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    Music, Movies & did I mention Music

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    Anything that captures my entire attention for the duration and leaves me thinking for a few days. All time faves: Lawrence of Arabia, Red, Wings of Desire and a quirky little Scottish movie Local Hero.
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    I have spent the past five years listening to a lot of Jazz from the 50s to current times. But I still have a soft spot for music with a backbeat. Really enjoy U2 and Bruce Cockburn. New to me this year, but loving: T-Bone Burnett, Nick Cave.
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    As a true naturalized Canadian, I have to tip my hat to the Group of Seven.

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  1. Yes. I have "The Best of 1990-2000", "All That You Can't Leave Behind" and "How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb" on vinyl. Skip the last one as the CD sounds much better. The vinyl version of HTMAAB sounds like MP3 version of the songs. The other two sound records sound decent.
  2. Thanks to this group, I tracked down a copy of Brian Blade's release. Enjoyable and it is getting better with each listen. I'd like to call it my favourite jazz album of the year, but it is the only new jazz release I bought. That said, it stacks up very well with anything I've bough in recent years. Thanks for the recommendation!
  3. The Vancouver Canucks, didn't make the playoffs. The General Manager paid the price for that yesterday. And our junior team, the Vancouver Giants lost their playoff series to the Spokane Chiefs yesterday. So hockey town is without hockey. I haven't decided who I want to see go all the way to the Stanley Cup this year. Pittsburgh looks good. I'd like to see Montreal go further and maybe Calgary.
  4. Excellent article indeed. Thanks for posting it. I have long suspected the trend is to make good (or otherwise) music unlistenable. My fear is soon I will buy CD's comprised of mp3s. That said, there is hope in that there is recognition of the problem and not all musicians aim to make radio playlists. So, on the way home tonight, I'll see if can score a copy of "So Real: Songs from Jeff Buckley." And there is my old record collection. Clive
  5. jcc


    It's been a little while since I've been by the board, so this response about making coffee with a French Press might be a little late. In my experience, freshly roasted beans and a good grind (preferably seconds before you add the near boiling water) are key. A good how-to guide with pictures can be found here: http://www.coffeegeek.com/guides/presspot And finally, I find the more press coffee I make, the better it gets. Cheers Clive
  6. Almost everything by U2 on both vinyl and CD, including "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" (don't buy this as it sounds like an MP3 copy of the CD was used for the vinyl). Further, I had a chance to pick up a number of UK-pressed 12 inch 45rpm singles from Joshua Tree and Actung Baby. On these, everything sound so much bigger and more immediate. I also notice duplication with the Bealtes and a few other artists of the pre-CD era. Mostly because I put my records away when CDs hit the mainstream, caught up in the "perfect sound forever" marketing. A couple of years ago, I bought a decent turntable and listen to the records of my youth and many new treasures found along the way. Clive
  7. Somehow, here we are at game seven of the Stanley Cup. Edmonton's powerplay is finally showing signs of life and the grit that got them through earlier series is back. However, Carolina was humiliated on Saturday's outing. Now they are before their home audience with something to prove. This is going to be an exciting game. My preferred outcome: Oiler's win the cup in sudden death overtime. It would be an exciting way to bring the cup back to Canada for the first time in 13 years. Clive
  8. Nice sentiment. Unless the Oilers can find some way to get the power play going and very fast, the Cup will be awarded tomorrow night. As a Canadian and normally a Canucks fan...too bad. Clive
  9. I've enjoyed many of the books listed here, but feel my introduction to his work is worth a mention. "On the Road with the Archangel" is still my favourite and after reading it I have never viewed bird poop the same way. And the scene where the giant fish was nestled in the oozing mud singing praises to God has long stuck with me. Clive
  10. For those interested and have a membership account at U2.com, the title song for Wim Wender's new movie "Don't Come Knocking" has been posted on the web site. Give it a listen. Also, Edge, in a new interview on the site, discusses how the song, a duet, came to be and mentions he is working on ideas for the next U2 album. Clive
  11. Much of my writing is what I refer to as "meat and potatoes" work and is done both for work and extra-curricular projects. News releases, memos, letters, reports and analysis. My list of tools include: - Organized thought and knowledge (this is the most difficult item on my list) - Laptop (with the wireless turned off) - Music (delivered by the big rig at home or from my iPod. Also, jazz or good instrumental for rhythm and propulsion, hopefully like the Bruce Cockburn album coming out next week) - Fuel (dark, rich coffee or aromatic tea) - And the ability to put aside my desire to turn out perfect prose so I can just get on with the job at hand. Clive who should be writing a news release about our hospital's new surgical suites
  12. Thanks for this discussion. I went through the VIFF catalogue this weekend and Arvo P
  13. At work I use a three-month old compaq nc8000 laptop. It gets the job done. And I'm glad there is a computer department to stay on top of viruses. At home, I'm using an almost three year old Mac iBook with a wireless card. The Mac dances circles around the compaq. After sampling both worlds, I'll go for another Mac when it is time to upgrade. Not what you want to hear and this isn't meant as a "my preferred OS is better than yours." It's my preference based on the two machines listed above. Clive
  14. Wow! To be acknowledged by my peers. I'd like to thank the Acadamy, my agent, my lawyer and all my other people. And special thanks to that little actor with incredibly large dreams. (Cue music to get me off the stage, flanked by two leggy models to ensure I don't take my sweet time about it.) Seriously, what a hoot. Thanks. Clive
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