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    MP3 Me

    I'd ride around in a car with you lot for days.
  2. I am going to line up behind Andy. Everything. Bruce Cockburn is one of the Artists I follow, just to see where he goes. Salt, Sun and Time is where he really started to shine for me. He has rarely faltered since. I don't think he is the be all and end all but he is pretty close. Sure some of the lyrics reach at times, and the production on Stealing Fire sounds horribly dated but!!! find a copy of Carolyn Forche's The Country Between Us and read it as a companion. World Of Wonders has some of the same production issues but the song Lily of the Midnight Sky is worth the price of admission all by itself. I love Humans and listen to it pretty regularly, Inner City Front sucks me back to a place I feel fortunate to have escaped. It is a claustrophobic masterpiece that is not for the squeamish. If you follow Inner City Front with Dancing in The Dragons Jaw, recovery time is easily cut in half. I listen to Breakfast in New Orleans regularly. When You Give it Away, is a song I tend to keep front and center especially on those too frequent days when I don't feel like it. Special bonus is Lucinda's vocal on the track. Blueberry Hill is cool just because I love Margo Timmins voice so much. That song has some of the best guitar tone as well. Have I mentioned I'm a pretty big fan? Has anyone suggested that his entire catalog is worth exploring? Will you please pardon my gushing?
  3. draper

    Music in the lobby

    I have been hoteling for three weeks. It becomes a bit dissorienting. I have three weeks of meetings back to back.The only reliable internet seems to be in the lobby of these hotels. Answering emails, doing business, checking in at A&F, I end up sitting in the lobby and listening to whatever the hotel serves up in the way of ambiant mood lifting music. My first week out was a resort in Lake Tahoe, not a bad place to be except for the endless supply of yacht rock, grateful dead and what seemed like every fourth song, Van Morrison's Blue Money. From scenic Lake Tahoe to Las Vegas where apparently Billie Holiday was adopted into the Brat Pack. Billie, Frank, Dean and all manner of people that swim in Frank Sinatra's wake. Serge Gainsbourg doesn't really fit the pattern but was welcome relief from the lesser than Frank sound. Today I start a week in Seattle. The Sheraton is surprising me with Tangled up in Blue a nice Jayhawks selection and something up beat and jaunty in what I assume is Italian. Seattle wins. I want the hotel bar to have cheap draught beer and a jukebox full of George Jones and Johnny Paycheck, maybe some Marty Robbins and Dylan's John Wesly Harding....playing low in the background.... Let me dream if I want to.
  4. draper

    MP3 Me

    Love My Way - Psychedelic Furs African Dub -Abyssinians Hawaiian Wedding Song -the New Hawaiian Band Outro With Bees -Neko Case No Blue Skies - Lloyd Cole Excerpt - Chris Whitley All the Pretty Girls Go To The City - Spoon Ask Me a Question - MiniPop Suddenly (I Miss Carpaty) - Gogo Bordello Bear Fight - Richard Thompson Somebody Buy Me A Drink - David Johansen & the Harry Smiths World Cup Fieber - Space Kelly Cuyahoga - R.E.M The Long Grift - Hedvig & the Angry Inch East Of Asteroid - Phil Manzanera/801
  5. draper

    Chuck Berry

    I would put the Great 28 in the "everybody should own this" category. Fred Below on drums, Willie Dixon on Bass, Lafayette Leake on piano! The band(s) just kill.
  6. Did Sea Of Madness make the cut?
  7. I have found myself chuckling quietly all day over "He Needs a Kidney". The inconguous sight of Steve Earle and Michael McDonald sharing a microphone, was reason enough to watch.
  8. Just so you know; your long windedness( insert smiley face here) promted me to check it out. It has been my primary music of the week. I am enjoying it a lot.
  9. Where and when will it be available?
  10. draper

