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  1. Thanks much! We need 80 more votes! One organization has their church congregation voting...hmmm....
  2. So some of you may know that, in May of 2011, my wife and I were voted in by the City Council of Roseville to take over the historic Tower Theatre, a venue for both live theatre and film. Since then, we've fought pretty hard to get people to not only realize we're open, but to generate audiences in a community that for 25 years only experienced Children's and local Community theatre--i.e., one company was IT for this town. We're now on the voting list for the Greater Sacramento Area KCRA "A" List, which represents the "Best of" in the region. This award not only generates a decent amount of media coverage, but fits well into Grant Applications under the "Awards" slot. We have NINE days left. Voters don't need to be CA residents--just supporters of the organizations. The #1 slot has been taken year after year by a company with a great deal of money, founded by Tim Busfield. We're within 100 votes of surpassing them. I'm trying to rally every resource and contact that I can. If you want to help, if you have the HEART to STAND with us, to BLEED with us--and to TRIUMPH, as David over Goliath, as Luke over Vader--as KIRK over the GORN, WILL YOU VOTE FOR US!!??!!! IF SO: What I've been sending out is below: For us, it's not about being the "Best"--it's about grant opportunities, credibility and exposure! Our company is run by Jennifer and Jason Bortz (myself), and we not only provide live theatre, but movie screenings and premieres, singer/songwriters, comedy, classes and workshops in stage and screen, birthdays/graduations/company meetings--even weddings, all packaged in ways that welcome even the lowest of budgets! We partner with the Art Institute of Sacramento to stream shows live for their Multicamera Class, and we also began Roseville's very first Animation Festival last year, a new annual event that drew international exposure! On top of this, we also train a Performance Group that reaches out to the community, performing at no charge for organizations such as Ride to Walk, Big Brother/Big Sister, Kaiser permanente and many convalasecent/retirement communities--anyone who wants us, we'll go see 'em! We're members of the Downtown Merchants Association, the Roseville AND Rocklin Chambers of Commerce, are active with the Roseville Community Development Corporation, and are instrumental in the upcoming Venues on Vernon collaboration with the City. Our home is the Tower Theatre--but we offer so much more than simply a live or theatrical experience. Your vote for us will raise community awareness of the resource they have in our theatre for their entertainment and presentation needs. A win or even a second place showing would look great on our grant applications--help us to grow our programs and be an active part in revitalizing Roseville's swiftly growing downtown. People don't realize how much our theatres can be helped just by showing a raised hand of support--it makes an impact on students young and old, on audiences from a wide variety of life that need to be touched. WHAT YOU CAN DO: Send this message to as many as you can whom you believe will help us reach our goal of 300 votes! All you need to do is enter your email--you will NOT be spammed, you only receive an acknowledgement that you voted!--then click on Stand Out Talent under Arts and Entertainment for Best Theatre Group! Thanks much, and may God jump start your day today! CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!! ----------------- Folks, it would be awesome to bring it home. To be able to stand tall, and to know that all their base, truly, are belong to us.
  3. Hi Andrew, Our non-profit has signed up with several motion picture licensing companies; Swank Media, Criterion, Warner Brothers, Breakthru Films, International Shorts and Rainbow Releasing to name a few, Typically, these organizations charge a flat rate, then an additional percentage aginst the house if the total take surpasses the initial rental fee. This rate varies--Swank charges %50, whereas Warner Brothers charges only %20. Also, some agencies charge per screening, while others take it per date--you can screen multiple times for the same rental rate in this case. For example, if I rent "It's a Wonderful Life" for $350 for the day from Swank, who asks another %50 against house MINUS THE INITIAL RENTAL FEE, and my total take is $700, it looks like: $700 (Total Sales) - %50 = $350 (Half of sales, outstanding due to Swank) - $350 (Rental fee) = $0 Due to Swank. If I make $800 in ticket sales: $800 (Total sales) - %50 = $400 (Half of sales, oustanding due to Swank) - $350 (Rental fee) = $50 due to Swank. In my experience, I've yet to see ANY film rental licensing fee less than $150. HOWEVER: I run a theatre, which changes the whole game. If you're screening in a cafeteria, or a museum, or a church, different rates apply (and it really has little to do with whether you'er a non-profit--it has more to do with the venue you're screening from). I would advise really thinking on ticket sale pricing to recoup your rental rates, and see if you can't work out some sort of deal with the venue to mitigate cost there. We never expect to make our money back, but we typically break even with the sale of concessions (which we buy at Costco and sell for $1-$2). Our venue seats about 200, shown below with the screen dropped.
