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  1. On Wednesday, we issued the Great Warming Call to Action statement (see it on our website) and yesterday there was a national teleconference with Dr. Joel Hunter (pres. Christian Coalition), Dr. Gerald Durley (pastor Missionary Baptist Atlanta and one of the original civil rights leaders), Dr. Tony Campolo (evangelical lecturer) and Dr. Paul de Vries (Pres of NY Divinity School and Bd Member of NAE). We're getting an audio transcript of the conversation and will post it to our website as soon as I get it. You'll be amazed at the passion these leaders bring to the table for action on climate
  2. I'm the producer of a new film about climate change called THE GREAT WARMING. It's narrated by Keanu Reeves and Alanis Morissette and is coming out in Regal Theaters on November 3rd. This is the third film I've produced about the issue, and I can attest to the absolutely non-debatable fact that global warming is real and is human induced, and that we need to act now to deal with it. You'll also be interested to hear that this film goes beyond dire warnings of disaster (which I don't believe help much to galvanize people), to present the issue not only in terms of science, but also as a mo
  3. I'm speaking as a documentary producer, and you may be surprised that my own opinion is that story is important but not necessarily the most important element - in terms of connecting directly with the viewer. Has anyone seen Kooyanisquatsi (I'm probably not spelling that right). If you haven't, rent it. Here's a magnificent visual/aural journey with absolutely no story or narrative that nonetheless delivers a very powerful message about the state of the world.
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