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  1. My wife in general likes Sufjan but can get annoyed by the cacophony described earlier in this thread. She was kind enough to accompany me to the show. She is also (very) pregnant at the moment. Anyway, before the concert started she told me "Tell me when the 25 min. song starts so I know when to go to the bathroom." I thought she'd leave around the 18th time they repeated the line "Boy we can do much more together" but she made it through the whole song.
  2. He did in Minneapolis and I'd be really surprised if he took it out of the rotation.
  3. OK, I've not read Smith. What is meant here? If Smith refers to this, what does he mean? I took him to be referring to consumerism.
  4. Overall I enjoyed the concert. Highlights for me were what I will call an "Age of Adz remix" of "Seven Swans" to open the show and "Impossible Soul." The visual effects throughout the show were great, especially on Vesuvius. Lowlights were the frequent screw ups (forgotten lyrics, etc.) and Sufjan's guitar solo.
  5. Okay, I can see why you read Smith that way. I think it is a really bad interpretation of him but I can see how if you've never read anything by him before it could be seen that way.
  6. Umm, I told you in my last reply when I said what I thought Smith probably meant by militarism. He was never dismissive of personal piety. That entire paragraph was about what was was missing in much of American evangelicalism. That's why he agrees with McCracken that we should "get our personal pieties in line." But Smith says we should also be concerned those two systemic things you mentioned as well as lifestyles of persistent greed. You are the only person I've seen who seems to think he should (or can) be interpreted this way.
  7. But the majority of the people Smith is talking about aren't in the military. So he must have something other in mind than enlisting in the army when he mentions "militarism." I've read a number of Smith's books, so I'm guessing that what he means by that is something like what Andrew Bacevich means by it in The New American Militarism. He calls militarism "the misleading and dangerous conceptions of war, soldiers, and military institutions that have come to pervade the American consciousness and that have perverted present-day U.S. national security policy." That's ridiculous ... having a problem with militarism and having a problem with the military aren't the same thing (e.g., Bacevich is a retired US army Colonel but he has written stridently against militarism). I'm curious about that too but I have to ask, who said it was? Smith certainly didn't. The more you write about this review the more you put words in Smith's mouth. You seem to want to put him into some sort of American-culture-wars box. Ironically, it is you who is reading his review through the lenses of "the debates between American evangelicals." And that's kind of frustrating. For evidence of what I just wrote, take a look at this link where he writes a long paragraph laying into left-leaning evangelicals for being ... (wait for it) ... too individualistic and for congratulating themselves on ... (wait for it, again) ... "not being Republicans." Pretty much the exact opposite of what you accuse him of doing in this review. So either Smith has done a 180 on his views or he is wildly inconsistent in what he believes or you've misread him.
  8. I feel silly defending Smith so much but ... ... where does he do this? He doesn't mention Republicans at all in the review and he only mentions Democrats once ("...and believe me, I’m no Democrat..."). I don't see why somebody can't be described as both individualistic and militaristic.
  9. I've generally been a fan of Smith's critique of American politics (see, for example, his review of Greg Boyd's book Myth of a Christian Nation). But anyway, at the end of the review I took Smith to be saying that McCracken's book has a narrow, individualistic view of what sin is.
  10. If you've read any of Smith's other works, you'd realize how odd it is for you to say that. (BTW, Smith is Canadian but he just happens to live in the US.)
  11. Here is a review from his opening concert for his tour. Here is the setlist. The reviewer was less than delighted with the performance. I'll be at the Minneapolis show on Saturday and will try to report back here shortly after.
  12. Actually, you can find a number of songs from the album that were performed live about a year ago. Here's the title track:
  13. There are a number of videos of live performances of this song on YouTube. I've been hooked on this song for a while.
  14. The trailer is available on the website.
  15. Here is a 4 minute preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zg6sMifhYDI I didn't realize Katee Sackhoff was part of the cast.
  16. I guess I should have read the entire thing!
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