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    Pre-Raphaelites! (Rossetti, Holman Hunt, Millais, Dicksee)
  1. Did you hear about that big reading J.K. just had in New York City? She refuses to give any hints on whether Harry lives or dies although at one point she did mention that she understands why authors kill main characters so they can't be resurrected by other writers later on. I hope she doesn't kill the boy off, I mean really. I think Ron and Hermione are safe but Hagrid, Snape and any of the Order of the Phoenix are fair game. I still have this thought that Malfoy will be redeemed. I wonder if he'll give his life to help Harry? -Christie
  2. Jason Panella wrote: "Chopin's the Awakening is probably the worst thing I've ever read. Just talking about it makes me cry in terror. See, sniff, there I go." WORD! Everytime I think of this book it makes me angry. I can't believe what a ridiculous peice of femenist garbage it is. And I'm a woman! I don't like The Scarlet Letter either. I had to fight with myself to finish it in High School. I didn't like Faulkner at first but after I read As I Lay Dying again I couldn't help but appreciate some of his weird style. I haven't read a lot by him though and for the most part, I can't understand how he ever got published in the first place though because usually people expect your sentences to make sense and have correct punctuation and capitalization. Anyone else ever read The Scarlet Pimpernel by Orczy? It is the most exciting classic I ever read. (Aside form Jane Eyre of course.) I highly reccomend it. Ooh, I forgot to say how much I love Shakespeare! Shame on you who don't! (Well, I didn't either until I had a teacher who took the plays more as performance pieces than literature. That's the problem, read them out loud and act them. That's where it makes more sense and becomes fun.)
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