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  1. Jason, I'm sure I met you if you were with the *cino people - Rob and Kirstin are dear friends. (They succeeded me in my job at Calvin.) Andy, just for spite, I am now planning to insist that you dance. I don't know yet if it's a calling, but I'm studying to be a public librarian. I'm in school for my masters, and I also work full time as a "trainee" at the Free Library of Philadelphia.
  2. What?! Did I meet you? I apologize if I'm totally blanking here - I usually connect these sort of dots! I hope Rachel can come this time around. I've only met her briefly a few times, but I like her music a lot.
  3. Who's going to be at FFM 2007 at Calvin College? I no longer work for the university, and I barely qualify as a member of this online community anymore... but I'll be there. Holy Moly! mentioned that he's in (and doing a workshop, which no one should miss), Jeff Rioux is speaking, and I know the venerable Andy Whitman will be playing the role of Simon Cowell. Maybe we should have an A&F meet-up if there are enough people planning to make the trip? (And with a bill like the one they're working this year, how can you resist?)
  4. Just had to chime in here and say that Jamie used to be my next-door neighbor, as well as a member of the small group I was in, when I lived in Michigan. He and his family are great, and I'm pleased to see that his latest book is getting some attention. I haven't read it yet myself (up to my neck in library school textbooks), but it's on my to-do list.
  5. These are my favorite love songs, as immortalized on our wedding CD. My current favorite is "Mushaboom," by Feist. The lyrics are exactly my life right now, down to the recent move and the second floor apartment with no backyard. Although, I suppose there is one big difference - we live smack in the middle of a city block, not in the country. Still, the sentiment is there. I love the line about collecting moments into a future. And the music is so whimsical. Mushaboom by Feist Helping the kids out of their coats But wait the babies haven't been born Unpacking the bags and setting up And planting lilacs and buttercups But in the meantime I've got it hard Second floor living without a yard It may be years until the day My dreams will match up with my pay Old dirt road Knee deep snow Watching the fire as we grow old I got a man to stick it out And make a home from a rented house And we'll collect the moments one by one I guess that's how the future's done How many acres how much light Tucked in the woods and out of sight Talk to the neighbours and tip my cap On a little road barely on the map Old dirt road Knee deep snow Watching the fire as we grow old Old dirt road Rambling rose Watching the fire as we grow well I'm sold
  6. Gee - my first Arts & Faith post after a long hiatus, and I'm waxing philosophical about Talladega Nights...! I don't know that I'd go QUITE that far, but Ferrell essentially says as much in that scene. His wife chastises him for always praying only to Baby Jesus, complaining that it freaks her out. "He's a grown man," she says, and Ferrell responds that he likes to think of Jesus as an infant because it's just so nice and comforting. He goes on to pray later to Clearly, this is not meant to mock Jesus - it's meant to mock people who pray insipid prayers, as well as to be just plain silly. (This is played to the hilt during the final credits, which includes ) As for the movie as a whole, I'm an unabashed Ferrell fan, and I will laugh at anything he does, even if it's just walking on-camera - just laying all my cards on the table. That said, I thought the plot was non-existant and agree with whoever said upthread that the direction was terrible. But ultimately, I didn't care, because I didn't come for plot and direction, I came to laugh like an idiot. And laugh like an idiot I did. Plus, I saw it at a free preview on a 99-degree summer evening, so it was basically a no-lose situation. One thing I wanted to bring up here was a bizarre crowd reaction I experienced. Several posters have mentioned the homoerotic humor, and I feel more or less ambivalent about that - seems like it's too cheap for comedians of Ferrell's ilk, but whatever. Anyway, early in the film, when the French NASCAR driver is introduced, it's revealed My own husband and I looked at each other in disbelief - we live in a deep-red swath of a blue state, granted, but such a juvenile reaction was shocking, especially because was clearly not included for cheap laughs a la the one at the end. Anyway, I'm curious if theatergoers reacted similarly in the places you guys watched the film? It was just strange, given that the film essentially mocks NASCAR culture - yet the majority of those watching it seemed to represent that very demographic. Because of this incident, I wonder how much the movie actually functions as a parody. Thoughts?
  7. Sorry, dudes - I have mono and limited access to the internet and I'm moving across the country in two weeks. Not gonna happen. But I'm honored to be included among the deadbeats!
  8. Oops, sorry! I didn't see the original thread.
  9. Last year, a diminutive guy with a shaved head showed up at Festival of Faith and Music registration desk. His name was Andrew Beaujon, and he was a music journalist who wrote regularly for SPIN, the Washington Post, and the Washington City Paper. He had been tipped off to the festival after meeting Dave Bazan at Cornerstone, and came to do research for a book he was writing about Christian rock and the evangelical subculture. I had forgotten all about this until a copy of Beaujon's book arrived at our office yesterday, hot off the presses. It's called "Body Piercing Saved My Life: Inside the Phenomenon of Christian Rock." He's keeping a blog about it, too, and I found some of the interviews and articles quite helpful in discovering where he was coming from. Beaujon seemed like a really nice guy when I talked with him briefly at a gathering following a concert one night, but I wasn't sure what the finished product would look like since he isn't a Christian, and I worried this might turn out to be one of those "look at the monkeys in the cage" type things. It turns out that it's the opposite of scathing and snarky. Beaujon is infinitely more gracious and generous to the vast majority of evangelical subculture than I find myself being most of the time. He's a fantastic, funny writer, and the degree of clarity and insight he has as an "outsider" is startling. As J.Edward Keyes (one of my favorite music writers, formerly a mainstay of alt.CCM journalism) puts it, I realize that all of the CCM-expat hoopla is largely passe here at Arts and Faith, but I thought some of you might be interested in this book. Partly because it mentions what I can only assume was the Arts & Faith forum at Cornerstone last year, several times, glowingly. Thought you'd like to know.
  10. That makes a lot of sense, Jeff - it hadn't occurred to me that this sexual episode was "bad Meredith." Yep. I am enlightened! However, I was still bored by the episode on the whole.
  11. kebbie