    Power Pop

    Help! I've fallen and I can't get up! Perhaps three weeks ago, while in the middle of the spring paint-a-thon I promised my wife, I started listening to Rain and Paperback Writer over and over. I never know which slippery slope the Beatles will pitch me over. This time, it's an almost unending loop of the Pernice Brothers, the Posies and virtually every band Jason Falkner has ever been in or around.
  11. draper

    The Saxophone

    Morphine was always really good. Yakuza operates in the wake left by John Zorn's Naked city. Last Exit is really one of the most feral things I have ever experienced. I loved Sonny Sharrock as a player Peter Brotzmann is a little scary. I understand that I have a pretty high tolerance for pain.
  12. draper

    Four Great Records

    1. Blue 2.For the Roses 3.Court and Spark 4.The Hissing of Summer Lawns 5 Hejira the wild card here is Miles of Aisles if you count a live album Joni has 1 almost great in a string of 5 or maybe 6 depending on Ladies of the Canyon. Where is the greatness line? I'd put Blue up in the category of best ever. The others are awfully good. They're probably not quite as good but are they good enough to be considered great? Steeley Dan? This is the question I found myself caught up in over Chris Whitley.
  13. draper

    Four Great Records

    Extra bonus artistic points for creative use of lycra!
  14. draper

    Four Great Records

    Keeping the 1970 barrier. Miles: Jack Johnson, On the Corner, Live-Evil, Agartha. Teenage Fan Club: Bandwagonesque, Grand Prix, Songs from Northern England, Man Made. Nino Rota: Godfather #1, #2 , Romeo & Juliet, La Dolce Vita. Howard Shore: Naked Lunch, Lord Of The Rings, Videodrome, Ed Wood. Bob Marley: Live, Kaya, Catch A Fire, African Herbsman Dylan: Shot Of Love, Modern Times, Love and Theft, Empire Burlesque Fela Kuti: No Agreement,Music Of Many Colours, Gentlemen, Suffering and Shmiling Buddy Miller: Poison Love, Universal United House of Prayer, Your Love and Other Lies, (cheating slightly) Written in Chalk Bill Frisell: Rambler, Nashville, Have a Little Faith, The Intercontinentals Prince: Dirty Mind, 1999, Purple Rain, Sign O'the Times Sonic Youth: Nurse, Daydream Nation, Sister, Dirty Fugazi: 13 songs, Repeater, the Argument, Red Medicine Lyle Lovett: Lyle Lovett, Pontiac, & His Large Band, Road To Ensenada
  15. draper

    Four Great Records

    I have become baffled. What is a great record? What is four great records? I thought the topic was four in a row also. That is a much more difficult accomplishment. Did Stevie Ray Vaughn make a great album? Texas Flood, maybe? I don't know, he was a really accomplished guitar player. Is Sound Effects really as good as either All Mod Cons and/or In the City. I am still struggling myself over what "greatness" means. Sandinista is three records all by itself, the River two. What do you do with that? Where does someone like Bill Frisell fit? How about Miles Davis? Yo Yo Ma? I can think of four each easily for Nino Rota and Howard Shore. Bob Marley has at least four. Prince has to have four that haven't even been released yet. I like the exercise, I appreciate the thought at work here. I want more information, I need a better understanding of what makes a record great. I have some ideas. I would include production, writing, delivery. Does fiscal and artistic impact merit consideration? Maybe I need to think harder or get a different perspective.
  16. A few years ago I played guitar and did some producing for a guy that wanted to model his life on Townes. He was a pretty gifted songwriter and a drunk. The drunk part sapped the discipline and robbed him of any possibility of rising from a good local writer into being more widely recognized. Steve Earle was playing at a local club. My songster friend got pretty well liquored up. He wormed his way towards the front of the crowd and sometime well into the set, in one of those hushes after a quieter Steve Earle song, Mr. Songster shouts out "Play Shum Townes!". Steve Earle looked down into the crowd where the voice came from and spit out..."What the F*** do you know about Townes?" After the show I said we should set the recorder up, press play and bang out every Townes song that we knew. My idea was to do a mix tape, recorded live, then send it to Steve. It never happened. I didn't want to be the engine for this endeavor and I wasn't the one called out. I was at the end of my rope anyway but it was the end of my relationship with Mr Songster. It impressed me that Steve Earle felt strong enough about Townes to call out a drunk at a show. I look forward to hearing this. It sounds like Steve is stepping back, taking stock of his roots and paying tribute to one of the men he wanted to model his life on. Fair play. There is no such thing as too much Townes.
  17. Salvation is a song that can stop me in my tracks and keep me pushing the repeat button. I love the version of Oooh Baby, Baby. When she comes in with La lalala it is unbelievably creepy and exhilarating at the same time. I would love to hear the non U.S released tracks.
  18. draper


