to Sleater-Kinney's farwell show. That was fun. Eddie Vedder did a couple songs as a surprise guest. Not really a Pearl Jam fan past 1994, but it was still kind of cool to see him play. But SK must have played for two hours! It was seriously a looooong set. Double encore even. I think they were in tears when they left the stage. Awwww.
  6. Ok, take the Rolling Stones, and then you can start to think about a band that should retire (or should've retired years ago). HTDAAB was nowhere near as good as Joshua Tree or Achtung Baby, admittedly, but it was definitely as as good as several of their earlier records (Unforgettable Fire, War, etc.). They've still got plenty of time. Yeah, I get your sentiment about the rolling stones. My logic though, is based on the last four albums, and not just the latest one. Ok, I LOVED "All that you leave behind," but Zooropa and Pop, well, stunk. So, while I will say that ATLB is one of my favorite
  7. Woohoo! Though I'll probably still go with the macbook pro when I get a new laptop.
  8. Let's just pray that its better than HTDAAB. I seriously wonder if its time for them to retire.
  9. I dunno, yes its impressive what they do with their bodies, but I have yet to see anything inovative really come from it.
  10. I have not read the book, but I felt the movie was really well done. If they had changed a few things, they could have made it a bit more pre-teen friendly, and thus the ultimate "just say no" film. so I am glad they didn't do this.
  11. Yeah, I've really liked the new stuff I've heard from them. I've been groving on trouble for like a year now.
  12. Total bragging rights. The decemberists are from Portland (also where I am from. In fact, I am actually on one of the corners mentioned in "At the bus mall." Sorry, I have to do that. I won't tell you about seeing Jenny Conley on the light rail every so often. Oh wait, I just did. End bragging rights, lol.
  13. you know, AC will make global warming a bigger problem.
  14. Sure, there are a few movies I like and all, but quite frankly, I just can't get excited about most movies anymore.
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