  4. Herp-derpin' in the USA.

  5. Just finished the play The Language Archive by Julia Cho. I then followed up with the last chapter of Eldredge's Beautiful Outlaw--and now I shall read it again.
  6. Millions had the Nasty People in it. And a dead mommy. :|
  7. A friend of mine's daughter just turned two. He said "Yup, the terrible twos. Guess I'll be hearing a lot of the word no." I nodded, because that's what he'll hear if he's lucky. Clarity bypassed that word in favor of: "Yes, but..." "Well, I thought I'd help by..." "Ok, I was just going to..." "Uh huh, ok...after I finish doing this I'll..." "I just figured you might want..." Last night, at prayers, she came in and asked to pray a special prayer to God: "Dear God, and Jesus, um...please let Marilyn be okay tomorrow, and let her sister know that I didn't take her dollar. I'm telling the truth that I didn't take it, because if I did, that would be lying, and I'm not lying, because if I did, I know that would make you very sad, and I don't think you could handle it."
  8. Funny. The Black Stallion was Jenn's first thought. There's also the remake of Journey to the Center of the Earth... *cough* Hmmm...thread...I'll check...
  9. So let's say you've been asked: "I'd love to watch a story without darkness...can you think of any ideas how such a story would go?" It took me a while to figure out what they meant by that. "Well, you know...like, darkness. Something provoking sad feelings. Something making you uncomfortable in a negative way emotionally." I tried to think of any film that doesn't do this, suddenly realizing there are quite a few of them in the comedy genre... "Can it be more of a drama, though? That the whole family could watch? I mean, it could have dramatic elements, but..." Ok. Drama, without darkness. Darkness isn't necessarily synonymous with obstacle, I remind myself. Alright, it's forming up. So, like, Hook? "Yeah, that works! Except it's been done." Ok. So, let me ask you: What would YOU consider a "non-dark" film that you found compelling and enjoyable? Oh, and hey there. Long time no see.
  10. My first word to my wife: Cheech? The follow-up: Dang. He works ALL the TIME! ------------ I enjoyed it as well. It really made me beg the question again: how many of Sawyer's 'terms of endearment' are improvised? When he called Charlie the 'munchkin' both Hurley and Charlie nearly lost it. My wife was yelling at the TV: "DO IT! CALL HIM HOBBIT! DOOOO IIIIT!"
  11. Jeffrey Shhh. And sorry about your scene. The censors nailed us. I told you the SprayFoam was going too far... stef Brian Rife is an amazing actor. Like, amazing. ---- Oh, and my newest 'blogging on the site is called The Problems with Christian Films.
  12. I'm still having a huge problem with the 'Janitor's Closet' in the bunker that has no security and is all access. I'm also having a huge problem with the cellular phone usage in the bunker that isn't monitored by any sort of security--incoming and outgoing cellular transmissions from the safehouse of the President in a state of national emergency aren't going to be monitored? Other than these little things, it's pretty good. It's no LOST, though...
  13. Actually, yes, it's up and on there--the full, five minute version. I'd encourage everyone to check it out, give me feedback/critique, etc. There're a few things I'd change, but hey--we made it in 2 days. Don't think I made it onto The Lot, though. C'est la vie! I'm sorry, I'm kinda reeling over the fact that I'm seeing FUGITIVE HUNTER on the 'Amazon' link to the right of this page. It's a direct-to-DVD release that, um, I'm a principle character in... EDIT: Forgot to mention: the 4 minute version was a finalist and I won back most of the money I spent on it. As an added bonus, the full version will play on the big screen at the Sacramento International Film & Music Festival this August.
