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  1. I understand the IMDB naming convention, but the abbreviated title of #295 is something I’d been completely unaware of. When you type the first two words of the title into the IMDB search box, the full title of the film drops in, but when you click on that title, it takes you to the listing page - with the shortened title. Sigh. I’ll live - I guess.
  2. My nominations, for the record. These aren't ranked, but they are grouped by director in certain cases. Right now, more than representation by gender or sexual preference, I'm most interested in which regions of world cinema we might be leaving out. (I'm pretty sure this has come up elsewhere in our Top 100 discussion.) And on that score, I was determined to make sure Romanian films were represented in our list. Beyond the Hills was an easy fit for our list, so inclusion wasn't a reach. I'm a little surprised that 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days dropped off our list, but am glad to see The Death of Mr. Lazarescu made the first cut (even though I feel less strongly about that film, it's appropriate for this list): Ordet (1955) Day of Wrath (1943) Stalker (1979) Andrei Rublev (1966) The Tree of Life (2011) Knight of Cups (2015) A Hidden Life (2019) The Gospel According to St. Matthew (1964) The Kid With a Bike (2011) 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) Beyond the Hills (2012) The Burmese Harp (1956) Summer Hours (2008) Playtime (1967) Silent Light (2007) Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989) A Serious Man (2009) Another Year (2010) Ikiru (1952) The Seventh Seal (1957) The Immigrant (2013) Ida (2013) I Am Not Your Negro (2016) The Rider (2017) Magnolia (1999)
  3. My +1 is not an LGBTQI entry - sorry - but the 1990s selection I mentioned earlier that I had forgotten about when hurrying to complete my Top 25. (I don't know why I rushed it. I was first to submit. I didn't want to overthink my entries, but this is one I would've included if I'd sat on the list another hour or so before submitting): The Celebration (1998) I was going to suggest that the topic of sexual abuse probably should be included in our Top 100, even if the church isn't a major player in this film (if memory serves), but a second look at our list of nominees reveals that By the Grace of God has been submitted. It's an appropriate choice, but I didn't submit it, simply because, while it covers the subject explicitly within the church context, the film just didn't draw me in the way it did others. I expected to be knocked out - I'm a big fan of the filmmaker - but the film didn't play all that well for me visually. I don't know that I need razzle-dazzle camerawork for a drama on this subject to work, but it helps. The Dogme 95 tactics that power The Celebration never were more effective than they were when put to use in Vinterberg's film, and the effect has only slightly diminished over many years and several viewings. EDIT: I found a thread about the film's video release:
  4. This is the best news I’ve read today. Thank you, Beth!
  5. Our deadline is April 1, right? Looks like we have 11 participants. SDG is sick. I know we've made special accommodation for him with these lists in the past, although I don't know for sure that he was planning to participate this time. Is there anyone else we're expecting to hear from before April 1, and if so, do they need a gentle reminder of the deadline? (Apologies if I've misunderstood the deadlines/procedures/qualifications for the full vote. Wouldn't be the first time. I can delete this post if it simply sows confusion, but thought it best to post here rather than DM.)
  6. A search on "Bernard Tavernier" pulled up this thread, and I thought it might be timely to pull it back to the top and see if anyone else wants to feed it during the pandemic. As mentioned last night on Twitter, I have the Koker Trilogy waiting for me - my second time checking it out from the library (yes, some of us still watch DVDs primarily, rather than stream) after not starting it during my previous checkout. I grabbed it again as COVID-19 began to spread, believing the library might close and I might be able to hang on to it for an extended period of time, rather than the usual one-week checkout period. That was the right decision, although I've put off my viewing again; last night I read a book on the couch and then didn't feel up to starting the first film in the trilogy after 10 p.m. Maybe later today?
  7. Does anyone know the status of AllMusic.com? I go there weekly to pull up AllMusic reviews related to a Will Friedwald album guide I've been going through. I've noticed that with some artists, their more recent albums get a User Rating but not an AllMusic rating. In other words, no one at the site has written a formal review of said album, or often of several recent albums by whichever performer I'm looking up. I noticed this again, just now, when pulling up the Fred Hersch discography, which has no AllMusic reviews since 2013. Has the site stopped reviewing new releases? Maybe this happened years ago, or maybe the site has chosen to focus on more popular artists only? I'm probably years behind the curve here, but anyone who knows me knows that's not unusual.
  8. I just checked and was surprised to learn that I had only one selection from the 1990s on my list - and it was a last-second addition, almost an afterthought. (Although another 1990s title that I forgot to add just came to mind! Nah - on second thought, I'm not sure I would've added it. But I kind of wish I had; I don't think anyone else will have it on their personal list.)
  9. Oh, yes! And because I keep documentaries on a separate year-end list, I might have overlooked this one when thinking about a new Top 100. As I told friends at the time, had I included docs in my Top 20 (and I have/had no good reason why I didn’t), this film likely would’ve been my #1 that year. “Rocked me” is an apt description of its effect on me as well. And yet, I’ll have to ponder its placement on this list. I can think of why it would fit, but my primary reaction to it wasn’t as a “spiritual film.” Also, to Michael: It’s great to see you here! Sorry if you’ve been posting for a while. I try to keep up with A&F traffic, but my tracking of participants is poor.
  10. Christian

    The Trial

    I’ve spent the last several minutes reading through the thread Ryan linked in the very first sentence of the first post in this thread, and would commend it to all - particularly the few long-timers who remain here at A&F. It was a fun trip down Memory Lane, with some further discussion of “The Trial.“
  11. Thanks, Ken. The latter part of your reply has me wondering what the plans are for promoting the list once it's finalized. If the list is just, or mainly, for us, are we not planning to push it out to the broader public? I thought we'd always been "missional" about the list in that promotional sense, but maybe I'm misremembering. Did Image do that promotion on our behalf? Anyone recall?
  12. I don't think we have a "Best Of" thread for 2019 here in the Music area, so I'm putting out a call for recommendations. Last year was the first year I didn't buy any new music - jazz or otherwise. I'd like to at least explore what I missed by sampling some 2019 jazz releases online, but I'm not sure where to start. Right now I'm going through NPR's Top 10 jazz releases of last year. I'm up to #6 (started with #1 and am working my way down the list), and while much of these samples sound good, I'm not hearing anything that has me jumping out of my seat. That's due, in part, to me, in my older age, being less patient rather than more with my jazz - I don't want "cerebral"; I want jazz that swings, thankyouverymuch. So far, I don't hear much "swinging" on these samples, but tell me what I'm missing - or what NPR's missing - from last year's best jazz releases.
  13. FWIW, I think we may have had that discussion in whatever year TP:TR was eligible. 2018, right? I’m on a 15-minute work break and don’t have time to investigate, but have a vague memory of Jeffery raising the issue.
  14. I like it, with two caveats: If the introductory text is to remain, do you want to keep the reference to the Oscars being "this Sunday"? Also, it throws me off to read about a "Top 10" list followed by icons that conclude with "#11." Yes, #11 goes not to a ranked film but to "Honorable Mentions"; however, I find that confusing as well. I'd simply strike the "#11" and retain the avatar/image. EDIT: It occurs to me that you're probably planning to replace all the 2018 info with 2019 EJ info, in which case, sorry that I pulled the trigger on my comments.
  15. Best A&F non sequitur ever? Anyway, my big takeaway isn't disappointment (although the Academy's shutout of A Hidden Life will live in infamy) but amazement at how many nominations, across categories, Parasite received.
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