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  1. Christian -- sorry for my delay in responding to this. I completely forgot to come back to the thread and check it! As you say, I'm not sure it translates to people who weren't in attendance (or who haven't seen the film). I was impressed, personally, with the quality and the variety of the questions. So, while some people were very curious about production elements and having Tony Hale (from Arrested Development) in the movie, many wanted to talk about the characters, theit personalities, and the nature of what I was trying to say. And, you know, any chance I get to talk about myself and my film is fine with me! Chris
  2. Well, did anyone else go? The festival was terrific (and not just because the screening of my film was sold-out and we had a great q&a session afterwards)... Chris
  3. Joe/AtticScripts, I wish you could consider being there in person ... maybe? possibly? Chris
  4. I'll be going -- and my film was selected to screen at this year's fest. The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah. Chris Hansen
  5. hey -- me again -- wanted to let you know the good news. The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah was invited to screen at the inaugural COSMOS International Film Festival in Florida. Chris Hansen http://www.AmericanMessiah.com
  6. guys, hey, it's me -- Chris Hansen -- director of the aforementioned movie. we are still (anxiously) awaiting word from a number of fests (after NOT getting into several already). lend us a prayer if you think about it. and if you have any screening locales or suggestions, do get in touch. i think the movie is pretty good, but my faith does get shaken by fest rejections :-) Chris Christopher_Hansen@baylor.edu
  7. chansen

    Fargo (1996)

    Peter, I thought a lot about this scene and its purpose at the time I saw the film and could not, for the life of me, figure out what it had to do with everything else. Then I read something that struck me as plausible. Someone (I have no idea who -- I read this years ago) noted that it is after this scene with her classmate that Margie begins to question some of the things she seems to have taken at face value before now (i.e., she goes back to the dealership to talk to Jerry Lundegard again). The thinking was that the encounter with her classmate, who deceives her with his tale of woe about his wife dying (remember when she talks to a friend on the phone afterward and finds out he never married that person and that she is in fact alive and well?) made her question her own instincts as a cop, so she retraces some of her steps -- which leads to Jerry "fleeing the interview," which leads to her discovering the truth. It's one theory, anyway, and I thought it was at least plausible. Chris
  8. I haven't been posting much lately... just been busy, but I wanted to let you guys know that I am headed to L.A. tomorrow to be on set for some of the filming of one of my scripts. Exciting time... It's my first trip to L.A. (I always said I didn't want to go out there until someone else was paying for me to come)... so I'm excited to see the sights and soak in a little bit of L.A. A friend of mine works with a network TV show, so he's going to take me on a tour of the sets... it's looking like it'll be a pretty fun trip. If I have some stuff to report about the film when I return, I'll post here and let you know. Chris
  9. The first time I saw Vanilla Sky, I thought it was pretty bad. Entertaining to a degree, but the end was annoying, and I just didn't enjoy it. For some reason, I rented it on DVD recently, and I ended up really liking it this time. I assume it had to do with knowing the ending and watching all the things leading up to it. Interesting that, when I've seen other movies with big twists, I enjoyed the movie and then enjoyed figuring out the twist and how it fit with the rest of the plot. In the case of Vanilla Sky, I only enjoyed it after I knew the twist. And this is another movie with a great soundtrack... I just got it recently, and I can't listen to anything else right now... Chris
  10. chansen


    LOL -- yeah, I just didn't want to be completely ignored ;-) But of course now I sound like a total crank, so I guess it's a wash. Chris
  11. chansen


    Hey now -- you're not reading closely enough ;-) I mentioned the music several posts ago! ;-) Chris
  12. LoneTomato, You've pretty much echoed my own thinking on the subject, as far as how I write and make films. I've stuggled with it for a long time -- and the reality is that I will continue to struggle with it because Christians will continue to be frustrating to me in this area, and because I have a family and it's harder to deal with this stuff when you have kids... But I wouldn't be doing what I'm supposed to be doing if I wrote only nice and pleasant material. Chris
  13. chansen


    Well, add me to the list of people who love this movie. Incredible, stylistic filmmaking, great writing and acting. And yes, it makes me queasy as well. The scenes with the baby are very uncomfortable -- and I think it's a credit to the film that they work as well as they do. Love the music, too.
  14. Favorite seats: just closer to the screen than the center of the theater. I usually like to sit by the aisle, because I drink too much water all the time and end up having to use the restroom... and I hate climbing over people. If there's a balcony/stadium seating, I like to sit front and center of that section and don't worry about climbing over people since the front row is always so spacious. I see movies alone all the time. I prefer to have a similarly-minded friend along, but my wife and I have very different tastes in movies (and she's like a movie-going camel anyway -- she can go for months without seeing a movie and not miss it). So I'll go alone whenever there's a movie out that no one else I am friendly with wants to see. The other night I got an itch to go see 28 Days Later, and my main movie-friend didn't feel like going, so I went alone. I'd edtimate half the movies I see, I see alone. Chris
  15. chansen

    About Schmidt

    Oooo -- glad to hear some positive thoughts on this film, because I was moved by it as well. I think I went into it expecting a very cynical film because of Payne's previous films, and while it did have a lot of cynicism in it, it wasn't directed so much at Schmidt's desire to find fulfillment. I felt like Payne was painting a portrait for us of a man whose life meant nothing -- and who is just coming around to realize that. And as he bumbles his way through trying to make his life mean something, we laugh at him sometimes and yet I think don't feel like he's a total jerk. I felt pity for him, for his misguided attempts to find love and affection, and his misguided desire to achieve fulfillment by stopping his daughter's wedding... It WAS pathetic and sad that he found so much meaning in that little letter from (what was the name of the organization again? World Reach?)... but it was touching too, and I felt like there was a staement there that the smallest act of real kindness can mean something -- that it didn't have to be some grand gesture like stopping the daughter's wedding... which was selfish in some ways because it was about Schmidt not liking her fiance, not about what she really wanted. It was about Schmidt thinking the guy wasn't good enough, when in truth the problem was Schmidt raising a daughter whose expectations were rock bottom because of the life he led. And yes, the ending is problematic -- is the film trying to say that sending money to an org like that is the solution to fidning meaning in your life? I didn't take it that way. It wasn't trying to be a neat and tidy ending... but more of a revelation for Schmidt about the sad state of his life and the directions he took. Anyway, I liked it (duh!). I was expecting it to be a cynical film that made fun of Schmidt's character and how pathetic his life was... but it made me feel like it cared about him and wanted people to examine their own lives. Chris
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