  14. We're in the Top Five. You'll need to register to see them/vote--they won't spam you, don't worry.
  15. I uploaded mine last night. It's the fuller, scored, 5 minute version of After Service. So of course they've pushed back the deadline to February 16th now. -thump- Say, SZPT--is yours online now?
  16. Well, they 'know' there's no way off 'Alcatraz.' Sawyer has just admitted the only reason he didn't tell Kate was he wanted her to have hope. Both of them are pretty much aware that no matter what, tomorrow's doomsday. I don't think they particularly care who 'sees' at this point in time . Heck, with those two, it may even bear a hint of defiance... Yup, that was one of the trims--but I actually kind of liked it, it's right before the folder snaps closed on the hospice worker's TOD report.
  17. So I wrote a 4 page script for the SacTicket "Show Us Your Shorts" Contest and the "Seeds of Tolerance" Contest sponsored by Current TV. I finished the script and found to my horror that the deadline for the Seeds of Tolerance contest was, um, that night. In, um, 3 hours. Ok, so I had a script for the Sac Ticket contest! So we shot the thing on the Panasonic HVX in high def, yes we did. And I realized that there was no way to make it a 4 min film. Yes I did. But I was wrong. Originally, it landed at 5:42 after the edit. We trimmed it to a 5 minute version sans credits and I decided that this would be my entry for Spielberg's "On the Lot" thingamajiggy. Trimming it to 5 min was a great exercise, and I knew that I could take it back out in the Master for the festival circuit. Then came the butchery: how to strip a story down to its basic elements and maintain its integrity. Long story short, we did it, and I learned a great deal in the process. Every pause became a luxury, every beat a question: Does this further the story? This instant? This one? This? I am happy with the 4 minute. I'm happier with the 5 minute which, now that we're done with the 4, we re-edited and came in at 4:55 and decided it would be the Festival copy as well, so the TRT will be about 5:20 with credits. Anywho, thought I'd share. And if you're interested in seeing the chopped-down version, go here. I'll mount the 5 min. version later this month on the Lot website. I still need to shoot my intro.
  18. You notice that lots of folks are trying to make movies out of their intros? And that many of them run over 45 seconds--some of them are over a minute. I'm thinking, if it's in the submission guidelines, and the premise of the show is that you create a new film each week that has to meet very specific criteria, what does taking liberties with the rules of the contest do for your entry?
  19. Yes, you are correct. I pointed that out to my wife, who didn't seem to care.
  20. ... Don't even know what to say. Killed off one of my favorite characters--the one that actually stared down the black cloud before. Yeah, seemingly the one with redemptive faith--but the discovery of numbers and destruction of the hatch seemed to topple his house of cards, I suppose, in juxtaposition with Locke's rediscovery of 'fate.' His character did a complete trnaround from what had been built up during season two--in only a matter of a couple of episodes of half-consciousness. Disappointed? Yeah. I can't tell yet if it's with the story itself or merely a selfish gripe. I actually had to quash an instant knee-jerk reaction: 'Oh, so all the black characters are killed off or written out...great.' Then I realized three white characters and a hispanic character have all bought the farm, so they're diverse enough insofar as removel from the storyline--though I'm not convinced we won't see Michael and Walter again. And yeah, if I were Jack, I'd have a real hard time sleeping now. I think Ben Linus is perfectly offset now in Juliet, something I didn't expect to see...and that's unnerving. (The line 'Why did you show him my X-rays?'--was that a foil for the audience (too far away for Jack to hear), or sincere? Oh, and I hate Nikki and Paolo. Yes, red-shirts, Hollywood cookie-cutter types so far. Hopefully they'll get a chance to show some range--right now they're scenery and nothing more. (And please, no comments about Kate, she's more than proven herself...conceded, though, the last couple of episodes have been, um, golly!)
  21. "Do you know Jason Bortz would be an excellent addition to any film with your wife?"
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