    Can you explain more about why you were underwhelmed, Mark? This finale restored my interest in the show, which surprised me. However, I do have to agree about the awesomeness of SZPT's emoticon parade. Some of the questions I was left with: Has Penny been looking for Desmond all this time, or is she somehow in on the Dharma experiment? If it wasn't the latter, how would she know to look for electromagnetic fallout as an indicator of Desmond's location? Maybe she knows what Hanso/Dharma is up to because of her dad's involvement ("Charles Widmore," a member of the Hanso board), and suspects that Desmond got pulled in? Where do we think Michael and Walt are off to? How will they be rescued? (And did anyone else feel kind of sad that Vincent got left on the island?) Why did they give Libby such a terrible haircut in the flashbacks? Poor Libby.
  12. Can you explain to me why you thought the show communicated it as wrong? The scene was so lascivious and slow-motion-y and downright erotic that it seemed to fit all the tropes of fan-pleasing pay-off between two favorite characters. But like you, I have also heard several fans say "not like this," which lends creedence to the fact that the writers still know what they're doing. Which I hope they do. Still, though, they thought a Hospital Prom was a good idea. So there's that against them, too.
  13. I was really disappointed in the season finale. I thought it was slow, disjointed, predictable, and humorless. Too much speechifying by everyone. Contrived plot device via the prom. Lame, lame make-the-fans-happy ending. Forgive the lewd imagery, but this show shot its wad with the Bomb Episode, and the rest of the season has been all downhill - culminating (or, more accurately, NOT culminating) in last night's two hour eyeroller of a snoozefest. I'm not even sure I'm going to watch next season.
  14. kebbie


    Apparently the Lost Wikipedia entry has detailed instructions on how to access the Hanso site (including passwords, presumably, although I didn't read the whole entry). The page has spoiler warnings so beware if you're avoiding that sort of thing!
  15. Salon's take on "it wasn't funny." I watched it again today and it was less funny than the first time I saw it. The video segment especially drags on forever. However, a lot of it seems unfunny because it's so uncomfortable, and because NOBODY ELSE IS LAUGHING. The humorless audience kills the comedy buzz that usually exists when an audience is united in openness to the possibility of being amused.
  16. kebbie


    Oh, I see! I did miss an episode a few weeks ago, so that makes sense. Who did she tell?
  17. kebbie


    Why the heck hasn't Kate mentioned the Other costumes yet? We saw a look pass across her face when Michael was talking about how dirty and wretched they are - but why didn't she mention that disparity to Locke and Jack when they were on their way to get the guns from Sawyer? Not even a little "heads up guys, Michael's story is fishy at the very least"? Is Kate up to something herself, maybe?
  18. I agree, the video was boring. I also found that I didn't laugh very much through the first two segments, but for a different reason--shock. I couldn't believe someone was saying that kind of stuff, in that particular way, to the President's face. I just sat there with my face in my hands going "Oh my God. Oh my God. I can't believe he just said that." I felt extremely uncomfortable, in a good way, which I imagine is just how I was meant to feel.
  19. As my friend Ryan Beiler once wrote of Colbert's colleagues at the Daily Show, Someone needs to say, "the emperor has no clothes," or if necessary, to pull the emperor's pants down. I think that's what Colbert was going for at the dinner, and I commend him for it. I support pantsing powerful public figures.
  20. I've been alternately speeding through/savoring The Sparrow over the last few weeks, and I'm looking forward to hearing Mary Doria Russell at the Festival of Faith and Writing. I'll report back on any interesting insights I jot down during that workshop! (She's leading a few, but I'll only be able to make it to one, called "Beyond the Fields We Know," about constructing new worlds in fiction.
  21. I don't have cable so I can't watch this show in "real time," but I'm hoping it'll be available via Netflix after the first season finishes up. I had a peripheral awareness of the show (and this thread), but wrote it off as another inflammatory reality program. But last night I heard an interview with the creator on NPR and was intrigued. Alan, I think your comments about the issue of privilege are especially important to keep in mind in a show like this. In the last three years, I've participated in a number of anti-racism workshops and events, and it was SHOCKING to me to dialogue with people of color and realize that there was so much I took for granted that they couldn't.
  22. Oh, I can't BELIEVE I previously overlooked "When Mac Was Swimming"! What a beautiful song about parenting.
  23. Denison's homepage has some funny stuff on this topic, featuring a photo of him and Rosie with a kid and dog, denouncing Sufjan as a homewrecker.
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