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    coffee in white china teacups, common grace, the Goldberg Variations, intellectual history, liturgy, locavorism, peppery red wine, slow food, transgressive theater, urbanism, very dark comedies

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    Intrepid manipulator of words and ideas
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    Bleu Fargo Fight Club Into Great Silence Kicking and Screaming M.A.S.H. Paris je t'aime Rachel Getting Married Rushmore Stranger Than Fiction The Departed There Will Be Blood Un conte de Noel Waiting for Guffman Wall-E No TV? Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Battlestar Galactica Arrested Development The Wire 30 Rock
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    Anagrams The Cloister Walk The Corrections Gilead Mystery & Manners On Beauty Revolutionary Road Wonder Boys
  1. Alissa


    Oops, sorry, I see the dates now. Here's a few things: - If it's not sold out yet, the Philharmonic is playing Britten's War Requiem on the evening of the 13th at Avery Fisher. This is one of the last Maazel farewell concerts so they've been selling out but it will be worth seeing (we have had tickets for about a year now). - That weekend there's a great-sounding arts expo thing called FIGMENT on Governor's Island. - On Monday night, they're showing "The Sting" at the Bryant Park film series. The movie starts around sundown, but you have to get there by 5pm if you want a place on the lawn -
  2. Alissa


    Not just Nathan Lane and Bill Irwin, but John Goodman!!! I also recommend "God of Carnage," if you're into people yelling at each other sublimely. "reasons to be pretty" is good. Also, I hear rave reviews and excellent things about the production of "Our Town" at the Barrow Street Theater, in the West Village. The rooftop installation is up at the Met right now - this year, it's Roxy Paine. Gosh, there's so much right now that it's hard to even narrow it down. Sufjan never plays anymore, but you should definitely check out the calendar at Brooklyn Academy of Music (bam.org) - everything the
  3. The Atlantic has an interesting essay on O'Connor - actually, a review of Gooch's biography, written by Netherland author Joseph O'Neill - that actually has a fascinating critique of O'Connor's viewpoint near the end. Interested to hear opinions on O'Neill's assertion!
  4. Alissa

    Let's All Hate Toronto

    I just started reading this thread, and I have to say that from Peter's description, Toronto sounds suspiciously like LA. Don't shoot me, Angelenos.
  5. Loved it! And it's a very lively film. I have a short review in Paste this issue. I adore that moment on the swing between Mathieu Amalric and Catherine Deneuve. Ah, the French.
  6. Just wanted to let everyone know that registration opened for the IAM conference in New York, February 26-28, 2009. Some of the featured presenters include Billy Collins and Limon Dance (and many more TBA). You can find more information at the event website, and more information about IAM at the parent website.
  7. Also, I am thinking that you could argue that Synecdoche fits this, too.
  8. Alissa

    Man On Wire

    An article I ran in The Curator on Man on Wire.
  9. I was at a panel on this film with Jenny Lumet and Jonathan Demme and all the major cast and one of the producers, and Jenny said that the dishwasher scene was directly lifted from something that happened at her house when she was a kid, between her father and . . . someone I can't remember, who was similarly famous and quirky. It was kind of delightful.
  10. I thought these two pieces were interesting: Hail Fredonia! Hollywood Depression Economics (Essentially, expect a lot more escapist comedies.) Studios rolling soon (My husband, who works in NYC as a location scout/assistant, was out of work all summer because of the SAG stalemate, so this is the "other side" of the financial situation.)
  11. Maybe: The Orphanage (hard to say, exactly) Son of Rambow (in places)
  12. Hey, that's me. Here goes. I rather liked it, though I was beginning to think I'd missed something with all the early reviews and griping. But the Almighty Tomatometer now agrees with me, so it's all good.
  13. Alissa

    Critical cliches

    Oh, I know, but how often do you see "high jinks" in print?
  14. Alissa

    Critical cliches

    I'll admit, I've been lurking here a while. But I had to pop in and say that while I'm rarely edited very much, a certain national magazine decided to change my word "hijinks" to "high jinks". In print. For all to see, for all time. I'm a little bit nonplussed, but they're paying me a lot, so I guess that's what happens.
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