    I don't think I would have ever drawn the line from Chaucer to Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most by going through Eliot's The Wasteland. (brilliant!) Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote The droghte of Marche hath perced to the roote, And bathed every veyne in swich licour, Of which vertu engendred is the flour; Whan Zephirus eek with his swete breeth Inspired hath in every holt and heeth The tendre croppes, and the yonge sonne Hath in the Ram his halfe cours y-ronne, And smale fowles maken melodye, That slepen al the night with open ye, (So priketh hem nature in hir corages: Than longen folk to goon on pilgrimages, And palmers for to seken straunge strondes, To ferne halwes, couthe in sondry londes; And specially, from every shires ende Of Engelond, to Caunterbury they wende, The holy blisful martir for to seke, That hem hath holpen, whan that they were seke cue solo..... The first time I ever heard the song was a club gig by Kenny Burrell. I still love the song.
  19. Yesterday mid-morning a flurry of emails and phone calls alerted me to a Dan Auerbach show at 3pm in Ocean Beach at a hamburger joint called Hodad's. I have no idea how it worked out that they were playing what is probably the funkiest burger joint in San Diego County but there they were. It is set up to hold about 25 burger munchers. Definitely not a live music venue (the parking lot next door would have been better). There were so many people that the crowd blocked the street. It was a beautiful day and there were lots of people attracted by the sound of band. There were plenty of people out specifically for the band. It was announced over the radio about 2:30 which caused an even bigger crush to arrive. I am a Black Keys fan. This new band kicks, there were 5 people on stage or maybe 4 people and ten arms?. Standing on the sidewalk trying to see what was going on, I believe 2 guitars, bass, drums and organ/pedal Steel. They really brought it. Played for 45 minutes and really nailed the new material and made some Black Keys stuff jump like crazy... Good Times....Good Times....
  20. Having confessed my sloppy drift into a caped corridor filled with, Shining, flying, purple wolfhounds, Black Kings, White Queens,Blue birds and Starship Troopers
  21. Sorry Andy, but I am not wandering down the Rick Wakeman corridor but perhaps a genre reevaluation and... a... cape? I said I don't like prog but I've got plenty of time for Genesis. The run from Nursery Cryme through Trick of the Tail is all good. Now if you start talking about Soft Machine and the trail of jazz/Miles influenced mayhem that tunnels toward Can and Krautrock. Turn on the black light and hunker down in the basement.
  22. So some time in the middle of last week this figure starts repeating itself in my head. I can't place the melody but I keep trying. little bits and pieces come together....... Suddenly I am listening to the Yes album and hitting repeat over Yours is No Disgrace............. I am not a fan of prog as a genre (is this prog?), I don't even like Yes. Somehow this got wedged in and has been waiting like a virus for the right conditions. Apparently a trip to Utah midwinter can dislodge some crazy stuff. They are great players and I really do like Jon Andersons voice. It seems to me that they hadn't wandered down the Roger Dean mystical deep water cave of multiple musical notes yet. That would come later, in 1971 they were just figuring out how to play with Steve Howe. There is even a nice acoustic number lurking in there.... pretty cool music.
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